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Elementary Chinese I

by: Bridgette Mohr

Elementary Chinese I CHIN 101

Bridgette Mohr
GPA 3.56


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 114 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bridgette Mohr on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHIN 101 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/228845/chin-101-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Chinese at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
T A g 7 m a b 39 gt 7 u g Emww ww mm A i grrg i E i m S ub 24quot E i Pair work W W T m EEIZHJE EE TIEI WEWAEH axAg 5 1m m subE E E313 Pair work WEWAE v quot39 35 M 70 W ooez oer 2 indicates the recipient or bene ciary of the action HEEH m ik iko www n P J ME4 V M fl Fg go will WT 3 O will not 4m 2 EP 0 ii EEzE EP 0 ll ig o EIM E ii o Pair work W i ig HA W i EHWEUEE Note The negation for this is M HIKE a few WE EU ing I have a few 4 i P I I O f nmao H E i ng i N o IL for approimate numbers W 35 U53HA Some water aftWEE IL for approximate numbers W 35 3 E355 n55 A few f E i o 333M w Time Fi after Time Reversed order from English W A H il l after 4 l l o W LA 59 EF39 after June fx WEJZAEPO W A W11 L 3 not until after Thursday f li lll WEZLE EJLO SA WAPLWW M w 3mg Pon xwwd ww wmw o ng fEE EU E39DLI l t o remember to use Eli ng Wa iii ft f f l notice Where is in relation to the second subject ng tW EEWJWF g k l o ng W KVEEWJH 1395 W A no in a question EWM wo although there is no in the question remember to use it in the answer Pair work i iBWM z g i i Mmq Cquot i Radicls Review 3 steppaoe TEJI 34 A roof 2 7 El mouth E HEW DE 393 W Z silk as H door El EU F T bamboo g 3 MRS jE39JJV prohibitive Don t you V iI JXE ji Don t be so polite K XJm Don t invite him IJ 14113 4E1I E 1E WJIJUEIFKZHLO IJ 4I13IU1F Pair work What kind of things you don t want your friend do Use 5393quot to make a sentence and let your friend know um EV must have to need to Notice the special negation for E f iii i i ia t i ut m i B11 ybng ampVW 3 3 WH 3 O mfo LW ENN X f o quotsum i KE wLW 1i agt K 4 ifsf 1E E a Directional Comlement V I Vi Big bad wolf Little pig WKH Directional Complement V I Vi 7 Directional Complement V I Vi EampEm e z W w j W t E J Links WE know a fact ko W K iE l UxiEl 1 personal acquaintance KMiEl l ili ilio 2 recognition of the look of a person a place a character etc MiEliiik o dobdmd gi mm o a M wo I know of her but don t know her o ll lti I Pair work The person you are looking for is right there 39 131 FEE quotKing f f i3 133 55 ft13 W O mtimey LDEE XULZltE timeUJ ZL7 o closing i i r Pair work 1 G a heisouo m zw Mmmu j o wm m H m u m m z mampmmo Pair work He she is near by Fo j ml o Links L7L8 Review Objectives C Descriptive Complement E Q The Adverbs it and E C C The Adverb 73 6 was 0 Q A EEB ia Descriptive Complement Structure 1 V OV EXEAdjKAdj Structure 2 O V EXEAdjKAdj Questions VOV adj Q OVfT E u39adj vov adjmdjv ovfead adjv vow 0WfeM Descriptive Complement Structure 1 E53 iETfERiETfT E u39a Structure 2 EBB Elfoan E11 0 Questions BEBE fo QWT E u39 i i f i 3 BEBE tTf itTf a i X i f u a K BEBE itTf itTfeE u39 EA 3 i f m af A 3 N iYAdj T too Adj NEAdj really Adj NE LAdj a bit Adj t i zTo t i i gjo t i m o 7 adj Egl x J L adj is usually used to talk about something you don39t like Distinguish the two a 1ittle J LNoun Ea jLAdi lnndrm 1 20 l a lHL L gnaw m rwwo Mmmum 72 T M The action happens earlier than expected EL The action happens later than expected If we talk about a past event with 13 a Tis needed at the very end However a past event with EL doesn t go with T o aftEEPEM JC IEI53WZH Ui i li ifx t i i T o 3 l i E g l o Double Objects V Obj1 Obj2 51 air iii 133120 IE 1 fLNr 113 2 24 M ll o 5amp1 iii W k o 2 HOW come 9 sub Sub HOW come V 1f o R E 4 AEBE Wm m i W EE1LE ia EB W iTi l f ML WEE it 412E azlx7 ia ao ikAl A20 Objectives v To Imam v o T JEH I3HEJ f ftTIjJi u UJ fy T o Note The ending T is needed for past actions It is absent for future or habitual actions 39emvoemvo Generally the verb that follows the rst 12 indicates the principal action While the one that follows the second 12 denotes an accompanying action iw z e 1 5 quotHER WEE z j t l a a b biEE MJrz 2 3392 3 EH can means being able to do something as a result of learning acquired knowledge Eli means having the physical capacity or external conditions for doing something El L1 means may and is usually used for asking or giving permission You try it can i ii HELEPii EI H W E m i to Preposition E g o Preposition H3 W i W mg 1 FEB In addition to also gt e Tii i HTEK E i gn itP gtltl New measure words 3y 2zzfof ifi 205mg 2 v New measure words M Measure Word 2W i EE L W1 4 1 A A a 4 g 452 a m 3 ma 4 A The Adverb iii can heighten the close relationship between the two actionssituations The second actionsituation is usually contingent upon the preceding actionsituation A Wi gw ii fanAli B E lf g qji i l gw iio new situation T This type of Tindicates a Change of status and is always at the end of the sentence Sub V O T new situation T rth mexE UFTJ T o new situation gtljif i f X Ec Lesson 5 a Objectives Warm 11 Adjective used as predicate Preposition Ii ltlt15Jv J 2L vs E 2L Use of E V I Use of Use 0W water Eli mOUth Him Hi I silk 2 2 wood 13 7 quot ii 3 ad these ELEWWE yinyu k l 2 Adjective used as predicate Sub E A Sub K dj Rt megmg mh m WEEWWEVS oEKwWE m magma mw E 25 J WWEKWVS OWE KMWW wr WEWJLIVE Sub Ii Place V O TW Sub TW Adv Ii Place V O Preposition E gaggm f J 9 EI J Winn i 3 f I 1 7 r x V I Dun j i V Hr WWwiecoolcom I gm1 PrePosition 393 E ftl BJL gn i WEbgingj 4st n a WEEWJKJLHZH EEquotFli io 173 3 WEraawu mx EEf Ejio IL IL 4 a O UL vs em gt t t t t quanti es the object V a little Drink a little beer n5 FM


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