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Lecture notes 10/19, 10/21

by: Kelly Notetaker

Lecture notes 10/19, 10/21 Com 201 A

Kelly Notetaker
GPA 3.38
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin

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About this Document

Hi, so I'm a bit behind in taking the notes for the readings so I'm not too sure if they'll be up, but I got you covered in lecture notes. I hope these will be helpful!
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Notetaker on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 201 A at University of Washington taught by Ekin Yasin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Intro to comm 1 in Communication Studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
COM 201 Lecture Notes 1019 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Effects of Media Individual and Collective Action Use Media by Politicians to Reach Political Ends Should Media be Regulated Framing Future Newspaper and Public Media How does Media impact individual behavior Our interactions with Media from our identities Focus on youth and teenagers contact with Media Interacting with Media is being social Formation of childhood changes due to technology Daned Boyd quotIt s Complicated 9 social lives of networked teens o How teenagers interact with technology Ex Online bullying 0 Kids have to think about consequences of their lives Interactions with Media Determine type of political personality we well have Cynicism Spiral of Cynicism Always in discussion of presidential elections Number of opportunities to have political contact There is correlation between political participation and media messages Does not necessarily mean positive correlation of number of voters and increasing media of candidates The younger generation voted less than older generation Various media of policies increase cynicism 0 Some may create cynicism content on purpose 0 May be the reason why diverse group feel not compelled to vote Compassion Fatigue explain why we don t feel compelled to react to horrifying situations why do we not care more Want quick situation and quick happy ending 0 Most media have elongated events that happen over a period of time Media depictions generate an idea of what the world is like for us Giving us a view of the world but a world can t physically reach Class Discussion Summary is there a correlation between violence and media 70 s Cultivation Theory George Gerbner9 40 years study Heterogeneous population 0 Homogenization of constant contact with same type of media Want to test what happens if constant use of media 0 Light watchers 2 hours 0 Heavy watchers 2 hours and more Mean world syndrome 0 More they read quotmean context feel like the world is mean Conclude scared violence will be done to us Cultural indicators Projects 0 Perception and reactions to violence 0 How people interpret how violence reflects to society Media have eclipse of religion oral family as great story tellers of our time Cut out information 0 Violence explains more than words can straight to the point 0 Choreographed brutality world never ween 8000 murders children see on media 200000 violence acts teenagers see on media Violence of violence makes it dangerous 0 Violence create conflict show sadness tell a story 0 quothappy violence 9 Make violence not as sad add humor 0 Meaning of violence is changed No firm roots correlation between media violence and society violence Effect of Media Collective No Notoriety 9 identification of mass murdererscopycats Some claimed it has direct and total influence on people 0 Not much critical capacity Class Discussion Summary what structuresinfluence opinions about politics Cultural Background Environment Family and Friends Internet Debate Youtube interviewcomments Hypodermic Needle Theory Develop in 1920 s and 1930 s Liner communication theory Passive audience A process rather than simple as was first thought Martians Believed 9 likely to believe a lot of things other than media stuffy gullible Some feared influence media would have on masses Mass Society Theory Propaganda 0 Government film employers o Propaganda exists all around the world Others advocated media limited effects on society Media influence but does not change them completely TwoSteps Process Try to find the influence of Opinion A process to outside influence that affects choice An opinion leader9 influence the community with opinions Media Organization pick for us what to think about Internalize what we receive Active process of contextualizing information Agenda Setting Theory 0 Part of the world is given to us to shape our perception Media organization are involved in manufactory consent Creating consent is important Use tradition process of propaganda to decrease opposition of people going against companies COM 201 Lecture Notes 1021 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Review Hypodermic Needle model proposes quotagencyquot 9 FALSE Katy Pearce Extreme cases authoritarian dictate states Genderpolitical inequality America turns a blind eye some dictatorships have a lot of oil Many people lose their jobs if critic the government Students who criticize reign would have their grades lowered Use technology to influencetrack people on internet Government create fake information of its own citizen to create bad impression also cyberbullying Detaining them 9 no official truth Introducing tradition media Political positive and negative use of media to reach strategic ends Canada youngest charming president 0 Father was one of the best prime minister of Canada 0 Boxer and educator Part of Political work is to deal with media reputation More politician appearing on TV being entertaining Best way to connect to audience TV debate A lot of politic structure in media to determine if capable Professionals who deal with managing media personalities and identifies of politician Ex Deciding what they wear in campaigns quotWay the Dog strategic fabrications of president sleeping with minor Fabricated moments of families Hyper reality Recreate media representation Every reality is a fabrication of another reality 0 photos are reality of photographers and we make that photo reality ours Professional who deal with politician communication social strategy to target activists use cartoon to campaign Democratators Behave like a dictator although country has democratic system 0 Operate in a seemingly democratic way 0 Not one manreign elected to positions of power 0 Act like dictators but use democracy to run system 0 Shows desire to control No one country is the same regional problem quotmanufacturing consent 9 talk of role media companies to even out political power promising things One way would be by manufacturing consent using media channels Cultural imperialism o What kind of cultural do these companies create Attempt to change media alliance from government 0 quotthe revolution will not be Televised Go aftertarget people who don t approve government 0 Ex Russia 2000 raise in taxes 0 Ex Turkey 2009 TV conglomerate evading taxes so timed them Fabrications take a lot of thought Need good control over media channels Utilizing Entertainment and Media as depoliticizing weapon Entertainment how domain is it Controlling content how stories are framed and present quoteat the rich Jean Jack Rousseau too poor to eat and can only eat the rich Framing rebels as looters choosing what gets to be shown Control of Social Media Turkey s protest twitter blocked Control of Media by Democratators does not mean a complete control of media


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