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Week 4- Lectures 7+8, Humanities Core, Simplicius Simplissicimus

by: Nha-Thinh Nguyen

Week 4- Lectures 7+8, Humanities Core, Simplicius Simplissicimus Human 1A

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Anatomy > Human 1A > Week 4 Lectures 7 8 Humanities Core Simplicius Simplissicimus
Nha-Thinh Nguyen

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About this Document

These notes contain information during Prof. Smith's Lectures.
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nha-Thinh Nguyen on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Human 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by BURKE, C. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see HUMANITIES CORE LEC in Anatomy at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10192015 Week 4 Lecture 7 Transition From Troy to the Thirty Years War Lecturer Prof John H Smith Grimmelshausen s Simplicius Simplicissimis Simp S Setting of Simplicius Simplicissimus 0 Germany 0 Thirty Years War 16181648 0 The period from 1500 through 1648 was one of quotMajor upheaval and transition in Europe Review from Prof Izenberg s lectures o The past is different from us but is still relevant to us New type of modernity in Simp S 0 New kind of individual who lives with chaos and changes by adapting o Nondenominational Christian piety o This is a Natural religion History as a story and representation 0 Basic distinction when considering how to tell the history s story of war 0 Res gestae Latin for the thingsevents that happened I Vs o Historia rerum gestarum Latin for the story of what happened How the story of war is told o Is it as a spectacledramatic event Who speaks and what information is given 0 From who s point of view How is the story shaped 0 Genre categorizes works of literature or art based on content or style 0 Ex Epic I Elevated speech I Extended narrative poem 0 Simp S 0 Genre picaresque I PROSEfiction narrative I Satiricalobscenehumorous I Follows the lower class hero 0 Picaresque 0 Origin in 17th century Spain NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10192015 0 Cervantes one of the main founders of this genre Simp S 0 Main character a simpleton 0 However Grimmelshausen chooses a certain style for the story History from above vs history from below 0 History from above 0 Works are epic and heroic 0 History paintings are usually large oil paintings 0 History from below 0 From the perspective of the everyday person To think about a specific genre to emphasize how the events are represented from a certain perspective 0 Referred to as quotartifactualizationquot by Prof Izenberg o Grimmelshausen artifactualizes a world that is drastically different from homer s world 0 Ex Tears of the fatherland by Andreas Gryphius o Artifactualization of war 0 Tension between content and form 0 Attempt to bring form and order to a chaotic world Beginning image of Simp S 0 First image a satyr o Satyr satire I This is a hint by the author about how he want us to read this book Simp S o This is a chaotic book 0 Chaotic characters chaotic events people torturing each other 0 Simplex s dream 0 Dreams of the quottree of estates I Hierarchy of people and their actions 0 This implies that this book should be seen as an artifact o quotAllegoricalquot representation of their world 0 This is a fictional autobiography Setting surrounding the Thirty Years War 0 The quotEuropeanquot War 0 So many different groups of people were tracking through what is now Germany and they changedpillageddestroyed so much of the landscape 0 Thirty Years War can be considered as a 0 War of religion NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10192015 I Between the Catholics and the protestants o The Catholic church was being challenged by the protestants o Germancentral European war I A constitutional war between politics 0 Power struggle within the holy roman empire 0 War of the European Statebuilding I Europe today vs Europe in the 1500 s there are now a lot of nation states I The treaty of Westphalia 1648 o Ended the 30 years war 0 109 signatories 0 Created the nation states 0 quotmajor milestone in law 0 People who played a big role Picaresque genre 0 Gives a selective point of view Questions while we read 0 What is the image of the 30 Years war that is portrayed in Simp S o How do we see the world and the hero in the chaos who tries to control it NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10212015 Week 4 Lecture 8 Simp S figurative representation of the birth pangs of modern Europe out of the 30 Years War Review 0 17th Century 0 Experienced many changes and major upheavals I New ways of perceiving o Picaresque was a new genre originating in