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Int Rdg & Writ Content Areas

by: Miss Troy Cronin

Int Rdg & Writ Content Areas READ 3255

Miss Troy Cronin
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Troy Cronin on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to READ 3255 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/228889/read-3255-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Reading Education at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Jeremy Clark Read 32555255 Literacy Toolkit Page Pages Pages Pages 411 1215 1619 Table of Contents Introductions to Toolkit Literacy Tools Comprehension strategies Vocabulary strategies Writing tools Reading Tools Annotated bibliography texts Technology Tools Websites Introduction This toolkit is designed for grades 912 in the subject area of health education There are three major categories in this subject area that the toolkit will help you explore The three main sections focused on in this particular health selection are fist aidinjury prevention nutrition and drug use diseases These three main topics are major issues our teenagers face in their everyday lives The toolkit is designed to get away from the traditional teachings of the health classroom of just reading the textbook and answer the following questions This toolkit helps the teacher make the student feel more involved and provide outside texts to capture their attention and speak more on their level By providing outside texts the readers will be engaged by true life stories that each reader can relate to helping spark more interest and discussion in the classroom Websites presented are also a great tool for the students to explore in groups or individually to find the answers to questions they may have about health in general This gives the students the controlled freedom to find answers to questions they may not want to ask in class due to shyness or embarrassment This toolkit will allow an educator to reach their students through many different teaching strategies helping to make a connection with each and ever student some time during the year Strategies will reach every type of learning style from auditory observatory kinesthetic discussion and visual Literacy Tools This section contains an assortment of comprehensions strategies designed to take the student into an in depth look into the content area The anticipation guidereaction guide CLVG and Imagine Elaborate Predict and Con rm all allow for the reader to make their own assumption and put forth their own input about the topic The anticipation guide is more of a before and after activity where CLVG and IEPC can be used as during and after activities There are also three vocabulary activities to help better understand the terminology in the section The personal vocabulary journal allows the students to explore around their house for more health terms they are unsure about and bring them to class for con rmation The chart helps test prior knowledge and serves as a good tool throughout the lesson List group label and write allows the students to understand what vocabulary words go together through grouping The last three tools origami art found poems and letters are all writing aids to help support the creative side of the student V39 Anticipation Reaction Guide Obesity is the leading cause of death in the Us Eating fast food often could radically change your health over a short period of time The human body is extremely adaptable to a wide range of foods and heals relatively easily The US government has passed legislation to protect American families from highfat high sugar foods The harm that a diet high in saturated fat and re ned sugar does cannot be undone Agree Disagree Student s Name Collaborative Listening Viewing Guide Group Members Class Date Topic We know My Notes Our Group s Notes We learned We will nd out Imagin Elaborate Predict and Con rm Vocabulary Strategies Vocabulary Self Awareness Chart Procedure 1 Examine the list of words you have written in the first column 2 Put a next to each word you know well and give an accurate example and definition of the word Your de nition and example must relate to what we are studying Put a next to any words for which you can write only a definition or example but not both 4 Put a 7 next to words that are new to you P This chart will be used throughout our unit By the end of the unit you should have the entire chart completed Since you will be reVising this chart write in pencil N E 4 V39 0 List Group Label and Write BEORE READING With your partners list all the terms that come to your mind on the topic of Now with the aid of your group members group and label the terms Read the assigned selection AFTER READING With the aid f your partners write down as many new terms as you can Group and label these new terms Choose a grouping from the above list to write about on the lines below Personal Vocabulary Journal My new word is It is related to I found it I think it means De nition Example Picture Writing Tools Origami Journal Each sheet will represent a five year span in the student s life The students will write about their physical exercise and eating habits for each of these time periods in their life Pictures and drawings will also be included to add to creativity Found Poems Students will look through newspapers and magazines to nd words that relate to that days particular health lesson After collecting all their words the students will construct the words in an order to make a poem bout the subject Letters Students will write letters to school officials head lunch lady or companies that are supported in the school during the lunches or through vending machines Discussing their concern over why the schools have so many unhealthy food choices and very few healthy selections available