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Confucianism Notes

by: LaurenJewell

Confucianism Notes GREL 101 (Fred LaSpina)

Intro to Religion
Fred LaSpina

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About this Document

Notes taken on 10/20 and 10/22 on Confucianism.
Intro to Religion
Fred LaSpina
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by LaurenJewell on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GREL 101 (Fred LaSpina) at James Madison University taught by Fred LaSpina in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Intro to Religion in Religious Studies at James Madison University.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
CONFUCIANISM Q Considered to be more of a philosophy than a religion 0 Founder Kung Fu Tse AKA Confucius gt lived same time as Buddha Q Believed that you quotdon t govern people by fear but by allowing them to police themselvesquot gt this is because people do things to avoid punishment 0 Ostracizing Shunning someone 0 Very patriarchal Principles 1 JEN benevolence kindness love of humanity 2 Moderation and harmony Moderation all things harmony nature give and take 3 LI Knowing your place in social relationships 4 Giving things the correct name Li 5 Relationships that are Kev 1 Subject to ruler employee to employer gt difference in power gt treat them differently because of fear gt MUST HONOR 2 Son to father gt much more respect is given to father than to friends 3 Younger brother to older brother gt younger sibling need to respect older older sibling takes care of younger 4 Wife to husband gt To have a wellordered family man in charge and man has the nal say 5 Younger person to older person regardless of gender Professions bv Importance Scholars gt farmers gt artisansmerchantssculptures Q Scholars grow out nails because they don39t do physical labor 0 Scholars are favored and receive benefits from society Confucianism in Families 0 oldest male and dad gt unchallengeable authorities above everyone else including wife 0 quotElders rst rightquot gt Bow to anyone older than you Q If father dies gt eldest son expected to honor him by staying in a hut by his grave and abstaining from meat wine and sexual intercorse from his wife gt 25 months 0 quotVeneration of eldersquot gt son taught to give money they make to their parents gt responsible for them in old age 0 Most confucian couples favor their boys over their girls gt boys carry on family name take care of the family in old age and in the afterlife O Confucius says women are hard to handle and will cling to you but if you keep them at a distance they39ll be angry with you 0 An illiterate woman is best gt you can make them do things and push them around 0 When you marry someone you marry their family 0 Strong emphasis on following elders superiors and teachers gt have to have the right respect for people to create order Confucianism is all about respect and knowing your place Li 0 Father covers up for son son covers up for father Ideas of Confucianism Totally about social order gt how you t into a team Whole idea is to find yourself in society Analect gt the confucian book Spirituality gt no salvation no afterlife gt all about the here and the now All about creating a better world If we don t know how to serve others how can we serve God Only way to solve a problem is by your own efforts and learning from your ancestors 0 Honor ancestors no worship 0 Confucian creed social order 0 Look down on Buddhism Karma is all about self interest when a person dies gt spirits disperse into the world 0 Frown upon legal action instead negotiate gt decision making became arbitrary because of nepotism 0 Ultra conservative Q Immoral to judge or question the opinions of elders Q NEVER TALK BACK 0 Confucians are less initiative and creative because of conformity


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