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Asia An Introduction

by: Callie Rempel Jr.

Asia An Introduction ASIA 150

Callie Rempel Jr.
GPA 3.75

Kevin Hewison

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About this Document

Kevin Hewison
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Callie Rempel Jr. on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASIA 150 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Kevin Hewison in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/228850/asia-150-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Asian at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Fall 2011 Chinese 252 Review Questions Series 2 Part A 1 In which period were the states into which ancient China divided more numerous the Spring and Autumn period or the Warring States period 2 In the Warring States period what state was the first to start putting legalist principles into practice 3 What dynasty is said to have come to an end soon after its last king started setting fire to signal pyres on a mountain outside the capital 4 What major state split into three smaller states at the beginning of the Warring States era 5 What ruler did Guan Zhong serve as prime minister 6 What prompted Kongzi to say Fierce government is worse than tigers 7 After Bi Yu Rang had tried twice to assassinate the Zhao Xiangzi the latter allowed him to take symbolic revenge before taking his own life What was this symbolic revenge 8 Why did Sun Br39n become a deadly enemy of Pang Juan though the two had once been close friends and fellow students 9 In Me ngzz39 there is a story about a mountain that once had been covered with lush vegetation but later became bare and ugly due to the incessant activities of woodcutters cattleherders and other plunderers What is the point of the story 10 Who attracted the attention of Guan Zhong and then of Qi Huangong by tapping the horns of his ox and singing a song parts of which went South Mount glistens South Rock glitters Never have I seen a Yao yield to Shun The long night stretches long When will it dawn 11 What mythical Chinese ruler is said to have served his parents devotedly even though they tried on two occasions to kill him 12 With what school of philosophy are the writings of Zhuangzi associated 13 Who is quoted in several places as saying I am not distressed at the failure of others to know me39 I am distressed only at my own failure to know others 14 What were the three burrows that F ng Xuan prepared for Mengchang Jun 15 Chu was a south of Zheng b west of Zheng c north of Zheng d east of Zheng 16 Which was earlier the Spring and Autumn period or the Warring States period 17 Who gained a loyal and enterprising general by not exposing and executing a man who had taken a liberty with one his concubines at a banquet 18 Who in 246 BCE carried out the order of the king of Qr39n to take troops out and wipe out what remained of the Zhou royal domain 19 Which two of the following Chinese syllables rhyme or nearly rhyme du 2 dou 3 diu 4 qu 20 In historical legend what is the relationship of Xi ShI to the destruction of Wu 21 Who first said the following and what briefly were the circumstances A manatarms dies for one who knows him as a woman adorns herself for one who delights in her 22 When Shang Yang lost favor in Qin and became a fugitive what did an innkeeper say to him when he sought to stay overnight at his inn 23 What famous statesman of the early Spring and Autumn period was credited by Kongzi with having saved the central states from being overrun by barbarians 24 What school of Chinese political philosophy lays special stress on the creation of social order and prosperity though the impartial application of rewards and punishments 25 What important source of narratives concerning the Warring States era may originally have been conceived as a collection of model speeches for use by students of persuasive oratory 26 How did Yue Yi come to be considered a great general and statesman 27 Name three ancient rulers two Shang rulers and one Zhou ruler who act as sageseekers in historical legend 28 Why did Kongzi think that law was inferior to ritual as a means of producing social harmony 29 Who sang a series of songs of which the words to the first were Long sword long sword we d better be getting home swordithey give us no fish with our rice here 30 What school of thought is re ected in the following proposition The little hermit does his hermiting inthe wilderness the great hermit does his hermiting in the marketplace 31 What was Wu Zi X s response when he was presented with King Fuchai s sword together with an invitation from the king to use it on himself 32 Why did Qi the son of Yu the Great attack and destroy the Hu a western tribe Chinese 252 Review Questions Series 2a Fall 2011 2 33 In the Spring and Autumn era what two large states were located in the Yangzi River delta regionithe area along the coast where the Yangzi divides into many branches and flows out to the ocean 34 What is the origin of the expression to purchase bones for a thousand goldpieces 35 What finally became of Fan Li and Xi ShI after the conquest of Wu by Yue 