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by: Alexandro Hermiston


Alexandro Hermiston

GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandro Hermiston on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 302 at University of Nevada - Las Vegas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/228642/me-302-university-of-nevada-las-vegas in Mechanical Engineering at University of Nevada - Las Vegas.




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Date Created: 10/25/15
ME 302 Materials Mechanics Introduction and Overview This is a fundamental course in all Civil and Mechanical Engineering Programs Sometimes it is called Strength of Materials or Mechanics of Materials x CEE 370 Engineering Mechanics of Deformable Bodies The Civil Engineering Department is offering their own Mechanics of Materials Course All Civil Engineering majors or preCEE majors should drop ME 302 and sign up for CEE 370 CEE 370 meets in CBC C420 1130 AM 1245 PM Inf sftructwi F mf g r A Course Material Lectures amp Notes Text BOOK Website Email Instructor Dr Brendan J O I oole PhD Professor Brehdah J O39Toole Phl Office TBE B122 Phone 895 3885 E Mail DaysTimelRoom TR 1 1 30 AM 1245 PM MPE 232 Text Mechshics of Materials 4th Editioh Beer Johhstoh amp DeWolf MCGr sw Hill 2006 O Toole Website httpwwweclrunlvedulbjl Prerequisites EGG 206 Ehgiheerihg Mechahics I Statics MAI 182 Calculus II PHY 180 Physics I EGG MEG 100 Ihtro to Ehgiheerihg Desigh 7 57 aquot 39 39 0 quot V quotagar 7 7 if quotquotiiquot 139 r 7 9 Jr mquot 7 J IAvajf Instructor Dr Brendan J O Toole Education PhD amp IVIS in Mechanical Engineering University of Delaware 38 in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Employment Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering UNI V 892 present Areas of interest Newark DIE 1993 8 1989 University of Delaware 1 988 Experimental and computational solid mechanics Structural Dynamics Finite Element Analysis and Design Fabrication of components and structures emphasis on composites Mechanics of solid cellular foams dynamic amp static properties Director Center for Materials and Structures OMS University of Nevada Ias Vegas 1205 present Program Manager Soldiers Future Force Electronics Reliability and Survivability Technology Program UNI VUS Army Research Laboratory Cooperative Agreement Director of Engineering High Pressure Science and Engineering Center University of Nevada Ias Vegas 103 present Visiting Research Associate Composites and Lightweight Structures Branch Computatio hal simulation 39 load ing L 7 Active Projects for Dr Brendan J O I oole Developmer nt of a Recor nfigurable Toolir ng System 2Phase Techr nologies lr39nc Developmer nt of Naho Fiber Reir nforced Polyurethar ne Foams Departmer nt of Ehergy Stool pile Stewardship Program Soldier FERST Soldier s Objective Force Electror nics Reliability ar39nd Survivability Techr nology Program US Army Ballistic Shock Propagation Through Structural Joints High Frequency Shock Mitigation in Air Gun Experiments Desigr nEducatior n Orier39nted Projects Human Powered Vehicle Design ASME Competition Developing a Balloon Satellite Program NASA Space GrahtEPSCOR Program High School First Robotics Competition NASA Space GrahtEPSCOR Program Composite Blast Cor39ntair39nr r ler39nt Vessels Sahdia Natior nal Laboratories r19 orquot i cle Strucg gin est DOD V r V Hquot i 39 39739 7 V quot77 A7 9 qr 7 x 2 57 777 quotquot4 39 MEG 302 Course Objectives Learn the Vocabulary lrr39l prove Your Skill at Drawin Free Body Diarams Learn About Material Behavior Learn How To Solve Mechanics Problems I his is the largest part of the Class I he solutior n procedure for most r r leoher nios problems ir39nvolves or ne or more of the followir ng tasks I 7 A statics ehelysis of e oompor ner nt to fir nd the ihterhel reactior ns forces amp r r lor r ler nts Determir ne stresses ehd streihs or n ihterhel reactior ns lir1cl the deformetior n of the oompor