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PH 105 Week 0-2 Notes

by: Blake Hayes

PH 105 Week 0-2 Notes PH 105

Blake Hayes
GPA 4.0
General Physics with Calculus
TBA - Dr. Harms for next few weeks

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About this Document

PH 105 notes from 1/7-23/15.
General Physics with Calculus
TBA - Dr. Harms for next few weeks
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Blake Hayes on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PH 105 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by TBA - Dr. Harms for next few weeks in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 136 views. For similar materials see General Physics with Calculus in Physics 2 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
an 1 qu Dii m l E f Wm JAM PH mg CGMMEE S EM D EW T q 39 iiiLP MJ m 39 23quot m 37 742 4 7 z F u w aw I 1039 9PM r J jquotprW5 Qm f x x53 r 7 afrxg 5 a vaa f 84 r 5 b t fmr V gt 7 39 quot g A l f 75 rimmgw jz i r 39 quot111 I Q T l 39 if a W45 g f a 744x I w g 7z wm eff 39 39 W zx agz a 39 up 5 m39 ft2 r quot quot l39 34 quotF 15 V I l 39239quot Emquot 57 E arquot39lMquot L1LFY39 aJ u I v 4 I r a w 532ng quot M Wll ifmi f V s3994quot feii e ma I f f 5 4V r l 4 l 39 7 E gi iA 39 L VI a J g z7j eyo firfw m M Z m mad z it i 391 flaiii W 2r z 39 a 39 62 Aggjjllj aEQMZ av 73M I 3U 3 meI M I Liam 39 Imagc i Liaz waif21h i quot j 53 I Ramm f m N A A 14 2 rl A 4 I a gxta m m5 445 I w EMquot j 4 A Fir 634 WQf Jw w isf i wa I 3 a 4x VJ rfi 1 LQWE J5 CQJCg fgi gi 21 4 l 73 Avg m j 5173 HWwv 5 mi is 2 7425 7432 AX LXE h da EKXZ 7L Va 7 3 TL B r 51 XaVa 1L 392189 J wm 1 ff gaff H 41m 7 72 gig 5W rz fzfg 6 2m HZ 2 5f a x426 K L a f g VG f xsf w igaf Mm 72v gag5 quot 5 339 age 7L 2 PH 05 I w l EwanAFLS tilt quot Dfmgfm zmm 5 22 50M rf r y M245464g3 WMMc39gmW ff 3 76 H J39i i a j r M 39 75y r 532 gt45 my W 7664 77 a 7 JJ f f 4A qu v 7r quot WI L114 E i W mm J 52 SW 2 V 5quot at 153 f 53 f2 627 6123 e O 1 Vz r W2 32 quot nibm4 32 tag mfg 43 V1 1 I53 i I 5 wgj 2 yzfjg ggg w Z 157 S 3 mifzgin i W gm ng MM mw I V V W aw K S r Q 3 5 u 61 QNM 2739 2153 g g g 391 r mi 39 quot j w w 77 quotif 2 J I 7 7 I 7 45 if 1m gig 5 u quot fa 4 39i id 51 jg g j fm i v 23 1 adj 1L l yWML m D39fvms fm Hag22h rag4412 quoti Ms Va quotquotquotquot 1 g wf ligg 7 v1 f 39 Via a VimEll 5 heft gt in r V r 2m 39 Q 1 W 4 WW vomzz w V1 1 4V V Us 769 4 E 32 1135 V PH 96 r 1 r I Mm bJ NWf m i m J 1 jam W9 Pi EJV39FBLL ElB E41311 39 r in WMM 39 J J ril p Jahin I Lv p 39739 2X 3 Su 1 L xi J g V Smdf agar 2 k t we La 5L 3911 Va 470 w 111 f i g FEEquot37 C W X 395 x6 Va S YL 7 ow 51439 1quot fa n 239quot 395 W 00 gt f I 9 Mi 74 7 1 39 2 g f l V in fs 727 w g v Vza gigo wmd if 65 19 2 1 I fm 5 L gt r 39J ff 7 7 5 m 439 7 u I u jp g Jg W fwfia hag39 x A i h p7 437 007 Wigw ll iAy ffgzggg rv072i 7L0 7 7 Kuef M lw wQE 339 fara nZfewaj 1 A K a f39im r a n u 4 92239 24zz39 i 39 5 mm M gm 39 39 A J r r r 7 r 7 7 77 39 IV m if gem lt PH 3995 6 M62 i foL im J11 Df vtamg fb v tj ll 10m 39w 11 53 M 593315 Law Cr ngj 539quot W 39 l J gawk g W 13 mg a 2 avidly LLm V13 gtVXCgw5 J 7 VJ 7amp5 il l wz v e 39 g ag9 1 2 quotA jf ff VXK ZKKl f 639quot W m Mai4m m 2 3 M KZ 44 LM A m 4 4 4 WU Pr 4 a A u N i4 5 a 3 an Q G n I 0424quot P igigg ig 39339 m JGXQA womm v9 57 7L 5 la a 3 iimwmx wg we Coj I 9113 V7341 2 m Va a 947 quotiv v 1750 9 z W SL G u w llme 8 715 5 m 4 h e g r AJ 4 guamp TE Jig 747 aw EFWMJ 5quotquot WW 3 x M2233c yaw 5W 7 M Wei a7 211 rsquot u 15 r2745 Gig H m1 gag M 391quot r quot YMrgklymeri i V may W m w i 55 39 EMAquotWm fam g jg 1 pg Ma r L 5312 Z t 3 a4 we 34 m m I Jif mjt 4 ZM am an w E 4i wzw zw Z Mgtgw firm 41 Wv ZipM t 2quot gmw M L a 5W W mm LJ LS df gg a 2 53 is W gt 55 Ea g rmW


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