36 What are the names of the three rulers who presided over the mythical golden age of China 37 What did Shang Yang do to demonstrate to the people of Qin that the government of Qin would follow through on a recently promulgated set of promises and threats rewards and punishments 38 Why did the chiefs of the clans of Han and Wey decide at the last minute to turn against the chief of the clan of Zhi and join forces with Xiangzi the chief of the clan of Zhao 39 How did Wangs n Man evade Chu Zhuangwang s question about the size and weight of the nine tripods three legged bronze vessels 40 What does the hermit Zhao Liang do in the story of Shang Yang 41 Arrange the following figures in chronological order Shang Yang Wu Zi X Q Yuan Guan Zhong Iiang Tai gong Jing Ke Si39ma Qian Fu Yue Chu Zhuangwang Bi Yu Rang 42 What interstate policy is associated with the name of S11 Qin 43 What arguments did Qi lie and the crown prince of Yan use to turn King Zhao of Yan against Yue Yi 44 According to Goiter Su what legendary rulers did not consider righteousness and kindness to be the true adornments of person but felt that the practice of these virtues was a troublesome nonessential 45 What is the origin of the idiom quotbeforeproudafterwardhumble qidnj hou gang one s behavior toward another person changes in accordance with his changing worldly status 46 You read a long poem in which the narrator speaks repeatedly of adorning himself with fragrant herbs and owers then midway through the poem he embarks on a journey through heaven in a chariot pulled by dragons Who is the alleged author of this poem and briefly what is it about 47 Who told the king and officers of Zhao that he would rather jump into the Eastern Sea and die than give the title di emperor39 supreme ruler to that unscrupulous man the king of Qin 48 One of the slogans of the Nationalist Government in Taiwan under Chiang Kaishek was roughly Never forget the time of tribulation in Ju Wu wring zdi J To what does this slogan refer and what did it mean to the Nationalists 49 What are some things that Q Yuan and Wu Zi X have in common 50 Why was the first multistate conference presided over by Qi Huangong called a conference of robes and gowns 51 In the context of Warring States history what is meant by the term horizontal alliance 52 Why did the man sent to assassinate Zhao Dun by Jin Linggong decide to kill himself rather than carry out his mission 53 On what festival day in China do people make zongzz39 glutinous rice dumplings tied up in leafwrappings 54 What ancient Chinese poet describes his unhappy relationship with his king by comparing himself sometimes to lady whose beauty is despised by her lover the king and sometimes as a lover whose eager pursuit of a beautiful lady the king is unsuccessful 55 Who first reorganized the government of Qin along legalist lines and around when did he do so 56 How did F ng Xuan induce Mengchang J n to give him good food a personal carriage and a stipend for his mother 57 What Chinese festival is associated with Q Yuan and how and when is it observed 58 What Chinese festival was associated with Jie Zi TuT and how and when was it observed 59 Why did Yu the Great kill the prince of F ang Feng at Mt Kuaiji 60 Who sang the following lyrics to whom When the Canglang s waters are clear I can wash my hatstrings in them When the Canglang s waters are muddy I can wash my feet in them 61 Who was supposedly conceived when his mother trod in the footstep of a giant 62 According to a popular saying which of the thirtysix military strategies is the most effective 63 To whom is the following quotation attributed All the world is muddy andI alone am pure39 all the world is drunk and I alone am sober 64 What motive did Yan Zhaowang s tutor Guo Wei have for telling the king the story of the officer who spent 500 of his ruler s gold pieces to purchase the head of a fine horse 65 Why did Song Xianggong think he might be a natural successor to Qi Huangong as chief of all the lords 66 In Chinese what does the term zhz39yz39n know sound refer to 67 Who said Every man assuredly has one death and whether that death is weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a wisp of goose down depends upon what he aims at with that death Chinese 252 Review Questions Series 2a Fall 2011 3 68 Who said the following and what were the circumstances To become wealthy and famous and then not return home is like putting on an embroidered coat and walking about in the darkiwho would know about it 69 What work became the model for all the standard dynastic histories and who wrote this work 70 What is the underlying topic in The Wind by Song Yu39 in other words aside from the wind what is the poem about 71 How did the term yue f come to mean folkballad 72 What is the chief historical significance of the city of XTan in Shanxi province 73 In what dynasty did the frontier theme the hard lonely existence of Chinese brides of northwestern nomadic chieftains first enter the Chinese storytelling repertoire 74 According to a story recorded in Shzj39i who was the real or natural father of Qin Shi Huang 75 When Jing Ke set out to assassinate King Zheng of Qin Qin