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by: Dewayne Goodwin
Dewayne Goodwin
GPA 3.91
20th Century Europe
Konrad Jarausch

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About this Document

20th Century Europe
Konrad Jarausch
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dewayne Goodwin on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 159 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Konrad Jarausch in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see 20th Century Europe in History at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
History Lecture notes 1072013 65600 PM Hitler s War AimsHolocaust o Holocaust perspective on Nazi genocide was a US creation in recent years to serve triple need Support Israel honor survivors deal w guilt of not accepting refugees o Largely ignores murder of Poles Homosexuals etc because narrowing focus is for European jews 0 Used as exemplar of inhumanity which is problematic as it detaches genocide from its time and place 0 Seemed to be minor aspect of war but in recounts of history the war is a minor part of holocaust o October 1941 the 3rd reich reached zenith of their power o Primary aim was living space for German citizens 1 lel alLlDU15 lsm ull l5 illll 391 ill as opposed to sea based imperialism as the British had 0 Exploit hegemony of Europe regain German colonies compete with world powers not world conquest Nazi New Order o Leadership Principle 0 Weller of competing organizations 0 Polycracy of overlapping jurisdictions rule by many o New Political Map 0 Boundaries of German power is clearly enlarged 0 Imperial commissars for most of Baltic ruled by command from Berlin Set up for permanent rule Military governors in Holland France etc Eastern Europe under thumb of SS and involved in holocaust much more heavily o Collaboration 0 Vichy government in France Charles DeGaulle Free French v French Communists O O 0 Ethnic Cleansing o Consolidated people into language islands o Tried to create contiguous settlement behind German border o demographic balance had been shifting in Slavic transition o Ethnicity was both biological and political Genocide o Comes out of biopolitical logic that runs counter to instrumental logic of war Jews etc could have helped o Eugenics and Euthanasia program mentally ill handicapped homosexuals gypsys 0 Both eugenics and euthanasia is merged for antiSemitism Ghettos were used to separate Jews and made such programs easier n Warsaw Ghetto Uprising n Surprising compliance in hope of survival Concentration Camp Labor Killing through work was attached to war industry helped maintain war while furthering ethnic cleansing Police Battalions etc Holocaust by bullets Finally extermination camps in 42 after other ghettozation camps and holocaust by bullets is complete Final Solution n Aushwitz was a complicated camp of labor w poles and others involved not merely Jewish o Antisemitism is not the motivator for political power o Modern in its planned rational bureaucratic methods 0 assembly line killing Perpetrators Collaborators etc o Responses 0 Fanatic Racists Nationalist supporters of war legal academic supporters of war oppourtunists accomplices taking advantage of nazi order for personal gains apolitical groups doing professional duty not directly involved in genocide majority of population extreme active resistors o Intensification of war leads to war of annihilation 1072013 65600 PM Balance of Power Imperialism Lenin Nationalism White Man s Burden Spheres of Influence July Crisis Francis Ferdinand Triple Alliance Sarajevo Schlieffen Plan Triple Entente Miracle of the Marne Tannenberg Verdun Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Duma Tsar Rasputin Provisional Government Soviet Bolshevik Kerensky Treaty of BrestLitovsk Fourteen Points Treaty of Versailles Weimar League of Nations March on Rome Acerbo Election Law Axis New Economic Policy NEP Kulak Socialism in one Country Collectivization 5year plan Show Trials Gulag Proletariat KdF Komsomol HyperInflation Paragraph 48 Beer Hall Putsch Mein Kampf Third Reich SA Enabling Law SS Sudeten Germans Appeasement Polish Corridor D anzig N azi Soviet Pact Anschluss Blitzkrieg Phony War Maginot Line Wehrmacht Lines Living Space Holocaust Auschwitz DDay Battle of the Bulge Stalingrad Miracle Weapons Unconditional Surrender Gold Standard Keynes Fordism Autrachy 1072013 65600 PM


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