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Space, Place, and Difference

by: Giuseppe Berge

Space, Place, and Difference GEOG 225

Giuseppe Berge
GPA 3.81

Altha Cravey

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About this Document

Altha Cravey
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Giuseppe Berge on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 225 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Altha Cravey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/228657/geog-225-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Geography at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
GEOG 225 Jan 10 2011 Intersectional approach deals with social difference Look at gender secxuality class race etc and how they work and act together Jan 12 2011 7 Migration Globalization and Place I Todays terms colonial migration indenture chain migration labor migration pushpull factors uneven development Evolution of mass migration and the global labor market 39 quot 39 thinking I 39 quot 39 thinking deals with the idea that space is relational 0 leads to the concepts of masculinefeminine or capitalist or communist The ideas of masculine will always be related to the ideas of feminine 0 Instead of thinking about the space think about the relationships de ning the space Migration has political cultural and political aspects These elements in uence migration decisions and in uence outcomes as well Five contemporary trends can be found today Globalization of migration migration linked to issue of globalization Acceleration of migration Differentiation of migration Feminization of migration ex women going to college domestic workers trafficking internationally I In Hong Kong women protest their wage cuts Politicization of migration Migration is an expression also a reinforcement of uneven spatial development It raises questions about the changing nature of place The earliest migrations 0 Mass migrations began after humans intensified agri and lived more densely 0 Large scale slavery and colonization There were two linked migration streams between 1500 and 1800 o 2 million Euros and 6 million Africans o The triangle trade was very important to this relationship When slavery was outlawed indentured servitude became popular 0 This was also a mass movement by force They moved about 30 million people form the Indian subcontinent They were taken to places of British control south Africa Fiji Australia etc Slavery was the basis of plantation community until the mid 193911 century After 1850 however there was an explosion of the volume of international migrations massive number of Europeans Between then and the first world war about 50 mil left Europe The Exodus of Ireland people left all at once because of the giant potato famine The ships to Canada were known as coffin ships because a ton of people died Chain migration immigrants from one village cluster in the same location doing the same sorts of things Ex Norwegian and Sweden people settle in upper midwest These can be seen as earlier expressions of globalization 0 000 O Jan 14 2011 0 Terms home place activity space geography of power identity geog of rejection boundary puri ed community Needs to de ne who is in and who is out of the sphere Deals with how you identify yourself Identity and place are socially constructed Place 0 0 Also is aligned to the activity space This is where you go or travel in a single day 0 Place does not necessarily have natural boundaries Boundaries are usually set by someone o A meeting place the location of intersections of particular bundles of activity spaces of connections and interrelations of in uences and movements The time space compression is how the world is getting more accessible Space of Flows coined by Manuel Castells obliterating boundaries to movement RTP is a good example ofa convergence of ows How open are places What concept of place is adequate of our times Ex reenacting civil war battles and setting them aside as parks 00000 Jan 24 2011 0 Key Terms Global cities mega cities time space compression turnover time of capital relational thinking social construction Just like the colonial period there are still small territories that exert a large amount of control over a large territory 0 These places are called control points There can also be economic control points like London Tokyo NYC wtc World cities divided into alpha NYC beta Madrid and gamma tend to be in north Mega cities have a lot of people the new ones tend to be in the southern hemisphere Cities are more important and have a grater in uence then they did before 1088 there was 3 and in 1985 there are 40 Cohen says there is a National Intemational Division of Labor and in the 60 s the worlds labor was mixed up SaskiaSassen has been important when talking about global cities She says that global cities are production sites 0 She was saying that there is a vast lower class and a