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Southern Italian Notes

by: Vrena Puentes

Southern Italian Notes AMH2097

Marketplace > Florida State University > History > AMH2097 > Southern Italian Notes
Vrena Puentes
GPA 4.0
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash

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About this Document

Notes from Mr. Soash's class about Southern Italians!
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vrena Puentes on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2097 at Florida State University taught by Richard Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 89 views. For similar materials see Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
102015 The Southern Italians tay was not a uni ed country until 1870 It was full of city states North vs South were very different religiously politically and economically Northern Italians In Italy They were wealthy thru trading Cosmopolitan ntermarried with people surrounding them light skinned result So why leave Came to US In the 17th and 18th century Mainly stayed in Cali or FL 26k Italians came to the US Most Italians went into the fruit industry Ex buying vineyards and produced wines They came over with money far away from WASPs and lightskinned all things WASPs liked Southern Italians Most are poor illiterate peasants Catholic church is a very powerful institution in S Italy Church did not establish schools and tried to rid them of all they had S Italians distrust the church and government bc of this Southern Italians have strong sense of quotcampanilismoquot which is pride in one s village or town S Italians are religious they just don t attend church Considered quothatched matched and dispatchedquot Catholics Hatched when you are born Matched when you get married Dispatched when you die Strong religious belief in Saints Catholics believe that these Saints can provide help to you Shrines Can be simple like putting a picture of a saint orJesus on a shelf with a candle creating a place where you consistently go to worship that being instead of church Most important thing in S Italy is family They had patriarchy meaning the male head of the household made all the decisions and money for their family Heavily focused on a concept of honor Very big on reputations and how they re family is perceived If there is a con ict with another male of a family this caused the family s honor to be jeopardized vendetta Women aren t necessarily treated all that well but play an important role thru marriage When you have a daughter that marries another family you are in essence linking two families which is a big deal in their community Daughters had to save their virginities for marriage Usualy secluded to protect their innocence This marriage was usually decided right after the girl was born and is usually married at an early age 13 or 14 Herjob then becomes to have a boy or to build a family The ceremonies involve throwing a huge celebration but privately btwn the 2 families After the big celebration the entire families follow the couple up to their chambers where a white sheet has been set to symbolize virginity where they are supposed to have sex Famiy checks that woman has bled on sheet If there is not blood on the sheets the woman is dishonored and then the marriage is annulled causing a vendetta between families The Immigration Process Head of the family chooses who to send Young males get sent someone who is healthy and likely to survive the journey over they may be married but are usually in their late teens or early 205 Why did they want to leave 1 Over population 2 Get away from church andor government 3 US needs workers thru Indus Rev especially unskilled labor They have return migration every 5 years they bring the money that they made back to Italy one time shot Life in America 18801900 Padrone System you have a bunch of S Italians who have been the US for a few years who had a few connections spoke both English amp Italians that started singing a song that people in their village would know You then go to the Padrone and introduced yourself If there is no vendetta btwn your families he will be your quothook upquot in US Helps you nd work housing and more He only agrees to help you if you are willing to give him a portion of the money you make which is already very little Padrones have all the connections so immigrants agreed to this Jobs for Men Municipal work Factories Mining Al low paying dangerous that were easily given to them Ethnic Enclaves were formed in Little Italy Chicago NY Boston and Little Palermo New Orleans Lived in tenements Campanilismo is shown again You can t live w your family so you become close with people in tenements to substitute your family temporarily Life in America 19001924 They changed from return migration to chain migration once they gured that the US was a better place to live than S ltaly Ridded of the Padrone system immigrants found their own connections so this system faded away over time No longerjust a bachelor society entire families came over Jobs were now created for children and women Kids btwn 1213 yrs old worked in factories Male children one 1314 might get married and keep working in factories or tried to nd a new job Femae children would also work in factories until 1314 but then pulled out by families to get married Women were not allowed to leave tenements but still had to work so they created sweatshops Men would go to factories and buy raw materials from factory owners took them back to the woman and their job is to take the raw materials and make them into individual items of nished clothing The men then take the nished clothing into the factories where they sell this to factory owners to make Total 5 btwn 18801924 5 million S ltalians came to US One of the largest new immigrant groups that come to the US Occupations for men shift in 1900 s Blue collar work Work where you may not need a strong education to do it but a step up from working in factories Ex policeman re ghter contractor Opened up their own restaurants Pretty successful doing this bc Americans love it Organized Crime 102215 Northern Italians make sure that WASPs know that the N and S hold two different types of Italians so they can uphold their social standing Stereotypes for S Italians Stereotype 1 Inferior Race quotMongrelquot Race meaning on the outer edges of whiteness Term promotes animosity as some kind of being that s lesser than a human Mongrel refers to a dog that is not a pure breed or a mutt Uninteligent vs uneducated WASP s thought they were just dumb and this is inherited biological S Italians didn t have an educational system Stereotype 2 amp 3 Immorality amp Violence Originated because of Italian Ma as Mutual aid societies alliance of 34 diff families who help each other when times get tough One family willingly helps the other families if they need it Mutual aid societies at times rebel against oppressors Ex recession hardships etc La Cosa Nostra in Sicily a mutual aid society Paterna organization Allie together to protect citizens against governments Expands and becomes more powerful As it expands it becomes more corrupt Extorts different businesses and demands money in order to cease this action Itaian government starts cracking down on La Cosa Nostra Prohibition 18th amendment During WWI the US government passes a nonalcohol law Because of this the US indirectly helped La Cosa Nostra Made a lot of many during prohibition by selling alcohol illegally Mafia originates from La Cosa Nostra Mutual aid societies then all get labeled quotmafiasquot Mafia Myth Only 0025 of all S Italians engaged in organized crime Not all organized crime is committed by S Italians some Irish amp Jews Stereotype 4 Invaders S amp E Europeans are sick ill and come from the unhealthiest part of Europe slums WASPs considered them germy and thought they were the reason for the spread of disease Stereotype 5 Politically Corrupt mmigration Act of 1903 prohibits anarchists from entering the country WWI Antiradicalism Communists Sociaists Anarchists belief in abolition of government Anarchist assassinated President McKinley Law passed that allows of cers to arrest and deport anyone who is suspected to be an anarchist US government nds a way to not allow S Italians into the country AntiImmigration Legislation 1903 Immigration Act did not allow anarchists to enter US 1918 Immigration Act allowed anarchist to be arresteddeported 1917 Immigration Act created a literacy test one had to pass in order to enter country S Italians are uneducated bc they don t have a way to get schooling in Italy Aso provided other ways to exclude other groups of S Italians from entering country Delinquents Defectives and Dependents 1921 amp 1924 Quota Acts Targeted Southern and Eastern Europeans and imposed a quota where you take a based off an earlier census 1921 3 yr 1910 1924 2 yr 1890 The Godfather 2 Ma a was protagonist Shined positive light on ma a Michael is parental gure to sister Fils in role of patriarch Michael runs gambling places and is a very powerful man Ma a don is responsible for all of Vito s family s death He then becomes a ma a don and has many people killed stating that is inevitable


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