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COE 3001 Week 10

by: Eleanor Notetaker

COE 3001 Week 10 coe 3001 I

Eleanor Notetaker
Georgia Tech
Deformable Bodies
Dr. Kennedy

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About this Document

We review how to find the maximum stress in beams then begin to work through several examples. We then begin chapter 6 (composite beams). We find out how to find stress and strain in composite be...
Deformable Bodies
Dr. Kennedy
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleanor Notetaker on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to coe 3001 I at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by Dr. Kennedy in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Deformable Bodies in Engineering and Tech at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 Shear Stresses in beams Vix QM T y b A For rectangular section For circular section T 2Vx 4Vx T Example Find 039 T at D qL L 0 2 qu qL 1 RAZEqL MD179201bEL VD 1600 lb 3 bh 4 COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 D 2 IyZIz dA A UK at D M OxZ My Dy 12 12 yDZIEL or Dy D 3360 psi Tat D T VDQyD yD bIz bzlea VD 16OOlb 1z5333z4 QyD h E Qlyll ydA 7 yQ 156Z TyD 450psi Exam 0 Calculate Ty COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies WeeklO VXQy Ty Z M3 M3 It25f IZ 2I1 b tw 12 12 12 btw 112213 1 2 12 El Izzf yZdAIZCAdy2 A h h EZyZE tf b h h g Q 2 Qy2 2 2 22 y TVxQyVx 2 y bIz 21 2 y 2tgty22t COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 h AQ2tw tf y Chapter 6 Composite beams 0 Beams built from s Assumptions 0 in lane sections remain p lane Location of the reference axis 0 Find neutral axis by imposing that the axial force is 0 COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 El El EledA f EZKydAZO A1 A2 CI CI Nx0zE1fydAE2f ydAO A1 A2 0 Modulusweighted centroid If crosssection is doubly symmetric in geometry and material distribution then the neutral axis is at the point of symmetry Stress distribution Note While strain is continuous stress is not over multiple materials CI CI CI CI yOdiZZ f ElyZKdAf EZyZKdAZEle yZdAE2KI 2sz A1 A2 A1 A2 aElKIzlE2KIz2KltE11zlE21z2gt M x EIIZIEZIZZ 0 E1 Mx quot1 ElIzlE21z2 E2 Mx quot2 EIIZ1EZIZZ Example q6 L 520562 COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 b4eL E1 1500 ksi E23OOOO ksi M60klb El El ElfydAE2f ydA0 A1 A2 El t1 fydAzbtl Ill E A1 t2 CI fydAztzb 2 A2 V A1bt1 zt2 Elm1 E2t2b hl tl E 0 zL1 h 1 2 E1h1 324E2h1 62520 hf5031 hsz469 L 2nd moments of area COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 M3 t 2 I 1 h1 1 bt117lz4 Z1 12 2 1392 2 4 IZZZE hl tl E bt223016 E1y1M E1h1M 039 1 EIIZIEZIZZ E11ZIE21Z2 L 1310psi ylzhl 3 2h2 E2h2M 2 762Opsz E11ZIE21Z2 E1272GPa E22800 MPa8 GPa 0 Fine the max normal stress M 3 kN m 2nd moments of area 3 b h 2t3 Iz th 12017x106mm4facesheets 1 12 2 b h 2t3 1925625x104mm4 EIIZIEZIZZ9102OONm2 COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 E2 tM IO39Z maxlzmzlgg MPa 0 Calculate the max stresses in material 320 Find the max bending moment in the beam RARBqL RAz qL qL RBL0 RBz qL 432kleZ u u ESJ ydAwa ydA 0 AS A W Es225 y0EW554325 y00 COE 3001 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Week 10 E S E W 225 y0554325 y00 y013lez 15228 IW13825 24 E E gasEW 1z51zw6170 psi MSEdysM 6 EsyM MsEw z 1z 1100psi EwyM wa 039 W ESIZEWIZ a yw6E y0469EZ


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