Reading Tools The following are a selection of texts to serve as a support system in the health classroom in the areas of nutrition drug usediseases and injury preventionfirst aid A lot of these are outside text some fiction others nonfiction The majority of them can be used as a readaloud in the class by sharing a short section from the text This will help promote discussion and capture the interest of the students by using different types of texts that relate directly towards them or may contain some background information the school textbook may not contain If assistance is needed in aiding discussion the think pair and sheet can be used as well as the ticket to talk The remainders of the texts are more factual and provide straight forward answers with visual aids to accompany them Rosa Paul Idiot Letters Main Street Books lSt ed 1995 ISBN 038547508 Nonfiction This is a humorous book that could serve as a great bell ringer activity or discussion piece The book contains numerous letters from food chains requesting the customers business It is funny to see the great lengths that company will go to in order to regain a customers business All this occurs after receiving a simple letter from a customer asking questions about their business Brynie Faith 101 Questions About Food and Digestion That Have been Eating at You Until Now 2151 Century 2002 ISBN 0761323090 Nonfiction This book serves as a great guideline about food in general It s almost a version of an idiot s guide to food This book breaks down different types of food in a simple and easy way to understand Plus giving you extra information about how your body reacts to certain foods you eat that you might not have known This book also covers health disease concerning foods and dietary supplements as well Cotton RT Personal Trainer Manual American Council on Exercise San Diego 1996 pgs l20l2l Non ction This is a factual definition type of text One great thing that this text contains is a lot of very simple visual aids to follow along with the reading The visual descriptions help bring to life any questions the reader may have about the text Green B Total Body Makeover Simon amp Schuster Paperbacks New York 2005 pgs 147 l 55 Nonfiction A very easy read without the complicated vocabulary often included in health or nutrition books This book has a great source of excerpts for a read aloud in class or for a discussion sta1ter The book also contains many real life stories that are easy for any audience to relate to Schlosser E Fast Food Nation Perennial New York 2002 pgs 193224 Non ction Covers every aspect of the fast food industry from how the chains originated what goes on in the factories what s in the food diseases health concerns and etc A true tell all book about the dark side of the fast food industry Once you have read this book you will never look at fast food the same way again Kelly E Layne Runaway A Survivor Book Surge Publishing 2004 ISBN 097535205 fiction This book depicts a story about a boy who runs away ad faces the struggles of living on the street alone It shows his battles with drug addiction and the fear of sexually transmitted diseases Bell Ruth Changing Bodies Changing Lives Expanded Third Edition A Book for Teens on Sex and Relationships Three Rivers Press 1998 ISBN 081292990 Nonfiction This book is about teenagers and their sexual and emotional challenges The book talks to teens and gets their reactions to many critical issues Sexual diseases are covered along with an in depth look at the Aids epidemic Other health topics covered are physical and emotional well being healthcare and eating disorders Lawton Sandra Eating Disorders Information For Teens Health Tips About Anorexia Bulimia Binge Eating And Other Eating Disorders Omnigraphics 2005 ISBN 0780807839 Non ction This book contains information on the causes of eating disorders symptoms and treatments Other health related issues covered n this boo are selfesteem body image athleticism and nutrition Bellinir Karen Drug Information for Teens Health Tips about the Physical and Mental Effects of Substance Abuse Omnigraphics 2002 ISBN 078080444 Nonfiction This book contains information on drug abuse and addiction The physical and mental effects of drugs such as alcohol tobacco marijuana ecstasy inhalants and many other drugs are discussed Information is also given on the causes leading to addiction and ways to stay drug free as well Shannon Joyce Sports Injuries Information for Teens Health Tips About Sports Injuries and Injury Prevention Omnigraphics 2003 ISBN 078084473 Nonfrction This book covers a variety of information that concerns the teen athlete Major sections covered in this book include emergency treatment sport injuries rehabilitation injury prevention sport nutrition sports safety information and additional health information Hyde Margaret Smoking 101 An Overview For Teens TwentyFirst Century Books 2005 ISBN 0761328351 Non ction This book shows the many adverse effects of the smoking empire Advertising strategies are discussed as well as the multitude of concerns about personal health from smoking Canfreld Jack Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul HCI Teens 1997 ISBN 1558744630 Nonfiction This is an uplifting book that provides many true stories about what teenagers go through in their lives This book is a good way to help students understand the importance of relationships with ends and family The book also teaches you how to respect one another and learn from one another This book can serve as a great discussion sta1ter concerning many areas of the health classroom Think Pair and Share Think Sheet Name Partner 1 By yourself think about Write our notes here Students will write their response to an inspirational story about a woman who has overcome obstacles to change her life dramatically