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Introduction to Organic Chemistry I

by: Prince Terry

Introduction to Organic Chemistry I CHEM 261

Marketplace > University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill > Chemistry > CHEM 261 > Introduction to Organic Chemistry I
Prince Terry
GPA 3.52


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Prince Terry on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 261 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/228858/chem-261-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Chemistry at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Principles of data organization Example of a Genbank entry Locus DEFINITION ACCE ssIoN REFERENCE AUTHORS TITLE JOURNAL NEDLINE character VIEHALUXA 3141 bp DNA ECT lErE E 9 e Vharvey1 luclferase alpha and beta subunit luxA and 1ux8 genes FEATURES gene 05 a m a Eu n e ubacterla Proteobacterla gamma subdiVision Vibrlonaceae Vibrlo 1 bases 1 to 1838 hnDHNi1ehamAJ SimonNI Nea1soniltix RauschSK 8 amp and 8a1dWinTo Nucieotide sequence of the luxA gene of Vibrlo harveyl and the compiete amino acid sequence of the aipha subunit of bacterlal ta 8 8ioi chem ZED 18 613976146 1985 5 1 Johnstonrc ThompsonRE and EaldwlnTO Nucieotide sequence of the luxE gene of Vibrlo harveyl and the compiete amino 1 ase J 8ioi chem 261 11 48854811 1986 Database Organization EASE COUNT ORIGIN acid sequence of the beta subunit of bacterlal 121 qttatctctq atctq qaqc tt a g 181 qacacactaq aaaaachct tqgttttqat tacctcaqtt tgcctatha tqaqctacca D D Applicalinn pmglzms Database a collection of related structured information about entities a collection of records a set of fields a single characteristic of an entity a symbol used in data field Example of a Genbank entry Location Quallflers 1774 787 genequotluxAquot 7 87 1774 translat10n quotMKE GNE LLTYQPPELSQTEWKRLVNLGKASEGCGFDTVWLLEH EIIASMKLFQSDWPYLKEKQquot e c 741 g 852 t om mm p upstream ECORI site qaattcacca tqacgacng caaaaataqt ttgtqcactq tttatcactq qctqcagacc tgg cttqattch qcaaqtctct caqctcgtqt cqcctatqaa t gtc ttctq ttactgcqq ttqqtqtgqt qaactt cqt Database Management Sy stem DBMS SI39IIIgI39Iizi 22111 a ialabasz SEIZ Endrusevs Four major components of DBMS Data Hardware Software Users Data MOdel DNA vs Protein searches A named logical unit record type data item 0 Relationships among logical unis DNA sequence Relationships among logical units one to one 0 one to many 0 many to one Protein database Database administration DNA sequence DNA database 0 Redundancy eliminated Inconsistency avoided 0 larger databases Data Shared more random his Standards enforced simpler scoring functions security applied 0 missing his similar proteins Integrity majmmhed encoded by different DNAs Requirements balanced Data Warehouse Data Mlng 0 Data mining is the exploration and analysis by automatic or semiautomatic means of large quantities of data in order to discover 1 meaningful patterns and rules 0 Common data mining tasks 7 Classi cation 1 7 Prediction 7 Af nity Grouping 7 Clustering 7 Description Knowledge Discovery Knowledge Discova39y umme mmmummm 7mm m Pmmmmmm 9 mm rPll39pose Eprmvahu arson Bald mums Mehd CM an 45mquot 9mm on m cxmswmrmkmmmm Mechd We sew k hlgeu39mldbased on mquot n m Wm m mdau mm mm gmmhwmwmgmmm m mwmmm modding m 5mm Classi cation mamaquot mm qp mmmpmme 39 m u m V V i m h q a We 5 n 5 Estimation Af nity Grouping gm chaunmmcs Panem visualization Clustenng WW am WWW mm 9 s 1n mm M m m mama mm mm mph mm m was Wk by mm mm 12 gm mm snaga my mm 5ny


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