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Indo-European Folktales Week 2 notes

by: Meghan Rixey

Indo-European Folktales Week 2 notes Ger1502

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Ger1502 > Indo European Folktales Week 2 notes
Meghan Rixey
GPA 2.75
Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst

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About this Document

Lecture notes week 2
Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meghan Rixey on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Ger1502 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 194 views.


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Date Created: 01/16/15
WEEK 2 Curses 0 Usually irrevocable 0 To avoid the curse victim must appeal to higher power 0 The idea that one person can curse another l idea of quotword magicquot Individual has certain power with certain words 0 Rumpelstilkskin idea of quotname magicquot 0 Animist 0 Magic is everywhere gods are everywhere there is no one source of the extraordinary but many 0 Spinning Tales 0 Traditional female tasks 0 Tedious and time consuming o In Grimms Tales Spinning is associated with good character Good spinners get good husbands Folktales show importance of household female work to family economy in preindustrial society 0 Frau Holle 0 Figure who controls the weather 0 Teaches us hard work is rewarded o Collected by Grimms 0 Typical story woman loses distaff goes underground meets Frau Holle Holle tests her willingness to work hard 0 Didactic function moral at the end 0 The Golem 0 Different from humans because he cannot speak 0 He will never possess quotword magicquot 0 He does not have a soul l implies he can not worship create or interpret holy documents 0 But he can use his physical self as an avenger get rid of the enemies of the Jewish community 0 Legends Rabbi Loew Magical numbers cabbala Homunculus Frankestein s Monster 0 Film Version He runs amuck not controlled Big deal because of Eugenics Movement going on 0 Scientists were trying to create a quotbetter humanquot people were scared Fairies and Demons 0 Supernatural creates o Animism 0 Differences Fairies and Demons 0 Names Fayerie Fatum Iatin Daimon Witches o Humans with magical powers More often female Thought to be companions of the devil Apparition invisibility shape shifting Travel at great speeds Familiars toads owls cats 0 Group gatherings Witches Sabbath Certain people in world believed to be able to access the divinity o Shamans Priests 0 Sometimes they can access the dead see the future 0 What happens when these things are not accepted by society quotThe birth of the Modern Witchquot Shakespeare s McBeth o Opens with famous image of 3 witches PP weeklslide 35 00000 Witch Hunts 0 Legally sanctioned in the Middle Ages 0 Legal proof required If they were witches they could save themselves when being put to death by black magic If they were innocent then God would take their souls o Witch Hunts and Gender Vampires 0 Between fairy tale and legend 0 Individual who has traded hisher immortal soul for an immortal life on earth is able to maintain that life through others blood 0 Souls from purgatory 0 Eastern European origin Aleksandr Afanasyev 18261871 Historical Vampires o Vlad Tepes Dracula 14311476 Romanian Prince 0 Elizabeth Bathory Slovak Countess Obsessed with you tendency to kill off her servants to create quotyouth potionsquot for herself Was eventually caught and put on house arrest some say she was walled up in her castle Modern Vampire Versions 0 Abraham Stoker Dracula 0 Interview With the Vampire Vampire Story Variations O O quotThe Cof n Lidquot and quotThe Two Corpsesquot and quotThe Soldier and the Vampirequot quotThe Shroudquot and quotThe Dog and the Corpsequot Messages Do not take what doesn t belong to you stay away from where you don t belong or else quotThe Dog and the Corpsequot Man lets dog ght the corpse for him leaves it Message Don t leave your friends ght your own battles quotThe Soldier and the Vampirequot Soldier eventually beats the vampire by burning it Message Even when an ordinary person is faced with extreme danger we can prevail Images of Vampires the undead rose from improper burial O O O O O O 0 Before scienti c knowledge was advanced to know we buried some people who were not really dead yet Folklore Scholarship Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Children s and Household Tales ed 1812 1815 1856 Three different editions show us the stories are continuously revised and people liked it Beginning of 19th century in Europe Napoleon trying to conquer all of Europe The Grimms wanted to record these tales A political statement and desire to preserve this suppressed culture Not the rst to document history like this but had a lasting effect Grimms Tales 1st Edition relatively faithful to the wording they heard directly from sources Much more detailed than other editions Some details also change sometimes because of controversy Precursors of the Grimms ltaly Giovan Francesco Straparola The Pleasant Nights Giambattista Basile Pentamerone All based on folktales and written for the elite literate audience with former background knowledge 0 France Charles Perrault Tales of Past Times With Moras Second work Tales ofMother Goose Wrote works anonymously but wrote down tales he remembered for the children of other diplomats he worked thh Ex quotYoung women beware of wolflike menquot 0 England Thomas Percy Relics of Ancient English Poetry 0 James MacPherson Poems ofOssian Extremely popular inspired new poems and paintings 0 Germany Johann Gottfried Herder Fragments on the New German Literature De nes concept of quotVolkspoesiequot the poetry of the everyday people True expression of national identity Direct honest direct roots to the past 0 Mon TakeType 0 Functions 31


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