through diet anal exercise 2 Share your thinking with a partner Write your shared notes here 3 Share your ideas with the class Write down some new things you have learned TICKET TO CLASS Bring a good question to class htm This website contains the nutritional information of many of our countries most popular fast food chains Clicking the icon for the chain will bring up the stores full menu Just select what food item you often choose and it will automatically tell you all the health information about that food product This website also provides information about the amount of calories to be consumed in a given day http www l wfubmc edu Nutriti on CountY ourCalories F itorNothtm This is a great website to see if you are in shape or not compared to the rest of the nation Just follow a few simple sites and then the site will inform you on what type of shape you are in If you are considered to be out of shape the site will instruct you in how to improve your physical condition based on the amount of calories to be consumed each day as well as exercise The site also prompts you on some health concerns that may occur according to your body type if not addressed soon httpwwwmypyramidgov This website contains the up to date food pyramid Plus you can just enter a little information about yourself and the site will tell you exactly the amount of food you 17 should take in daily from each group It even gives you tips on what type of foods can be eaten to represent each group and recipes to help out as well httpwwwcpr oridanetcprreviewhtml This site allows you to see pictures and review skills needed in emergency situations It also allows you to learn how to treat basic injuries that occur on a daily basis Main focuses of the website are on arti cial respiration choking and using the defibrillator These are also basic life saving skills everyone should no A great lesson idea to use this website would be Readers Theater Where the kids would pick an emergency situation and then act out how to solve the problem httpwwwpeclogitorgkidsguizasp Another great website that can be used to see where you stand in regards to the rest of the population health wise The great thing about this website is that the teacher can enter in their whole class and keep a running journal on their progress throughout the year The class is asked a daily quiz question about health physical activity sports and other topics If you get the right answer you are entered into a weekly drawing for free prizes Good tool for a daily journal entry to include within your health curriculum httpkidshealthcomteen This website is great for any questions a teenager may have about their body It serves as a great tool for advice on ateenager physical and mental well being The site contains information on drugs weight control eating healthy in and out of school as well as self esteem issues Teachers can use this site in a web quest journal or discussion piece httpwww fnmlsns nm a 39 quotbnse html This website provides a lot of useful information concerning teen substance abuse The site can be used as a quick reference guide to symptoms and the health concerns that follow the use of a vast assortment of drugs 2005 Dietary Guidelines Worksheet Name Date Part 1 Explore the website httpWVWV healthiems vdieta y I 39 quot inde html Navigate through the site in order to answer the following questions 1 Who publishes the Dietary Guidelines How frequently are they updated 2 What was the purpose for the 2005 changes to the Dietary Guidelines From the Consumer Brochure answer the following questions 3 List the three topics highlighted in the booklet 4 Healthful habits reduces your risk of many chronic diseases such as 5 What advice is given for people who enjoy going out to eat or eat on the run 6 Why is regular physical activity important 7 What is the recommended frequency and time for children and teens to be physically active per week 8 Consider this How can you lose weight 9 What determines how many calories you need a day 10 Explain why Food Labels indicate 2000 calories are needed per day 11 Nutrition To Know the Facts Read the Label List and describe the FIVE blue suggestions for reading food labels 12 Play it Safe with Food The first thing you should do before handling foods is In addition you should the food preparation surfaces 13 What foods should you wash What foods should you NOT wash 14 Why is it important to cook meats to a safe internal temperature 15 What are the safe temperatures for Chicken breast Pork Chops Steaks imedium rare 16 De ne Moderate Drinking What nutritional value does an alcoholic beverage provide 17 What is the contact information to order single printed copies of this booklet G0 the section Key Recommendations 18 In your own words provide Key Recommendations within Caloric Needs for the General Population for the following topics Weight management Physical Activity Food Groups to Encourage G0 to the section Frequently Asked Questions In your OWN WORDS provide the answers for the following questions 19 What are the Dietary Guidelines 20 What is the relationship between the Dietary Guidelines and the USDA s Food Guidance System Food Pyramid Part II Directions Explore ONE of the six listed websites Answer the following questions for EACH SITE wwwkidneticcom wwwverbnow com wwwkidshealthorg www getkidsinactioncom wwwdole5adavcom WWW nutritioncamp com Name of the website and web address 1 What information does the site provide 2 Are there recipes OR workouts for kids Ifso describe the recipe OR workout 3 Does the website have a game If so play the game What was the purpose ofthe game What nutritional or fitness information did you learn 4 Would you recommend this site to a friend Why or why not Explain your answer 20


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