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Varieties of Early Christianity

by: Dr. Nico Hoppe

Varieties of Early Christianity RELI 209

Dr. Nico Hoppe
GPA 3.59

Zlatko Plese

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About this Document

Zlatko Plese
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Nico Hoppe on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELI 209 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Zlatko Plese in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/228840/reli-209-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Religious Studies at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Gospel of Matthew 0 Jesus is the ful llment of the Jewish prophechy John 1 l l 8 0 God has always been and has created the world It is God s will and not humanity s will 1 Corinthians 15 o Resurrection of Christ and the Body 1 Thessalonians 0 The dead shall also rise during the rapture and will be judged before those that are living 1 Timothy 0 Structure in the Church Women cannot be bishops deacons etc Also lists who can and cannot be leaders in the church Galatians 0 The law is not what you should live by Acts of the Apostles 0 Jerusalem Judea and Samaria Paul addresses the Jews Life of Appolonius of Tyana 0 Describe what happens to the soul after death The soul is not your own It is freed from the body once you die Do not seek the answer for what happens to the soul because you will find out once you die Gospel of Thomas 0 Gnostic Book of Jesus sayings No miracles no passion narrative no stories of any kind Infancy Gospel of Thomas 0 Jesus as a mischievous little boy Ignatius Letter to the Magnesians 0 Written in Ignatius path to martyrdom Concentrate on heresy and division in the church Each church must adhere closely to the authority of its bishop along with his ruling board of elders and the group of ministering deacons The bishop is head of the church Didache 1115 0 Church manual Instructions for ritual observances and social interactions of the Christian community Wandering apostles Acts of Thecla o Thecla is a woman converted to the Christian faith through the preaching of the apostle Paul Thecla abandons her fiance to join Paul God intervenes to save Thecla Gospel of Mary 0 Gnostic The resurrection of the soul The Savior taught her things that saved her soul Secret Book of John 0 Gnostic Souls are trapped in mortal bodies The God of the Old Testament is evil The appearance of Christ who provides the knowledge needed for salvation Gospel of Truth 0 Gnostic Presents good news of God s gracious revelation of saving knowledge gnosis which comes through Jesus Christ Presupposes aspects of the Gnostic Myth Dialogue with Trypho 0 God has planned from the beginning for Judaism to be superseded by Chrisitanity God gave Jewish people the Law because he wanted to punish them They are not God s chosen people Justin s Apology o Apologetic Describes what actually takes place during baptism the eucharist and the weekly services of worship Jesus is the ful llment of the prophecy Letter to Diagnetus o Attacks the folly of pagan idolatry and Jewish superstition Christians are to the world as the soul is to the body EXplicitly denies that pagan philosophy and myth re ect the divine logos as precursors to Christ Pliny 9 Trajan Letter of the Churches in Vienne and Lyons 0 Tell of the trials during persecution Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas 0 Records the arrest imprisonment and execution of Perpetua and her female slave Felicitas Recounts Perpetua s diary Family relations night visions and explicit details of prison life 1 Thessalonians 0 Date 5051 0 Locale Corinth 0 Author Paul 0 About The dead shall rise with the living and be judged before the living Galatians 0 5455 0 EphesusAsia Minor 0 Paul 0 The law is not what you should live by 1 Corinthians 0 5657 0 EphesusAsia Minor 0 Paul 0 Soul is yours and you will retain your personality There is a bodily resurrection Gospel of Matthew 0 Post70 o Probably Antioch o Pseudonymous falsely attributed to Matthew the taxcollector 0 Jesus is the llfillment of the Jewish prophecy Acts of the Apostles 0 8590 0 Greece or Syria 0 Anonymous commonly attributed to Luke Gospel of John 0 801 10 o Ephesus or Syria 0 Pseudonymous falsely attributed to John son of Zebedee 0 God has always been and it is his will not ours 1 Timothy 0 End of ISI Century 0 Probably Macedonia 0 Pseudonymous falsely attributed to Paul 0 Structure in the church women cannot be leaders Didache o 100 CE 0 Syria 0 Anonymous 0 Wandering prophets church manual Gospel of Thomas 0 Early 2quotd Century 0 Egypt of Syria 0 Pseudonymous falsely attributed to Judas Thomas Jesus twin brother 0 Jesus sayings no stories Gnostic Infancy Gospel of Thomas 0 Early 2quotd Century 0 Syria 0 Pseudonymous falsely attributed to Thomas the Israelitte 0 Jesus as a mischievous little boy Pliny to Trajan o 112 CE 0 Bythinia Asia Minor 0 Pliny Trajan to Pliny o 112 CE 0 Rome 0 Emperor Trajan Letter to Magnesians 0 Before 117 0 Asia Minor 0 Ignatius of Antioch o Concentrates on diVision in the church First Apology o 155 CE 0 Rome 0 Justin Martyr o Apologetic describes what happens during Christian meetings Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecy Dialogue with Trypho 155 CE Rome Justin Martyr Chrisianity supersedes Judaism Given law for punishment They are not the chosen people Secret Book of John 0 Before 180 o Probably Egypt 0 Pseudonymous John of Zebedee o Gnostic Origin story Acts of Thecla 0 Mid to late 2quotd century 0 Asia Minor 0 Anonymous 0 Thecla converts to Christiany Saves from her fiance by God Follows Paul Gospel of Mary 0 Mid to late 2quotd Century 0 Probably Egypt 0 Pseudonymous falsely attributed to Mary Magdalen o Gnostic Resurrection of the soul without the body Letter to the Churches of Vienne and Lyons o 177 o Gaul o Person s of the church in Gaul o Tells of the trials and tribulations of persecution Gospel of Truth 0 Late 2quotd Century 0 Before 180 0 Rome 0 Valentinus o Gnostic Persupposes Gnostic knowledge Epistle of Diognetus 0 Late 2quotd Century 0 Rome or Asia Minor 0 Anonymous 0 Folly of pagan and jewish tradition Soul is to body as human is the earth Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas 0 Early 3rd Century 0 Carthage 0 Multiple authors Life of Apollonius of Tyana 0 Early 3rd 0 Philostratus 0 Rome 0 Death of Apollonius


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