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Week 9 Notes

by: Cynthia Bressler

Week 9 Notes Music 170

Cynthia Bressler
GPA 4.0
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell

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About this Document

History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell
Class Notes
#Maxwell #KSU #music170 #rockandroll
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cynthia Bressler on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 170 at Kansas State University taught by Dr. Maxwell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Week 9 Notes After Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Band Album pop music would split into two categories Singleoriented teen pop would be the focus of AM radio Adult amp collegeage oriented music would be the focus of FM Brian Wilson s Smile amp Smiley Smile The 1967 followup to Pet Sounds was Wilson s most ambitious project yet titled Smile It was never released Portions of it were released as Smiley Smile In 2005 the album was rerecorded and released by Wilson Wilson was obviously caught up in drugs during the production of this album amp it shows through the music Beach Boys reacted against Wilson s new songs They argued that it wouldn t be popular with their fans During subsequent years they worked at simplifying their sound Overall the psychedelic era had a negative effect on the Beach Boys career The Beatles after Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band The albums that followed were built around concepts 0 The 1967 project Magical Mystery Tour was built around a road trip I McCartney s idea was to rent a tourist bus amp travel the English countryside amp film it o In 1968 they went to India to study meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi In 1969 McCartney suggested a documentrayOstlye film on the Beatles in the creative process 0 Originally called Get Back 0 Much animosity between band members 0 George Martin walked out amp the project was shelved Band reunited with Martin in mid 1969 to produce their last studio album Abbey Road 0 The film and music tracks from Get Back were salvaged and reassembled as Let It Be I Martin was not involved as producer so Phil Spector was brought in to finish the project 0 Paul McCartney was disappointed with Spector s arrangements of some songs I Spector added orchestral tracks amp choir tracks Apple Records Beatles manager Brian Epstein died in the summer of 1967 Group decided to handle their business affairs themselves by creating a company called Apple 0 It would promote other artists considered uncommercial The Beatles The End The band was ready to break up by late 1969 They made it official in 1970 Band members successfully continued on with solo careers San Francisco Scene amp HaightAshbury The emergence of hippie culture in San Francisco 0 The psychedelic scene had been developing since mid 1965 in San Fran area 0 A bohemian scene celebrating the poetry of Allen Ginsberg amp the prose of Jack Kerouac 0 Ken Kesey amp the Acid Tests 0 During the same time period novelist Ken Kesey was organizing the acid testquot I Kesey celevrated the liberating effects of LSD I He wanted to share the drug as broadly as he could o Kesey s first acid test was in Santa Crus in Nov 1965 the cost to enter the acid test one dollar Really fed into the whole Doors of Perception idea Concerts news the Psychedelic Shop amp FM radio Psychedelic evenings of LSD amp rock music were a regular feature in the Bay Area 0 Local band rented houses in HaightAshbury district for rehearsal spaces 0 Rolling Stone Magazine published its first issue in Nov 1967 The Grateful Deadformerly the Warlocks House band for the Kesey acid tests the band changed it s name to Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia guitar informal leader As the Warlocks the band played a lot of Rolling Stones style American electric blues When playing at the acid tests they began developing an improvisational style 0 Some songs were extremely long amp could last over an hour 0 Released an album of short songs 0 Dark Starquot exemplifies their sound Later albums shorter songs more country amp folkoriented tracks Grateful Dead were one of the most successful live American bands in the 70s amp 805 In the Dark 1987 Touch of Grayquot Jefferson Airplane One of the first psychedelic bands in the San Francisco area 0 In uences are from folk music amp blues 0 Occasional elements of Indian music 0 Also references to modal jazz Formed by singer Marty Balin amp guitarist Paul Kantner in mid 1965 First album on RCA Jefferson Airplane Takes Off only reached 128 on charts in 66 Grace Slick became main singer Writer amp then they took off Next album Surrealistic Pillow 1967 included two Grace Slick songs O Somebody to Lovequot 1967 White Rabbitquot 1967 The Jefferson Airplane released several hit albums during the late 1960s White Rabbitquot O O O 0 First two verses are followed by a bridge and then an expanded verse Lyrics refer to Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland stories Clear reference in lines like feed your headquot refer to use of psychedelic drugs Music is based on Spanish bolero particularly in the guitar solo introduction


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