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Notes 1/12/15 - 1/16/15

by: Josie Patch

Notes 1/12/15 - 1/16/15 PSYCH 3331

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Psychlogy > PSYCH 3331 > Notes 1 12 15 1 16 15
Josie Patch
GPA 3.456
Abnormal Psychology
Lisa Cravens-Brown

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About this Document

Week 1 Notes 1/14/15-1/16/15
Abnormal Psychology
Lisa Cravens-Brown
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josie Patch on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 3331 at Ohio State University taught by Lisa Cravens-Brown in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 142 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 01/16/15
PSYCH 3331 Week 1 Notes 011415 Lecture Abnormal Psychology Past and Present What is abnormal psychology 0 What does normal mean I What s expected what most people do 0 At what point do we say it s reached abnormal o Leads to some impairment for either that person or those around them 0 Eventually out of control The Four Dquot s How to think about behaviors that are outside norm 0 Deviance I Different extreme unusual I Thoughts feelings behaviors included 0 Distress I Unpleasant or upsetting to the person 0 Dysfunction I Interfering with the person s ability to conduct daily activities in a constructive way 0 Danger I Poses risk of harm to themselves or others I Stigma all with mental illness are dangerous 02 make up of who we see in the news if anything most are more likely to hurt themselves than others Elusive Nature of Abnormality 0 Criteria for defining abnormality are chosen by society I In one culture could be disorder but in others not I What do we call people who behave atypically I Thomas Szasz perspective Society created the whole concept of mental illness Deviations that are thought to be abnormal problems of livingquot Developed to control people better 0 Also difficult to apply definition consistently Is it so abnormal 011615 Lecture History of Treatment amp Views of the Mentally 111 Prehistoric to Greek Roman o Is mental illness a new phenomenon o Prehistoric beliefs 500000 years ago I Evil spirits Would treat by trephination or exorcism Trephination drilling holes in the head to let evil spirits out Ancient GreekRoman 500 BCESOO CE 0 Hippocrates mental problems have natural cause I Imbalance in the humors blood yellow bile black bile phlegm I How would you treat an quotimbalancequot Get balance baths remove blood massages Middle Ages to 17th Century 0 Wickedness sin punishment from God 0 Considered to be nonhumanquot I Severely abused I Martin Luther godless people possessed by the devilquot I Scapegoated for community calamities o The Era of Witches I 1487 Malleus Maleficarum The Hammer of the witches Proof of witches descriptions ways to get them to confess o Delusions hallucinations manic melancholic paranoia catatonia 0 Way to get them confess torture Women always accused more than men 85 The rise of asylums 0 Johann Weyer mind susceptible to sickness just like the body could I Some improvement in care Religious shrines More humane o Treatments I Talismans Brass tin emblems cut astrological signs into them I Asylums institutions to care for mentally ill Build as places to be in refuse originally didn t have the negative connotation that they do today Starvation water cures whirling bloodletting o Whirling literally spin the patient around I Obviously torture but not thought about that way by the people 19th Century Reform and Moral Treatment 0 Phillipe Pinel Late 1700 s France I Spent entire career trying to make better treatments for mental illness I Took over an asylum in Paris and stopped cruel treatment I 63 9 5 death rate after Phillipe took over I Forbade cruel treatment I Saw as ill deserving of getting help 0 Dorthea Dix late 1800 s US I Taught in a women s prison I Realized most people she worked with had mental health problems and not getting any treatment I Campaigned for improved conditions for mentally ill 0 States responsible for developing moral treatment I Also responsible for developing effective public hospitals Early 20th Century 0 Moral movement decline 0 Two new perspectives on mental illness I Somatogenic Perspective abnormal functioning has physical causes Mental vs physical not new idea Came back b c Emil Kraepelin s 1883 textbook Biological discoveries 0 Ex von KrafftEbing s experiments with syphilis I Immune to syphilis b c they already had it so it must have caused mental problems Mostly disappointing results 0 Tooth pulling tonsillectomy did not fix their mental issues Ugly side of Somatogenics 0 1930 s I Ioshua Sakel insulininduced coma for schizophrenia o 1935 Shock treatments used for schizophrenia o 1935 Moniz performed first prefrontal leucotomy I Drill holes into skull crush nerve fibers of frontal lobe I 19481952 5000 prefrontal leucotomiesyear done by neurosurgeons 0 1950 s Advent of thorazine as treatment for schizophrenia


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