Shi why did he bring along a map and a human head 76 What is the significance and source of the idiom Si midn Chit ge four sides Chu songs 77 According to traditional theory why is it difficult to induce a true sage to enter court service 78 What did King Zheng of Qin Qin Shi Huang mean when he said that Mao Iiao was his Ying Kao Shu 79 In the Warring States period what was the first state to adopt techniques of mounted archery and calvalry warfare learned from the northern nomads 80 What are a couple of ways in which Liu Bei demonstrated his sincerity to Zh ge Liang 81 Why was Li Guang unable to repeat his feat of piercing a distant stone with an arrow 82 Who was the earliest Chinese writer to clearly enunciate the theory that all literature arises from a sense of grievance or deprivation 83 Most Confucian temples have an image or sculptural representation of a redfaced god of war Who was this figure originally and when did he live 84 Why didBo Yi and Shu Qi go off and starve on a mountaintop rather than eat the grain of Zhou 85 What modern Chinese city has the same approximate location as the ancient western capitals of the Zhou Qin Han Sui and Tang dynasties 86 In Chinese historical legend who is Meng Iiang also known as Meng Jiangli 87 In his retreat at Golden Valley Shi Chong had Lu Zh sing lyrics of his own composition called The Bright Concubine s Song of Resentment What was the song about 88 According to Si39ma Qian Letter to Ren an what did King Wen of Zhou Kongzi Q Yuan Zuo Qi ming and Sun Bin all have in common 89 When a king asked an officer to use a thousand gold pieces to purchase a thousandIi horse and the officer returned with the head of a fine horse that he had purchased for five hundred gold pieces how did he justify his action to the king 90 At the end of his biography of Li Guang Si39ma Qian quotes a proverb Though the peach tree does not speak the world wears a path beneath it How does this saying apply to Li Guang 91 What was Lil Buwei referring to when he said This is a rare piece of merchandise and a very fine investment 92 What are some ways in which warfare during the Warring States era differed from warfare during the Spring and Autumn era 93 In the Warring States era what was meant by the expression a one thousandIi horse who has not yet met his Bo Le 94 Who wrote the biographies of Wu Zi X Gou Jian Jing Ke Li Guang and various other figures in the Coursepak 95 What do yue f poems have in common with the poems in Shz39jz39ng the Book of Songs 96 What ruler enjoyed the services of the generals Guan Yu and Zhang Fei and the military strategist Zh ge Liang and what was the name or location of his kingdom 97 Who tied his hair to a rafter and stabbed his thigh with an awl to keep from falling asleep over his books at night 98 Why is the MidAutumn Festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month 99 When Xiang Yu and Liu Bang fought with each other to achieve dominion over China who won and what dynasty did he found 100 Why did the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove devote themselves to drinking zitherplaying alchemy and other odd or frivolous pursuits 101 What happened to wives of nomad chieftains after the chieftains died 102 In the Parable of the PeachBlossom Spring by Tao Qian Tao Yuanming what does the fisherman find at the end of the narrow tunnel 103 What is the supposed origin of the custom of boatracing on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month Chinese 252 Review Questions Series 2a Fall 2011 4 104 According to legend how did 511 Qin ensure that his old acquaintance Zhang Yi would 1 gain the prime ministership of Qin and then 2 in uence the policies of Qin in ways that would be advantageous to him 11 Qin 105 In the excerpt from Romance aflhe Three Kingdoms in the Coursepak how does the mother of X Shu express her disapproval when she sees that her son has allowed himself to be duped into coming to cao Cao s court by means of a letter forged in her name 106 This has two parts Who was STma Qian slightly misquoting when he wrote A gentleman acts on behalf of one who knows him as a woman adorns herself for one who delights in her and 2 how did the original saying go 107 In Chinese drama what qualities are symbolized by cao Cao s white stage makeup and by Guan Yu s bright red makeup 108 From the Han on and particularly in the Tang what type of poem came to be associated with social protest and identification with the lower orders of society 109 Around when do knightserrant you xid begin to appear in Chinese historical legend 110 In what Chinese dynasty did a Chinese general make contact with a kingdom on the eastern fringes of the Roman empire 111 Which of the periods below is especially associated with wandering rhetoricians proud of their ability to in uence the policies of states by wagging their never tiring threeinch tongues Sim can buldn zhz39she 1 Han 2 Warring States 3 Spring and Autumn 4 Western Zhou 112 For traditionalminded Chinese scholars stories about beautiful women who meet with neglect are really stories about something else What is that something else


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