ner nt Compare calculated values of stress amp deformetior n with val s r a Wm is r 7 r r e rm za rgw Your Diesgrit SKII s 75 7 L Vocabulary This is a sampling of terms that are de ned in the text We Will discuss them throughout the semester You are expected to understand the meaning of these terms You are also expected to know the correct units for material properties and other variables Rigid Body Shear Modulus Shear Force Diagram Superposition Deformab39e Body Poisson s Ratio Bending Moment Diagram Elastic CIJIVe Link I rue Stress l ransverse Shear Column Truss Engineering Stress Cantilever Beam Buckling Normal Stress True Strain Simply Supported Beam Euler Buckling 8h r Str 88 Elastic BehaVior clamped Beam Plane Strain Plastic Behavior Isotropic Ductile Behavior Brittle B ehavior Be r h 9 Stress Thermal Expansion Anisotropic U Itlrhate Stress Torsion Homogeneous Axial Stiffness Yield Stress Torque Prismatic 3 point Bending Fai U re Stress Angle of Twist Thin Walled Member 4 point Bending Igt ri h Ci pal Stresses Static Indeterminacy Pressure Vessel Modulus of Elasticity Combined Loading Yolmg s Modulus Modulus of Rigidity mincipal Strains A i e39ss Normal Strain Shear Strain Iai Strai r1 Yield Strain Umgt0w Ellm U CTF U mLm wcom mwunvm EijAU Jnvm HomLLoo mFLH Fmrim 0w EmAU 0LQ m Cm Emuwzw m mcm nULooo mumo HCMHLOQEm Elkm nzLHmEommw nwcom ommuh mFLH mcmm u Au m Fmrim 00H nLmlt0Au m mLm A Fl wme Joo wom murm Ellm womwz Cm U OJUOLHC FwLmnF mLm wEMmemm H Anuom mmLH mEmlmmmn nvom wwl I Material Response to Loadn9 uuj x 39 General 231 HDDKB39S Law rod 55 has El length Jand a uniform Cross secti E 4 The FBI is suspend31 load P is applied to and 5 LI he the rod BICquotgates Plotting the magnitude P Elf the inst the deformation we obtain a loauideform ti IIIEnd If 2P is require to 5 Stressfstrain 7 Axial Loads Basic Re1ationships Norman Strain 272 ensIe est of EP 823 Maragan I 37 NTrnz 31 Ehl BS r nzTI Axial Loading Example from Software CD included With textbook 3 s as c RelatiDI ISI I 25 General zed Hooke39s Law 2 e 47 600 mm 2 gt x 4 200 mm Determine the displaceT n 39 in 1 The displacement at a is determined from eeeeien 1 39 7 re 0 4 C 7 P z o 5 32 quoti i PI 1 Fee Pee 7 7 e Aie e e 5 eeeeien e 7 ee 0 43930 i 450 i D 1 49 gtlt 103o4 e r e 39 zuo X I 9 2039 X I 0 6 eee en e eoo e 193ee o eoo 7 450 e see 6 o eoo e o Basie Reiakionships Deformations onoe Mu1tip39le Section eoo 2 or 3 0125 f 2 X 13 steeeesteein e Axis1 Loads Axia l Loads 23 e Eeeernouee If the apoleq torque stress any her u q to the ap Tor sier here ls eupresse in plied torque Circu ler Shafts Angle of Twist in the E1astie esngs 35 ls not in the she r 2 large eho rt Hooke39s 7 ans shaft ugh to ca hl e lengtlu aooitio the ma imorh shearrug stress the applied torque r by Is relate Fms 239 J use Ian applies the shearlhg stress to eHceeq the yielq and 7 ax 2 so r 5 I that e angle of twist ls proportlohal a and geometry Uniform NIPW yin EIUWWIUIH NIPV nn Ailv Ins 9n f tlllllnlll5 3 i 39 r I quotIQ vx39Cvl r39L m F i I r 0147 e 7 no can Create a class ist curves CS Static mdetexminacy 1 7 26 3 6 A 0 A 7 5 2 Ratio Shearing Strain Strain Gage Bonding ower Homework Polcues Ora IE WYORIi ASSIGNIN IENT GUIIJELINE3 H ll le h ir l k is 111 tlIe he 1 chss on t11e gtahglr ited Lt1 bol For example homemrorls 1 is due on Tl39iLn sdajr September 7 Homework assl erits and due d es may change an will be armomced in class SIC12113 01 lullml ofessiolml 1 01 1 nstin e 1 euu 11etl luiglscletl LatE Holne h OJrl quot55m Not Be Acceljtetl because solu ons will be posted soon after tl39ie due date Solution win b e posted on 111e MEG 302 Course Website password he provided its class to aJloW access to 111e I IW solutions Submt your assigninents on 85 x 1 1 paper Be sure to mclude your 11811113 at the top of 131718 x st page Include 111e fo owmg mfoI Ina lzlon for each problem Most of 1113 problems wijll reqtiire a sketch of the problem alng wit 11 one or more Free