Spain 0 Simp S tells a quotstory from below 0 Captures chaos but not from the perspective of the people fighting it o 30 Years War 0 War of religion 0 GermanCentral European Constitutional war war for power 0 War of nationstate building these states would have more autonomy I France and Sweden emerged victorious The Humongous nation state over the HRE o Became the dominant form what we have now 0 Nation states were not born over night 0 Didn t solveend war o It was a different type of political system o It did decrease the amount of religious disputes Picaresque viewed as a new genre 0 A hero is it the antithesis of the epic hero 0 This hero is finding his own way in the world Picaro new kind of individual 0 Adaptability a crucial capability to survival in their changing world 0 Ex Simp S 0 Ex Oration on the Dignity of Man 1486 Pico della Mirandola I Belief that the human being is adaptable has free will to change Questions 0 How does the novel change our views Reading History o Rae Gestae 0 Things that happen 0 Hisotia rerum gestarum o The telling or story of the events Literary or historical text NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 0 What you see depends on linguistictextual mediation Mediation in Simp S o This book is a translation of the original 17th century German book o It is not a complete translation I The edition excludes many different references to other works 0 Ex Does not tell of the references to the Trojan War 0 Our questions from the original text 0 Did he know about The Iliad o Simplex also wanted kleos to be remembered Why the reflection on mediation o Picaresque as the underbelly of an epic o Reflects on the usefulness of its world relations Theology in Simp S 0 Most of the characters do not identify with any religion 0 The 30 Years war was a war of religion though 0 With the exception of the hermit o It is not clear what denomination he is though Hints of the political war in Simp S 0 Prince Bernhard was an ally of the Swedish 0 The commissioner was sent by the Swedish War Counsel 0 These people are mentioned in passing 0 There is not much evidence of political developments 0 Simplex mentions that a soldier had changed sides 0 They are not fighting for a cause I There is no unifying issue 0 This is a mercenary war 0 There are no specific names for the musketeers and cavalry o This doesn t matter 0 Would it matter to the peasants who these people were I They re just hurting them 0 HOWEVER Simp S does provide a realistic view of the brutality and cruelty of war 0 This is a historical text 0 But we shouldn t read t as describing the literal res gestae What is the relation between this story and the big history 0 This could be a literal description of the 30 years war 0 BUT this is too highly constructed to be a reliable historical summary Simp S 10212015 NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10212015 0 History is there in the text as a figurative allegorical and satirical post war commentary o It shows us from one perspective the chaos that emerged from the Treaty of Westphalia Literal vs allegorical Figurative reading Allegory o The representation of abstract ideas in the form of concrete forms characters figures events 0 A symbolic representation 0 Ex A blindfolded women holding a scale blind justice Literal o Expresses something indirectlyin terms of something else 0 Metaphors and similes o This means that Simp S is giving us history through indirect forms Trees of the Estates 0 This is an allegorical depiction of hierarchy 0 People trying to advance to the higher branches 0 This is an old feudal order o It is a world in flux 0 Chaos is introduced by the Protestant reformation and growing wars I A new warrior and individual is needed Simp S o Bodily functions sex 0 Simplex farts unknowing that it was not socially acceptable 0 The couple comes in to the goose jail to have sex 0 These are disgusting to read literally o Read it allegorically I Their inability to control themselves bodily functions booze sex 0 This is a quotwar of all against all 0 Each man for himself in their own natural state 0 They have no control without a controlling force 0 Views are similar to those of Thomas Hobbes 0 People are unruly and against themselves without a governmentcontrolling force 0 Political views 0 Order needs to be imposed I New political system 0 Through brutal and authoritative ways order is enforced by authoritative figure within theirjurisdiction I Ex Governor breaks up a fight at the party o In this Westphalian world NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10212015 0 Individual must adaptmust be many things in order to survive 0 Leader becomes the enforcer of order


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