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Topics in Oral Biology

by: Emily Bradtke

Topics in Oral Biology OBIO 720

Emily Bradtke
GPA 3.66

Lyndon Cooper

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About this Document

Lyndon Cooper
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Bradtke on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to OBIO 720 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Lyndon Cooper in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/228699/obio-720-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Biology at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
THE ROLE or PERIODOITAL DlsmE IN GENERAL HEALTH A4 I 1 STEVEN DFFENEACHER DDS PHD MMSC JAMS D BECK PHD amp SIlVANA BARRDS DDS PHD CENTER FOR DRALANDSYSTEMIC DISEASE COMPREHENSIVEE39NTER FDR INFLAMMATDRY DISORDEIS DEPARTMENTDF PERIUDDNTDlDGY UNIVERSITYDF NORTH CAROLINA ATCHAPEL HILL 1 W 33le mm ORAL HEALTH IN AMERICA I AREPORT OF I THE SURGEON 7 GENERAL 1 MAJOR FINDINGS 1 Oral diseases and conditions are assmiated with other health problems leas Hm disuse Adva39se prgngmy nume Mammy Infections on pom HIV Infection 2 Maufh serves as a partal far infectian NHMMMx Ahmdhiwnmmb mth m Period s represents a system In at and In burden with effects on ov ealth Periedonti s induces bacterem Gk nem a such as mreased serum lL and hepatic acute e as increased serum C humans responsel g su h rn increases risk car r disease insulin resistance and Miriam complicatians l Periodontal infectian n amma an inueases atherosclerasis CHD events pregna aamplica ons a 7 ran ment in humans and in animal models m l u m Key Points Biofilm n 6 had and wMn our ambit er III I Blb mx arm 6 had IEpIEIEnfl grim mom a a liver A scum at Aactmob Key Points Biofilm Key Points Oral Bio lm I Blo lln menu plex nice I 51 quotWA 39419170quot 390 me mm H led Mature 51th community airmanh quotup My bio lm within the oral cavity contain a wide de with T quot l va 40andindlde phyla off7mith our deftly and durum meduni m39 W 7347 I We are the nu39 tpmwden39 undam modlly Me has mvlmnmenl indie mamqu and development Key Points Oral Bio lm Oral emit rhw Pen39adentitis represents an h 13 lm creating in ammatory response to t 2 Oral anoral wound that leads to an a v with effects on overall health Periodontitis induces cytokinemia such as increased serum lL6 and hepatic acute phase response eg such as increased serum CRP ower albumin in animal modes and in hum ns Systemic in ammation in turn increases risk for cardiovascular disease diabetes and renal complications Periodontal infectionin ammation increases atherosclerosis CHD events renal impairment Socransky etal1998 c mrusi c gracilis P Intermedla P mgrescens 0gingivalis constellams P mm Enodnum Bfors hus F nuclealum N denticola F periodontmum asnowae 39 39 Snoxia H mm 3 A actinon ingiVitis Periodontitis n A Health G 391 Mediators of Innate Innnunity are Released in Periodontal Infection by LI S ctivatio 1 Periodontal In ammation lnnate Immunity Activation 339 Periodontal Monocytes Bacteria L1B and TNF PGE2 Mediators of periodontal tissue destruction Systemic Effects of Inflammatory Products GCF Level 110va 10620 1 1200 9705 1 1547 8094 1 2915 863 1 184 527 1 94 90 1 25 49 1 23 l Bacteria vords l tics 2 lnvaslvg intracellular pathogens 3 Leukot xins invasins liemagglutinins p bteases 4 Vasoa tive products 5 lt 1 39 elln VA 2 Pl gminlike protei s quot1 u Periodontal disease creates an oral wound that permits invasive oral biofilm inhabitants the opportunity to spread through the vascular tree Atheromas Positive for P gingivalis 1947 40 1232 3 8 Hug MIn I not P gzhgz39valzls and Atheromas I Microorganisms including P gingivalis have been localized within unstable plaque regions and associated with plaque ulceration thrombosis and apoptosis in vascular cells Chiu Amer Heart Journal 1999 I P gingivalis DNA was detected in atheromatous tissues Haraszthy J Periodontol 2000 Kozarov Microbes Infect 2006 Mb64lr13 d at bantiPg rabb PI Periodontal Organisms Stimulate Hepatic In ammation 1quot cl 39Ac usted Serum leAM levels for three levels of BOP arr ong shallow PD subjects 7 SIC KM nggmL a 006 Adiusted for race eenter age sex diabetes BMI hypertension b 130002 tn39 lvr en39de Hm smokin Hepatic Clearance of Oral Microbes 39 4 Kupffer cells line hepatic sinusoids


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