Body Diagt ams showing me applied loads along witl i tlrle external and intemal eactions Show all of your Work Mal e reference to equations it tlle book if you do not WEI Lt to repeat tiller 41 Draw a box arc1111121 YD LJI n answer or answers Y ou Willi not receive credit for a correct answer if you have not shown the work Each problem will be gt aded on a scale Et om Dsl The homework coLmts as a sigtji cant percentage Elf570131 nal gr ade so do not blo it off Some of 1 1e problems may tel 5e several hours so manage your Izime accordingly E on are encouraged to help each ot11er gure out e problems but do not copy each ot11er39s Work The homework is assigz1ed for aree sin reasons elaborate on material discussed it class t1e tesstt 811d it I o prom e practice 1131 sol1mg mechanics problems 3 355355 you Il dF f S I Fi dihcr of 111 r r u u1 1 1 Office Hou rs and Grad n9 Mondary TLleSday O Toole Office Hours Fall 2006 ednesdary ThLlJ day 1 30 F1 iday 2 4 I Check my E majl throughclut 1113 day 8116 E majl 1 set up 311 appoinmlentA quotT116 best WE to meet 39Nith rue is to send Should respond camel 137 I C811 be reached at C3ch Phone 395 3335 E m1 h mem quotedu GRADES will be based on we Ede home wor ass39 ants exam which are reigllted as 5110133711 below I Fix 131 E K 30 are are3 ill Class Exams 3 group fig gt17 1113 CGUI SE Your gade a I omprehensive nal degigtl project and Ill Class E 3 Homemrork 45 15 each 15 I Design Project 1 C The letter gt ade Cutoffs vat 3r slig11 l1395r from semester to semester The table below shows an approximate Correlation bet a reen final percentage gag SE and final letter grade 39Taquot 68 392 58 c 3 1 88 100 TB 87 7393 A A to 3 B B to 3 Additional Course Polioes C HEATING 39 considered cheating f 1339 RK DOES NOT SIJPPORI THIS ANSWER OR YOI WILL GET ZERO POINTS FOR THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT Time Management 39I his WijLI be a dif c lJlt Class homework problems Write yCII1r q11 estiCns down when yCIII I think ofthem Ask for help L1nti1 yOI I 11nd erstand the problem DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER TF y011 ha afe 2 d0c11meflfed dis2bi1i1y fh2f Fly 1quot I M11 heed to the bis2bi1i1y Resomce Center for Coordina on in yO IJI ac a Ommoda ons 39I he DRC is located in me Ra 1101115 SLudeILL Sel vices CoIIlplex I OQIIL 137 39I Ileil PIIQIIB ILLJJIL LJBI is 895 0866 Additional Resources Erguneers Edge T39r J VmL 391 rgz rJuP rJaYTug iquotuiolcT hAT W P th39jLU u what 75 eFun nda ePur da Star Ids For E giheerir Ig Fundamer ltal ItS miSSICIrI i5 1 Create Elf I Cir IIIr IE deStIr IatiDr I For the er lgineerir lg Community Where Working n d concge amt re able ir IFCIrmatiCIr I 1 meet the majority of their daily rEIFErer ICE negtug prCIFESSiCIr Ialg Ca CILIC k y r I T r H I m X39J39IQ2 YJ V YQFY efL IWLu 3 h rquot Lbnr 39r 11E 2 e quot 1 hM ma CT T 9 C rz Mate a Propert es MATWEB PM J r z zquot 1 Txfmr ma mfe tzu TS39sz TL 7 Source of l r m r x Group Design Project Scope of Prsjest The design project provides you with an opportunity to apply the topics learned in class to any mechanics oriented design problem of interest to you arid your teamrnate s You and your team will be responsible for Identifying a design problem 455 list ofesamples is availab Is on the cowse Website The bookshelf must not sag in the middle 133 more than C 125 inches 0 The bookshelf must be less than 14 inches deep Use a standard design proeedme for defining a list of de sign eriteri 3 alternative designs to be considered design variables scheduling analysis etc You should have completed a project like this as part of yoLit Intr oduction to Engineering Design CoLJrse An outline of this procedLir e is posted on 111e class website You will not be building or te sting anything for this project Your project must Specify a recommended design with specific dimensions materials and costs outlined You must also make it clear how you arrived at this final design and 5110133 