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HY 104: Week 1

by: Jenna Ferrara

HY 104: Week 1 HY 104

Jenna Ferrara
GPA 3.0
American Civilization Since 1865
Bart Elmore

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About this Document

Week One Notes: A New Birth of Freedom, 1865-1867
American Civilization Since 1865
Bart Elmore
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jenna Ferrara on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HY 104 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Bart Elmore in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 262 views. For similar materials see American Civilization Since 1865 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/16/15
Week 1 January 1215 A New Birth of Freedom 18651867 Key Terms 1 Lincoln s Proclamation of Amnesty amp Reconstruction 2 Radical Republicans 3 War Democrats 4 WadeDavis Bill 5 13th Amendment 6 Corwin Amendment 7 Andrew Johnson 8 14th Amendment 9 Freedom s Bureau 10 Reconstruction Act of 1862 I Aftermath of the Civil War Civil War bloodiest war Approximately 625000 dead on both sides North 365000 South 260000 South had 4th largest economy in the world November 1864 William T Sherman destroyed depot in Atl Central Questions 1 Can the country be reunited and if so what will it look like 2 What will freedom mean for the 4 million men and women now free from bondage 11 Early Plans for Reunion 1863 1865 A Lincoln s 10 Plan Dec 1863 Dec 8 1863 Lincoln s Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction Must abolish slavery Run government as you see fit no major restrictions Radical Republican stronger more federal government Thaddeus Stevens US Representative Pennsylvania Charles Sumner US Senator Massachusetts Democrats small government limited local government Copperhead Democrats don t want to end slavery trying to undercut Union within the North War Democrat don t care about black equality or ending slavery want to end war in victory Week 1 January 1215 B WadeDavis Bill Feb 1864 Named after Benjamin F Wade and Henry Winter Davis of Maryland 50 must sign oath Federal government has to oversee reconstruction Lincoln pocket vetoed Wants to create culture of compromise During this time Lincoln seeking reelection 1864 Lincoln wins election 111 13th Amendment and Emancipation 13th Amendment passed by congress on Ian 31 1865 Ratified Dec 5 1865 Neither slavery nor involuntary servitudeshall exist in the USquot Mississippi didn t ratify until 2013 The Corwin Amendment proposed 13th Amendment 1861 Would ve been constitutional sanction approval of slavery IV Lincoln s Assassination and Presidential Reconstruction under Andrew Johnson 18651867 ohnson became president He was selfeducated Democrat apprentice to a tailor not very wealthy Hated rich southern folks and plantation aristocracy Appointed military president under Lincoln in Tennessee and also appointed as Vice President in 1864 Unlikely figure to take over 9 he was Southern and expectations were unknown ohnson becomes lenient on the South and decides to let them reconstruct on own terms Black Codes and Vagrancy Laws If blacks cannot show employment we will put you to work V Roots of Radical Reconstruction 18661877 Renewed Freedman s Bureau in 1866 14th Amendment June 14 1866 Didn t give blacks right to vote if blacks not granted right to vote cannot use their population as representative in voting Reconstruction Acts of 1867 Week 1 January 1215 Weekly Readings Discussion Notes Corwin Amendment 1861 Before Civil War Relationship between federal and state government Federal govt should be very small state government should be sovereign Gettysburg Address 1863 Abraham Lincoln Encouraging war to continue Wants to end with a victory The people 9 citizens 9 white men Being careful doesn t want to offend therefore being purposely ambiguous Civil War slavery relationship between federal and state government Yet this speech never mentions government Only mentions abolishing slavery 14th Amendment Citizens born or naturalized in the United States Before this only white men could bring cases to court Promises the right to life 6 very important Federal government powerfully asserts that has right to tell state what to do Lots of loopholes for white southern confederates to continue to advance their ideas Lamar Mississippi Congressman Confederate praising Charles Sumner Radical Republican Would benefit govt of South to keep the peace Reconstruction begins after the Civil War Confederates not fond of it therefore Lamar is just telling people what they want to hear Gives rights to all Lamar not on board Way different from what anyone has dealt with before


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