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JUS 444 - Week 10 Notes

by: Kali Notetaker

JUS 444 - Week 10 Notes SOS 171

Kali Notetaker
GPA 3.92
The Thread of Energy
Dr. Pasqualetti

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About this Document

Class: JUS 444 Environmental Justice School: Arizona State University Notes: Week 10 Notes (October 20th and 22nd) October 20th - no notes: watching Gasland in class
The Thread of Energy
Dr. Pasqualetti
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kali Notetaker on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOS 171 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Pasqualetti in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see The Thread of Energy in Sustainability at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
JUS 444 Week 102 Discussing Gasland 0 Short term gain over long term sustainability Privatize gains 0 Socialize risk 0 0 Natural gas and shale oil 0 From Shale oil Shogren to re neries Sze Life cycle analyses important as well as delocalized risks 0 How do we govern these systems 0 Main points 0 Sound science is an elusive goal 0 Precautionary principle 0 Risks and bene ts 0 Rights of individual citizens Competing claims 0 Industry argues that it is impossible for bore wells to leak methane because of lined wells drinking water cannot be affected because gas wells are drilled much deeper 1000 feet deep vs 500 feet drinking wells highly regulated industry 0 Public argues linings are poorly done and maintained produced water inadequately sequestered exempt from Clean Water and Air Acts local regulation weak threatens drinking supply seismic activity Distributional recognition there s something wrong with me my family my land and no one is recognizing it and doing anything about it procedural justice all at risk 0 Scientists USGS links increased seismic activity to fracking Controversies and fracking 0 Environmental issues Contaminated water Contaminated air quality Any animals living in the regions including the rancher are eating and drinking the bad food and water also in the way of migration patterns Public health 0 Technological issues GMO analogy completely the same but totally different 0 Socialpolitical issues Regulation and governance Property values movement to more populated places Legal rights to protest and for information 0 Trading rights to speak in exchange for water access to stay on property 0 From the Marcellus to the Barnett 0 Denton TX What makes Denton an effective site for studying the social and environmental effects of fracking Oldest modern play 0 Only town in TX to ban fracking Overturned by TX legislature Issues with governance regulatory aspects environmental policies social effects all evident here No city no county can ban fracking state government banned banning 0 Who s bene tting in Denton The system becomes very easy those who own the mineral estates are not concerned about those who live on the surface estate because they do not know them and have no ties to these people This will bene t the local government get a percentage of the money How to get rid of this 0 Elect new people in 0 New era of energy production 0 What values are at the center of these systems Resource extraction for the greater good Using modern technology to extract these safely 0 Ethics of energy production questions that should be asked before construction not a decade after Who bene ts who bears risks 0 Slow Violence of Oil Spills o Enbridge oil spill July 26 2010 largest inland oil spill in US history 0 39Clean up completed on October 9 2014 o Deepwater Horizon April 20 2010 largest offshore oil spill in US history July 15 Capped temporarily September 19 fully closed 0 Estimated 49 million barrels released into ecosystem GCC Global Climate Change and Energy 0 Climate change as a political issue Need to see technologies as 39sociotechnical systems STS how human values are embedded in technologies systems Understanding how these values are embedded 0 Two approaches Mitigation try to change behaviours and practices to prevent climate from drastically changing reduce emissions Abatement policies Adaptation adapt to new conditions as climate change occurs reduce harmincrease resiliency o How do we think about mitigation and adaptation with climate change Reduces Emissions Energy conservation and ef ciency replace bulbs Combined heat and power systems Capture and use of land ll gas Renewable energy Reduces air travel Expanded transit use Fuel ef cient and electric vehicles Active transport cycling and walking Reduces Harm Emergency and business planning from extreme weather events Sewer culvert overland ow upgrades for extreme rainfall More permeable surfaces Desalination Enhanced heat response systems Identi cation and control programs for invasive species West Nile and Lyme Disease programs Does Both Green roofs Expanded tree canopy Improved building insulation Local food systems Science as a political practice 0 Quanti able 0 Empirical o Replical 0 Science is always political which does not negate its power usefulness or function


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