strangely shrinking middle class In Havana there is a classic example of a primate city 0 Concentration of wealth and activity shanty towns most industry and exports 0 Place for culture health and education 0 After the revolution thre was an effort to decentralize atten social inequalities slow urbanization and create growth clusters in outlying places David Harvey Space time compression social thwory and geography Marxist analysis Doreen Massey Power geometry Why is there NOT special dispersal Technologies 7 some places are better connected to information ows Decentralization creates a need for control centers Emphasizes the changing importance of place Global cities are centers of interpretation Creating analysis and interp 0000 Jan 26 2011 KEY Terms Sex gender body social reproduction spatial division of labor BraceroH2A Social reproduction activities restoring a workers health and vitality on a daily or even generational basis Includes biological reproduction education sustinence and daily health and wellbeing o This could take place in the home church some kinds of workplaces places for recreation bars clubs gyms etc Katz says SR is carried out in its members country of origin When they are employed elsewhere thie represents a direct transfer of wealth from poor to rich countries Bracero 7 strongarms People that came over after WWII usually Mexican Increased connections and presence of Spanish speakers in mexico and the south Atranslocal way of living involves living intimately at two or more places at once Where globalization involves topics that are scaling up there is a scaling down of social reproduction Migrants deploy social elds to mobilize geographies od sustenance and support Until today the H2A since 1986 has been leading to immigration into the SE USA 0 19171921 WWI into SW and FL from Mexico 0 19421962 Bracero into SE from Mexico 0 19431986 H2 into FL from Caribbean Three important things to the immigrant workers are nding work staying alive and maintaining health Day labor in NC farmwork construction landscaping janitor furniture moving cleaningweeding and carpentry Territorial connections between production and social reproduction welfare states living wage campaigns some households the body 0 Jan 28 2011 o What does Harvest of Empire mean 0 The empire is the US and it is harvesting literally crops but also figuratively their workforce o 3 phases in which it has gone out and grabbed land Allows it to exert its in uence 0 Florida and the southeast texas and the southwest Central America and carribean 0 He cites other academic works and journalists He uses a lot of different kinds of evidence 0 Puerto Rica chapter 0 He tells the story from the point of view of his family The ways in which slavery was uneven and created skewed demographic mixes etc His family was half for slaves and half against some even had some after slavery was outlawed O 0 He was leaving Puerto rica after there was a lot of violence against a certain pa1ty His Grandmother saw some of the violence and was like we gotta go Jan 31 2011 Festival celebrates the govemor s oppression Protesters were shot at and tear gassed ad they celebrate how they fought back Students and teachers were targeted Guelaguetza was going to be sold like an attraction and the people were mad Takes place in Oaxaca APPO members then marched onto Mexico City 0 President Fox sent troops to repress them and there was more con ict 0 2007 they organized another march The women took female symbols such as pots and pans and used them to make a political statement Feb 2 2011 Households Geog and Gender New Geographies of support and care stretched households as did the separation of spouses parents and children 0 Seen in Mexican migration to the south and African American from the south Households take distinct forms in many different times and places Women are often subordinated to the household as it is their natural domestic domain In the industrial revolution production moved away from the household which led to the nucleation of families The home turned into a workplace for women and a haven for men 0 Led to the polarization of sexes Mexican Immigration and Great migration South to north 0 Extended households are commin and only certain members are selected and do migrate while others stay behind 0 Production at one end and the wages are sent to the other end 0 This extended to nuclear thesis has been challenged by The Nuclear Household has a powerful ideology in the US and elsewhere 0 It fosters gender hierarchy and control of women in domestic labor Spatial isolation of women from the outside world Maquila Maqiladora 0 Experiment so that in the 20 miles near the US Mexico border they will allow foreign investment on a massive scale Electronics are big here 0 The towns were a magnet for migration Investors really targeted young women as ideal employees 0 Inside the maquila household workers do not tend to form nuclear