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Elementary Classical Greek I

by: Ron Wunsch

Elementary Classical Greek I GREK 101

Ron Wunsch
GPA 3.8

Peter Smith

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About this Document

Peter Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ron Wunsch on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GREK 101 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Peter Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/228697/grek-101-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Greek at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Circumstances where genitive plural shifts accent to circum ex on the ultima 0 1st declension nouns o 3ml declension nouns with monosyllabic stems Gen pl accent stays the same 0 2M1 declension nouns 0 1st declension adjectives o 3ml declension nouns with more than one syllable in the stems Syntax requires 0 Verbs tense mood and reason for each 0 Nouns adjectives pronouns case and reason for it o Participles note he will tell us this stuffifhe asks for syntax ofa participle gender number and case and what noun if any it agrees with 2 what specific use ofa participle it is an example of and how it contributes to the syntax ofits sentence 3 what tense it39s in and why 3rd Declension Tomfoolery 0 Accent is persistent but if the stem only has one syllable then the accent will be on the ultima in the genitive and dative singular and plural becomes a circum ex on genitive plural Accusative Singular OLV 0 usually ends in 0L 0 ends in v when stem ends in L6 II or L6 and the iota is not accented Vocative Singular o Neuter voc sing is always the same as the nom sing o FM vocative singular is the same as the nominative singular when the nominative singular ends in q E or ends in v p and accents the ultima 0 Otherwise the voc sing is the stem with any final dental dropped Independent Subjunctives o Horatory quotlet us 1st person presentaorist o Deliberative quotAm I or quotare we 1St person presentaorist asks a question 0 Prohibitive quotDo not w 2 1 person aorist Independent 0ptatives o Optative ofWish accompanied either by 868 swap or nothing this expresses a nonfactual desire that can be translated quotWould thatIf onlyMay negated by m 0 Potential Optative used with av expresses something that might happen Negated with 0U Verbs that have alternative principle parts that change meaning o npa39t39tu npaim snpaia nsnpaxa transitive 139t 139tp xya intransitive nsnpaypat snpaxenv quotdo fare Unusual Verbs 0 60mm Scum sGouIJot tseappou statpnv quotburyquot 0 86810 86811100 neslnoa neslmcot quotbe willing wish 0 Soulsuu Soulsuou s6oulsuoa 6860UASUKa dative quotbe a slave to 0 mm nit quothave come be present 0 ayysMu ayyslu nyysota HVVENCOL nyyslpou nyyslenv quotAnnouncequot o pawn pawn spswa pspsvsma quotremain stay Random stuff I forgot 0 Final otouare counted as LONG for accentuation in the optative mood o nols ptog is used with the dative o Accusative subject of infinitive Conditional Phrases Future More Vivid sow subjunctive I future indicative og n or o av subjunctive I future indicative Future Less Vivid 8 subjunctive I on subjunctive og n or o optative I on optative Present General sow subjunctive I present indicative og n or o av subjunctive I present indicative Past General 8 optative I imperfect indicative og n or o optative I imperfect indicative Present Contafactual 8 imperfect indicative I on imperfect indicative og n or o imperfect indicative I on imperfect indicative Past Contrafactual 8 aorist indicative I on aorist indicative og n or o aorist indicative I on aoristindicative Circumstantial Participles Act as adverbial clauses Temporal often uses enema Concessive often uses oumg KOLl lTEp Causal usually uses ate OLOL or mg Verb Contractions astem verbs 0 0L ssound 9 long 0L 0 0L osound 9 u 0 0L any iota present 9 iota subscript estem verbs o s s 9 8 0 s o 9 01 o s 0L 9 n o s any long voweldiphthong 9 the long voweldiphthong 8 drops ostem verbs o o s o 01 9 01 o o any iota diphthong El 0 1 9 0 0 o any long vowel n on 9 a Result Clauses introdued by DOTS quotso as so that Actual result describes a fact uses indicative negated with 0U Natural result describes usual or expected consequence of the main verb s action uses infinitve negated with 11 When translating a result clause with an accusative subject of an infinitive use the formula quotSo as for accusative subject to infinitive


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