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by: Brenda Cartwright
Brenda Cartwright
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brenda Cartwright on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOMC 170 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/228654/jomc-170-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
Chapter 7 Advertising and Promotion Research mums rhmsanSVumWemm Key Definitions 1 Advertising and Promotion Research Any research that helps in the development execution or evaluation of advertising and promotion 2 Account Planning A broader View than traditional research that introduces data earlier in the development process and relies on a wider variety of research techniques ch 7 Research 2 39znms ThamsanSvuthWestem Advertising and Promotion Research Used to assist in determining market segments Plays a key role in helping creatives understand the audience Used to make gono go ad decisions and when to pull ads Used to evaluate agency performance Ch 7 Research 3 gimme ThmnsanSwuthWesLem Key Issues in Advertising and Promotion Research 1 Reliability The research method produces consistent findings over time 2 Validity The information generated is relevant to the research questions being investigated 3 Trustworthiness Usually applied to qualitative data does the data seem to make sense 4 Meaningfulness An assessment of limitations of the data mums ThnmsmSnuLhrWsiEm ch 1 Research 4 Purposes of Developmental Advertising Research Idea Generation An agency is often called on to invent new meaningful ways of presenting a brand to a target audience Concept Testing seeks feedback designed to screen the quality of new ideas or concepts Audience Definition Once a target segment have been identified advertising planning can proceed with a developing a message that will be meaningful to the consumers Audience Profiling Creatives need to know as much as they can about the people to whom their ads will speak ems ThnmsmSnuLhrWsiEm ch 1 Research 5 Developmental Advertising Research Methods Focus Groups Brainstorming session with 6 to 12 customers May involve projective techniques Allow consumers to project thoughts and feelings onto neutral stimuli May also use association tests Ask consumers to express thoughts or feelings after hearing a brand or seeing a logo iiia ThnmsmSnuLhrWsiem ch 7 Research 6 Developmental Advertising Research Methods Other methods include Projective Techniques A ii 0 Association Tests 1 Fi l i 0 Dialogue Balloons iii 0 Story Construction 0 Sentence and picture completion 0 Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique ZMET inria39rhumsm5uumwesian ch 7 Research 7 Developmental Advertising Research Methods con t More methods include 0 Field Work Embedded consumption Learn from the experiences of the consumer through direct observation Creative brief outline of essential creative ideas Cool Hunts i at il l On the prowl for what is cool Ni ell g g ThnmsmSuuLhrVEstem ch 7 Research 8 Developmental Advertising Research Methods con39t 0 Internal company sources 0 Government data sources 0 Commercial sources 0 Professional publications 0 The Internet ch 1 Research 9 grams Thnmsm SuuLhrWEstem Copy Research Research on the actual ads Used to judge the ads against a standard Sometimes a source of agency conflict mnn mmsmsgnthesiem an 7 Research 10 Motives and Expectations in Copy Research Account team wants assurance that the ad does what it is supposed to do The client wants to see how well a particular ad scores against the average commercial of its type Creatives don t like message testing because it creates a report card and artists resent getting report cards from people in suits Who wouldn t Despite the politics involved messagetesting research is a good idea most of the timeit can yield important data that management can use to determine the suitability of an ad Emma Thomson SauthrWestem Evaluative Criteria in Copy Resea rch I Getting Itquot Do consumers understand the ad Knowledge Tests of recall and recognition Attitude change Det rmine where a brand stands Feelings and emotions Physiological changes Changes in eye movements or respiration Behavioral intent Do people say they will buy the product a Actual Behavior Did people buythe product egun m mswmwgsigm on 1 Research 12 Whatsort of feelings and emotions do you think research would zhna39rhumsun SuuLhrWestem Copy Research Methods Communication Tests Are consumers getting the message Resonance Tests To what extent does the ad ring true Thought Listings Determine the thoughts that occur during exposure Recall Tests How much does the viewer remember from the message i una mumsun SuuLhrWestem Ch 7 Research 14 Copy Research Methods con t Recognition Tests Do people remember seeing an ad or sponsor At itude Change Studies Measure attitudes before and alter exposure Frame by Frame tests Tracks emotional responses within an ad Physiological Tests Eye tracking psychogalvanometer voice response alysis f l Thumsun SuuLhrWestem Ch 7 Research 1 5 T lSl M G FEVER Copy Research Methods con t Pilot Testing Split cable split run split list Direct Response Track consumer inquiries or direct responses Single Source Data Use UPC product codes to track behavior 39om the TVto the checkout counter ThnmsmSvuthWestJn ch 7 Research 1 6 Account Planning versus Advertising Research Planning differs from traditional research in 3 ways Account Planner Ad Researcher An account planner works Research handled by the ad with an account executive research department Researchers put in more Researchers involved when prominen role needed Emphasize qualitative and Emphasize quantitative naturalistic research research 3 znuarhnmsmmmwgu ch 7 Research 1 7 Another thought on message testing No single method is perfect Researchers are employing more naturalistic methods to understand how people use media mnd rmmsmmmwgu Ch 7 Research 1 8 What we need Ad research could do with some changes West coast agencies and British agencies have embraced qualitative methods Ads are now often viewed as complex social texts rather than equivalent of high school debates Zh Thumsun SuulhrWestem Ch 7 Research 19 Audience definition is an important partof the advertisingpromotion research process Anyideas on the audience for this ad io itm Thumsun SuuLhrWestem


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