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Lecture 7

by: Jas Notetaker

Lecture 7 NRT 457

Jas Notetaker

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About this Document

NRT 457
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jas Notetaker on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NRT 457 at Arizona State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
NTR457 Lecture 7 Dietary Supplements and Ergggenic Aids Part I Ergogenic Aids Introduction Definitions 0 Ergo work Genic to generate What is an Ergogenic Aid a An ergogenic aid is a substance that enhances performance What are the Types of Ergogenic Aids 0 Biochemical any external device used to improve athletic performance during practice or competition 0 Examples Weight belts Knee wraps Oversized tennis rackets o Nutritional any dietary manipulation enhancing work capacity and athletic performance 0 Examples Supplements Carbohydrate loading Sport gels o Pharmacological any drug or hormonal compound used to improve work output and athletic performance 0 Examples Hormones Amphetamines Caffeine 0 Physiological any substance that enhances the body s functional systems such as muscular andor cardiovascular functional systems playing a role in athletic performance 0 Examples Blood doping via transfusions Practice of warming up Bicarbonate buffering physical training 0 Psychological any practice andor treatment altering mental state and therefore enhancing athletic performance 0 Examples Visualization Meeting with sport psychologist Hypnosis What are Dietary Supplements Dietary supplements were defined by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 otherwise known as DHSEA 1994 o Supplements are regulated by the FDA Food and Drug Administration Dietary supplements are not considered a food but only supplementation to the diet A dietary supplement could be one or a combination of o Vitamins Minerals Herb andor botanical Amino acids Dietary substance supplementation 0000 Dietary Supplements FDA approval is required before products are released to the market Must be labeled dietary supplement A supplements Facts panel is required on the container andor package o It must list all ingredients May include any health nutrient content structure andor function claims on label 0 These claims are not monitored by the FDA therefore may not always be credible Dietary Supplements and Ergogenic Aids Regulation of the dietary supplements in the United States is very minimal Many of the supplements on the market may contain banned andor impure substances Few sports supplements were proved effective after studies completed withon athletes o Creatine is one of the supplements that have been wellstudied and shown to have benefits and effectiveness in increasing power output particularly in strength and power athletes Dietary supplements are not a substitute for training and a wellmaintained diet 0 Appropriate training protocol and performancebased diet will allow for greater performance than only consuming supplements The Professional s Role in Dietary Supplementation Guide the athlete in making an informed decision that is best for the athlete regarding dietary supplements Provide the client andor athlete with evidencebased research that support the effectiveness and safety for use by the client lnforming the clientathlete regarding the appropriate dosage for consumption in parallel to dietary and athletic needs Inform the clientathlete about possible side effects of the supplementation Support the athletes decisions regarding supplementation in guidance Understanding a Dietary Supplement Label Lookfon Serving sizes Amount Percent daily value Ingredients list Principal display panel Health and structurefunction claims Additional information OOOOOOO Marketing of Dietary Supplements Overseen by the Federal Trade Commission FTC o Oversees endorsements made withby celebrities o Oversees any testimonials made regarding the product 0 FTC is responsible to validate the science and research behind claims made regarding the supplements and products 0 The regulation by the FTC however is very minimal 0 Some of the claims may not be valid because 0 Studies may have not been published in a peer reviewed journal 0 Studies may have been completed in a foreign country with a different standardized methodology of research a Look for evidence that has 0 Been published and reviewed by a peer in the field 0 Been studied in countries with rigorous research study methodology Sports Supplements 0 Make up the largest segment of the dietary supplement industry 0 Generate about 50 billion dollars per year in revenue 50000000000 Uneducated use of supplements may create adverse side effects 0 Most supplements are expensive but they lack demonstration of effectiveness Supplements and Safety 0 Some manufactures subject themselves to third party testing 0 Completed by independent laboratories 0 Look for third party certifications on dietary supplements 0 Examples of thirdparty certificatory Consumer Lab Informed Choice NSF National Science Foundation USP United States Pharmacological Convention 0 These third party certificates indicate 0 Purity and potency of supplemental ingredients 0 Accuracy of ingredients as indicated on label Confirm amount 0 Possibility of including banned substances 0 Third party certificates don t necessarily indicate effectiveness of the supplement Hierarchy of Supplements in Diet 0 Foundation 9 Complementary 0 Nutrition and Hydration 9 Performance Nutrition 9 Endurance and Strength 9 Supplements From most important to least important Doping Supplementation Usage of foreign substances andor artificial means to enhance performance 0 Doping is a problem of epidemic proportion in the sports industry 0 Places an athlete under major scrutiny Doping is overseen by agencies that test athletes for banned substances 0 WADA World AntiDoping Agency 0 USADA United States AntiDoping Agency 0 Has their own agency to test their athletes NCAA National Collegiate Athlete Association NBA National Basketball Association NFL National Football League NFC National Football Conference 0000 Inadvertent Doping Consumption of banned substances without the athletes consent andor knowledge 0 Which results in positive results on tests for doping 0 Causes may include o Ignorance of which substances are banned 0 Manufacturer doesn t list all ingredients on label 0 Contamination of substances during production


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