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Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

by: Felicia Strosin

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing ESCI 4170

Felicia Strosin
GPA 3.67

David Chadwick

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About this Document

David Chadwick
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Felicia Strosin on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESCI 4170 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by David Chadwick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/228884/esci-4170-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Earth Sciences at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Fundamentals of Remote Sensmg Tins day and Thin Inlm ran mic McEuiry 5m ccth didudvi 3D Hurricane Dean Am39 mtion In a marl hati Remote Sennni n lg is the collection 0 emo e informntt u about the surface at the Earth rock water vegetation atmosphere etc by detecting re ected m emitted electromagnetic radiation from e mu39d airplanes and x The nature oi electromagnetic radiation Radiation can be observed eitirer as aware rrrotiorr or as single discrete packets of energy photons Tire two descriptions are not really contradictory Tire energy is errritted as photons but its statistical distribution over tirrre is described by avvave Nonrraiy one is deahrrg witir a large rrurrrber of photons arriving in a short tirrre and the radiation can be treated physically as avvave rrrotiorr However single photons can be detected from vveaic sources Wavelength Units nreter m cerrtirrreter cm 10 392 in rrriiiirrreter tartar 10 393 in micrometer micron pm 10 i in nanometer 11m 0 39l in Angstrom 10 ll in trcouauovtbtitrt rat at autumnal aptcap ibtipbicmbvmibrw 0w dim Wavelength to t matron thus 00 iisbiolyltl hip Electromagnetic Radiation Errcimgriristheiinear dis ghs Fwyvemy is the number oi or troughs tirat paws aimed pointperurittirnelonec r ahertaHay Therein an inversereiationrhipbetweenthese two parameters Freqrvencyveioci 39eieugthlil clspeedoliightl irotnvri r V Polanaatron hn eleetmmagnetiewavepropagates as electric and magnetic components vectors osciRate at rigrt angles to each other and to the direction of propagation The energy of the wave is canieel irthe eiectricvector The wave shown below is polarised along the yelirection iatura y enticed radiation i like the unit is rmpoiarireel as the light consists of many packets with the orientation irrranelom directions Radiation from active radars or iielarsisoiten polarised when emitted irotnvri The Electromagnetic Spectrum The part visible to the nalred eye is small pussy h i para 00 micrometers 07 0000 Angstroms i000 Ghlvilvih lNFRhRED MICROWAVE RADIO libill hurry irotnvri There is no n tu 11 dividing line between spectral reglons the spectrum 1s a continuum of wavelengths R are divided based on n and Ultraviolet lt 04 pm Bin 04 05 pm 4000 5000 A l Green 05 06 pm 5000 6000 A G 06 07 pm 6000 7000 A Infrared gt 07 9111 Infrared v Re ected and Emitted Sub 39 39 Infrared Sectral Rana Near mostly sllort e IR 07 13 pm nd detectors siim r to visible Mid m Atmospheric 3050135 21 pining in this spectral region Far tllernlal IR 30 1000 pm 1 min Restricted to atmospheric m39udows 35 and 814 pm InSb HngTe and Ge g detectors Microwave Radar S ectral Ranoe t Subdivisions r v Lher radar 375 cm cm 375 5 cm stand 75 15 cm cm 15 30 cm s cm 30 100 cm Not used much in RS Visible vs RS Visible Subdivisions 94 45 Q s e e VP d if A T opical Storm Katrina GOES s gum Thermal 1 I Interactions with Surface Features W39hen electromagnatic radiation EMR is incident upon a surface feature three interactions are possible A 3 may occur at the same time Complex Interactions Diffuse Re ections D se reflections contain spectral information on the color of the reflecting s Ice In remote r 1g we often me re the diffuse reflectance properti Insolation all wavelengths bsor tron The energy structure ofatoms and molecul s is composed of t rete energy leV ls Energy 1e re s 39d to he Photons of electromagnetic rot tion which roportional to frequenq 39ia Plancks constant 1 Thus where t 1e reqllency A photon with a frequency such that E E Irv where EI Rn orrespond to a p ihle 1 irlllli n the molecule will he 3911 absorb other photons E c absorbed Other tra Lambertian Surface A perfect directional diffuse reflector incident ra y scattered light Color is produced by the absorption of selected wavelengths of light by an object Objects can be thought of as absorbing all colors except the colors of their appearance which are reflected Transitions Transitions can he The energy leve nvo are generally well separated so that E el gt Electronic tra 39 39 us are mainly located in the 1 regions Vibrational features occur in the mid and near infrared Rotational features in the spectrum typically occur in the far infraret Molecular stretching bending and overtones explain other ah orptions m Sectral Re ectance Leaf Crosssection Absorbs red and blue re ects some green may be quanti ed by re ects a lot of nearIR measuring the portion of incident energy that is re ected This is measured as a function of wonn 45 Breequot NearIR BlueRed wavelength A Re ectance is called when it is the total energy over a broad range of L ener of re ected SR at n given wavelength I energyol incident Visible Light Identi cation of Surface Materials Based on bPeCtml RCHCCt nce Of eoCranOn 7F l E spectral Re ectance In 0 was Al when Stubble Glass v A Vggrti leariion V l D l Vogoiiition I REFLECYANCE Vegetation Stress Mapping Materials on the Earth Pancnmmam band 7 Nulthy Snglr aau 5W Ow 39 a 39 Ego r r J 3 3 k r J f V Stvenad SM Ir Baal Nmm low a 5M VEGE VAVION 51m mve IR mth 1000 12m 1400 1m 1m me 2200 24 Wavelength nm edure 2 The Remote Sensors in Atmospheric WlndOWS your Head and Absorption Bands memu mm IEIGI I I Immune a to gt home gully radiant Peak ii N 480 um 39 including ours are sel itive to light near the peak 410 r f 1 q L v Y 31 I in the Sun39s energy curve and the wuldow in the atmosphere u 0 t 1e sun s eueraquot n1 V131 e range MumsHy arbmaly umts senmne msml mum Iwwwc mm mm mm


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