why it is better than other alternatives urider consideration Selss sn of Project You may choose any project provided it is acceptable to the instr uctor utilizes at least the principles covered in Chapters 1 through 8 meludes a group of 2 5 students You may not select a project that is a copy ofa problem in the textbook Design Project Deadlines Suhn t list of you Ineztillers 3111 project Izitle September 23 2006 m tL nE n1m11 1 include all mdErxt E nlajl adclt Esses ale11g Tuvitll 13115 title Cf la project EI1c1 t 7 Friday Decemb Br 8 2006 REP curt 39 its rrLa L hetnatic all 39 as cather criteria 39 atta he lt21 IliaIS illstI I1ltOI Haj of rap orts will l q IDT etc rn11st 1 e 11113 1 113 1 lto the c r 115 a E 11 ati 211 E dit C r Its athTsiF Desin Process ParI 1 39T he fouowting ou jn is a b efovervievsr Ofme design process You should be fslnijliar Wijil39 111s design process lil39L ijred In1r0duc1ion to Engineering Design scamse 39T he presenta on and report for your project include Identi r Need 7 A customer usually approaches an engineer or engineering team with a problem Your group must act as the customer initially by selecting a problem approved by the instructor Problem De nition Try to come up With a speci c de nition of the problem Consult With the customer before proceeding make sure your de nition matches the need Search for Information Gather information from as many sources a possible Library books Professional organizations Library technical journals 7 Also examine existing products Criteria and Constraints All projects will have di erent design criteria and constraints The following is a partial list of possible criteria and 7 Cost Compatibility39 7 Reliability Safety Features 7 Weight Noise Level 7 Ease of operation ecti feness 7 Ease of Mailltellallce Dill ability 7 Appearance h easibility 7 Strength Acceptance Internet Des n Process ParI 2 Alternative Solutions You must consider a minimum If3 di erent solutions to your design problem 7 Initial brainstorming session should be Very informal 7 Write down every idea mentioned 7 Everyone must feel comfortable stating their ideas 7 There Will be many bad ideas that can be eliminated later Analysis on must include some analysis covered in this class axial loading torsion bending combined loads buckling beam de ections 7 Use your engineering lnowledge to evaluate the alternatives based on your design criteria Decision Making 7 Use the results of your analysis to compare all the alternatives using a systematic process Speci cations 7 rite a thorough description of your design 7 Include detailed drawings if needed Communication 7 Sellillg your idea Oral preseiltatioils 7 Written reports Visual aids Desin Project Ideas Pae 1 Staircase Desigrr 131111 Trailer F01 2 c211quot Closet Shelving System 3 Leg Table Book Shelf Bike Rack Gazebo Trebuchet TV Tray Children39s Playhouse Foot Bridge Work Bench House Pa o Cover AijI l Wind Guard Refgaining W211 Chair Stool RC Car Chassis RC Car Stand Computer Stand Glasses Automa c Adjustable Cane Automa c Adjustable ladder Automa c Adjustable Pencil Adjustable Folding Table D Lirable Bag for Gaming La ies Arlj cial Limb Bicycle Frarrle biv in g R 0 2rd G Liitar SmaJl Porch Swing Set Fishing Pole High Chair Car Jack Stop Sign Fre eway Sigrr TV Stand Aqual imn B as e Engine Hoist Desin Project Ideas Pae 2 Space Saving Hammock Residential Piping System PVC SplinkjLer System Ron Cage for a Dme Buggy Compact Folding Stadim Seat Weiglrt Limjrg Bal Rope B dge Trampoljrre Shde 39L rat c Signal Interstate M e liar Bus Stop Bench Portable Basketba HOOP Computer Chair Monkey Bars Lap Top Gaming Bag P el s Neat Note Book Clr ltchless intermittent fan Mr Fiery Snowboard Spent Nuclear b uel Rack Auto Accident ReconSu uc on Car Port Automobile Seat Computer Desk Wheelchair Spring Board Pmrdor a39s Safe IndeSu uc ble Pita Water C011 Ch Steel Bridge 4X4 39 l OW W inch


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