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by: Dewayne Goodwin


Dewayne Goodwin
GPA 3.91

Fitz Brundage

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About this Document

Fitz Brundage
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dewayne Goodwin on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 128 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Fitz Brundage in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/228821/hist-128-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in History at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
The US and Postwar Order Foreign Policy FDR 1932 I Depression Reflected continuing influence that oceans protected US I US as sanctuary WWI I Americans concluded WWI as major disappointment I Wilson had not made world safer Late 193039s Strategic interpretation ofthe World Roosevelt and New Dealers I Foundation for Cold War Roosevelt and Administrators that no adversaries should be allowed to gain control over territory or resources of the Eurasian Continent I From France to Korea Domination of Europe by Germany and Japan would have bad conseguences I Drastic reorientation of american economy because US would be competing for resources against dominance powers If hostile then US have to Increase defense expenditures Prevent internal subversion from any hostile powers as well as invasion for military conquest Importance for Eurasia as protected against American Adversaries core of American Foreign Policy I USand SU allies in WWII American foreign policy still suspicious of any power that had control of this part of the world I Perl Harbor 1941 Enter War 1942 Middle 1943 US already making important strides I Dec 1944 clear that allies were going to win war success certain Henry Luce Time Magazine I Expressed hopes in quotThe American Centur quot published during WWII I US would emerge as world Top nation and had special duty and responsibility to reshape the world Special role in making world39s new world order I Postwar order reshaped in American Image I US as top military economic power in the world Wendell Willkie I quotOne Worldquot I Democracies are peace loving I Some sort of World Government No nation should control another I Imperialism must end and every people should have right to chose form of government of which they live n 1941 Churchill and Roosevelt signed on to Atlantic Charter Combined idealism as well as self interest I This one world vision would enhance US position I No territorial gains by eithe rthe US or the UK Territorial adjustments must be in accord with the wishes of the peoples concerned I All peoples had a righ tot selfdetermination I Trade barriers were to be lowered Global economic cooperatoin and advancement of social welfare Freedom from want and fear I Freedom from seas Disarmament of aggressor nations and postward disarmament I 1945 US comparatively unscarred I Gain more from New World Order Free trade says unrestricted access to raw materials of the world I Foundation for prosperity ability to trade globally Both Churchill and Stallin predicted US GB SU control areas of stratigic interest Military equilibrium not world power would I Atlantic Treaty expression of post war American feelings that competed with the vision of Churchill and Stalin However not able to get Stalin to budge I Divide world into armed idealogical camps that would last for more than 4 decades


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