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Week of January 12- Class Notes

by: Caroline Welch

Week of January 12- Class Notes SOC 2101

Marketplace > George Washington University > Sociology > SOC 2101 > Week of January 12 Class Notes
Caroline Welch
GPA 3.4
Social Research Methods
Antwan Jones

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About this Document

The power points from class put into a word document.
Social Research Methods
Antwan Jones
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caroline Welch on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 2101 at George Washington University taught by Antwan Jones in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 121 views. For similar materials see Social Research Methods in Sociology at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/16/15
social research methods 1115 agreement reality things that aren t personally experienced epistemology the science of knowing methodology sub eld of epistemology procedures for scienti c investigations humans want to predict the future 0 we recognize that the future is caused in part by the present 0 caused and effect patterns are probabilistic in nature prediction versus understanding 0 good luck and the whys of it all errors in inquiry and some solutions 0 inaccurate observations measurement devices offer accuracy 0 overgeneralizations large and representative samples are a safeguard against overgeneralization o replication repeating a research study to test and either con rm or question the ndings of an earlier study contradictory conclusions 0 selective observations avoid looking for quotdeviantquot cases exceptions in certain cases where a rare event is expected 0 illogical reasoning quotgamblers fallacyquot way we think about things can be counter logical example Hastorf and Cantril s 1954 publication quotthey saw a game a case studyquot 0 1951 football game between Dartmouth Indians and Princeton tigers same numbers of infractions and injuries opposite fans had opposite numbers counted of what they believed the numbers were Princeton won The premodern view of reality things are as they seem o The item lam holding is a phone the other I am holding is not a phone The modern view of reality acknowledgment of human subjectivity 0 While I consider it a phone others may consider it a computer or a camera or a paper weight o The post modern view of reality there is no objective reality 0 There is no phone we call it a phone based on our view point not because it is innately a phone 0 The foundation of social science are logical and observation 0 Theory how we understand world around us 0 Data collection research aspect and collection and analysis 0 Data analysis make sense of how things are empirically related 0 Theory not philosophy or belief 0 social theory has to do with what is not what should be both have been combined for many years 0 theory a systematic explanation for the observations that relate to a particular aspect of life 0 social science can help us know what is and why 0 social regularities trying to nd patterns in social life 0 minorities liker to say they have been prejudiced 0 women tend to earn less than men exceptions to social regularities 0 reverse racism 0 stay at home fathers social regularities represent probabilistic patterns aggregates the collective actions and situations of many individuals 0 example reasons for having a child vary but birth rate is consistent across years 0 focus of social science is to explain why aggregated patterns of behavior are regular even when individuals change overtime concepts and variables 0 variables logical groupings of attributes the umbrella term or quotqueonnsquot occupation social class 0 attributes characteristics or qualities that describe an object the responses teacher plumber minister unemployed upper middle lower 0 variables as relationships 0 dependent variables a variable assumed to depend on or be caused by another 0 independent variable a variable with value that are not problematic in an analysis but are taken as simply given 0 women and men make different amounts of money in US variables gender income attribute l dollars DV l money IV gender


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