households instead they often pool multiple factory incomes in various types of extended household arrangements which incorporated unrelated individuals and expanding as needed over time 0 Gender division of household work is still discussed in maquila houses Men contribute twice as often and in more significant ways o Sequential Scheduling would often happen in which the men and women would take different shifts In Nogales the town where she worked In the case of land invasions women are in the forefront of obtaining land and the subsequent process of gaining title and services Gender is created as a difference relational a social construction etc 0 February 4 2011 o Essay a reflection our own reactions 0 Midterm notes video Massey article Harvest of Empire 0 0 Multiple Choice 0 Neoliberalism A way of understanding the world as committed to a particular idea of freedom in the form of unfettered circulation of capital and goods Aspires to the liberation of money and entrepreneurship from social contexts and their obligations professor thinks this is a bad thing bc it doesn t take into account human suffering BUT it is linked to an idea of freedom just in relation to money EXAMPLE NAFI39A 1994 o o Gonzales argues that US influence in Mexico has produced a lot of the outflow a lot of the exodus from mexico was produced by these processes of political intervention and deepening capital relations example on the handout reflects this too deepening of corporate power 0 Her example of the maquilas what people did in the households and the implications that has for gender influenced Mexico s development c o A form of capitalism that says the market can pull itself back freedom for investment global cars to move around the world BUT less of a global world for people to move 0 o Renegotiations of households and gender roles were influencing the econom o o Intersectionality how social differences race and gender work together the connection between gender and capital 0 0 Connections btw Carolina del Norte amp Mexican Maquilas o o Largest exporters of people Mexico and the Philippines 0 Mexico has created the world s largest diaspora more people have chosen to leave the country than people in Africa 1 in 5 work age peo o The Philippines 2quotd exporter 10 of the country is working abroad sending remittances back linked to US imperialism in the Philippines 0 Place 0 o Postcolonialism o 0 Our economic class shapes our tastes etc o 0 Identification of place shapes who we are how we see the world socialpsychological impact 0 Us western ness European ness modern 0 These othering processes defining an us an them 0 o Orientalism an idea of identifying ourselves based on what we are not glossing over our bad qualities 0 Boundary o Sense of Place 0 0 You can identify with a place 0 0 You can identify against a place 0 o Shaped by structures of power how we live and experience places Feb 7 2011 Space global ows etc globalization and connections Place Locational the south NC or Mexico Difference differences in gender race class and sexuality Place is an area that is subject to a set of ows what is going in and out check the ppts from the rst ones Harvest and Lectures should be complementary they go hand in hand Compare the Mexican migration to the US 14 in roman numerals he tells us that Latinos are coming into the us because of out intervention in Latin America Of cial de nition of race in the early US There was a lot of intermarriage in Latin America in European colonialism but in the US it was much less prevalent o EX in meXico there is the huge mestizo category WORKS CITED 1947 By quotCold Warquot Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia Web 19 Nov 2010 lthttpenwikipediaorgwikiCold Wargt N quotCold War Information Facts and Linksquot ENotes Literature Study Guides Lesson Plans and More Web 19 Nov 2010 lthttpWWWenotescomtopicscoldwargt E Region By quotCold War International History Projectquot Woodrow Wilson International Centerfor Scholars Web 19 Nov 2010 lthttpWWWWilsoncenterorgindexcfmfuseaction opicshomeamptopic id1409gt 4 1960 By quotSparkNotes The Cold War 19451963 Summary of Eventsquot SparkNotes Today39s Most Popular Study Guides Web 19 Nov 2010 lthttpWWWsparknoteswui histur y arueriww 39 39 yhtmlgt V39 quotWhere Did HttpwwwmovieslinkstvindeXhtml Move To Yahoo Answersquot Yahoo Answers Home Web 19 Nov 2010 lthttpanswersyahoocomquestionindeXqid20100709122942AAs9Ztagt 6 Boller Paul Ronald Story and Paul F Boller AMore Perfect Union Documents in US History Seventh ed Vol 2 Boston Mass Houghton Mif in 2000 Print Doc37 7 Boller Paul F Ronald Story and Paul F Boller AMore Perfect Union Documents in US History Seventh ed Vol 2 Boston Mass Houghton Mif in 2000 Print Doc36 8 Boller Paul F Ronald Story and Paul F BollerA More Perfect Union Documents in US History Seventh ed Vol 2 Boston Mass Houghton Mif in 2000 Print Doc48


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