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Management Information Systems

by: Valentina Pollich Jr.

Management Information Systems INFO 3130

Valentina Pollich Jr.
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valentina Pollich Jr. on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INFO 3130 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/228946/info-3130-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Management Information Systems at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
n Syste m U M HNMEIIW ll Y lg U U Class Agenda Announcements 0 PA 1 PA 2 Class Debate Exam 1 Graded Turn in PA 3 Turn in GP 2 Software Demo selections Chapter 6 Telecommunications amp Networks WlFl DiscussionVideos Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networks 0 The Networked Enterprise Trends Business Value The Internet Intranets amp Extranets Telecommunications Network Alternatives Types of Networks Types of Media Wireless Technologies Why Study Networking Synergies 0 When computers are networked two industries computing and communications con verge and the result is vastly more than the sum of the parts Competitive Advantage As telecommunications software decreases in price and new technologies are developed companies can strategically position technology for business nLnnLnLn mum nigf ln t l 5 Cl glut 7 Telecommunications Definition The exchange of information in any form voice data text images audio video over networks quotcf45 Will t 5 DLDULDLD U llhl l g u gjrdlt Industry trends Toward more com39p39e39flt 9 network serviceslab of the lntemet and tth Technology trends Toward extensive si ub wireless technol quot intemetworksfo 7 N4 V videocommunicatignsg Application trends Toward the pervasive and interorganizatio V business and comm strategic advantage UlleUlUmDULLLIDLDQngnd g uiulth f5 networking information l ld l l m ll l l gti Technology Trends Open Systems Common standards for hardware software applications and Connectivity The ability of networked computers and other devices to easily access and communicate with each other and share Interoperability The ability of many different applications to interact seamlessy Definition Benefits 0 Higher transmission speeds Movement of larger amounts of information TJigital Network Technologies 0 Digital transmission technologies that transmit information in the form of discrete pulses Greater economy 0 Lower error rates Analog vs Digital Lntdntumninnttdtumngi Strategic Capabilities Overcome geographic barriers Capture information about business transactions From remote locations Business Value of Telecommunications e Business Examples Use the Internet and extrancts to transmit customer orders From traveling salespeople to a corporate data center for order processing and inventory control Business Value Provides better customer service by reducing delay in lling orders and improves cash ow by speeding up the billing of customers Overcome time barriers Provide information to remote locations immediately after it is requested Credit authorization at the point ofsale using online POS networks Credit inquiries can be made and answered in seconds Overcome cost barriers Reduce the cost of more traditional means of communication Desktop videoconferencing between a company and its business partners using the Internet intranets and extranets Reduces expensive business trips allows customers suppliers and employees to collaborate thus improving the quality of decisions reached Overcome structural barriers Support linkages for competitive advantage Businesstobusiness electronic commerce websites for transactions with suppliers and customers using the Internet and cxtranets Fast convenient services lock in customers and suppliers Internet A network made up of millions of smaller private networks each with the ability to operate independent of or in harmony with all the other millions of networks connected to the Internet December 1991 10 Servers January 2004 46 Million Servers How is the Internet Used Googe or YouTube 0 The Internet is for Pew Internet amp American Life Project 0 httpwwwpewinternetorqtrendsaspactivities This is How Many Americans Have Ever Done These Activities 97 million Intemet users have used government Web sites 93 million have used the intemet for health or medical purposes Bil million got political news and used the internet to participate in the 1004 campaign 83 million have bought products online 82 million have used the internet for religious and spiritual purposes 48 million have used email for spiritual or religious discussion many were making prayer requests or responding to prayer requests 38 million have sent email to government officials to try to influence polity decisions 36 million have become members of online support groups Soume Pew Internet Project Tolals are for Americans age 18 or older Internet Applications 0 Surf Point and click your way to thousands of hyperlinked websites and resources for multimedia information entertainment or electronic commerce 0 eMail Use email and instant messaging to exchange electronic messages with Colleagues friends and other Internet users 0 Discuss Participate in discussion forums of special interest newsgroups or hold realtime text conversations in website chat rooms 0 Publish Post your opinion subject matter or creative work to a website or weblog for others to read 0 Buy and Sell You can buy and sell practically anything via c commcrcc retailers wholesalers service providers and nlinc auctions 0 Download Transfer data les software reports articles pictures music videos and other types of les to your computer system 0 Compute Log on to and use thousands olilnternet computer systems around the world 0 Other Uses Make long distance phone calls hold desktop videoconferences listen to radio programs watch television play video games explore virtual worlds etc Business Use of the Internet Inventory Suppliers Extranels for electronic commerce enable suppliers to assess inventory replenish stock and send documents via EDI over secure Internet links Headquarters Internet websites enable interactive marketing and electronic commerce and collaboration with customers prospects and business partners Business Partners Customers Remote Offices Business partners can use Customers can shop at Intranet links with remote the Internet for email file ecommerce websites employee sites connect transfer discussion forums for products and services virtual teams for interactive and extranet access to with interactive communications int t service and support collaboration and com Btingi r UL DLULD U llhl l qul noiijh George GEICQ i h el39afe New Flevenue Sources Develop New I WebBased Products U 39 39 f sates Unitart it It Intranet A network inside an organization that uses Internet technologies to provide an Internetlike environment Within the enterprise for information sharing communications collaboration and the support of business processes Business Value of Intranets Communications and Collaboration includes email voicemail paging taxes and groupware Web Publishing easy attractive and lowcost way of publishing and accessing multimedia business information Business Operations and Management platform for developing and deploying critical business applications to support business operations and managerial decision making across the inter networked enterprise LUldUlUlUmUULIUIULUQLi Extranet Network links that use Internet technologies to interconnect the intranet of a business with the intranets of its customers suppliers or other business partners Examples USPS Tracking CV8 Supplier Extranet N Consultants V 7 Consumers Contractors I Joint Design I Outsourcing I Customer SelfService I Online Sales and Markeiin I Sales Force Automation I Built loOrder Products I Just inTime Ordering The lnternetworked V 7 Enterprise Suppliers and Distributors 76 l Distributor Management I Supply Chain Management I Procurement Telecommunications Network Components Telecommunications Software PCs N03 and Other Terminals Computers Types of Telecommunications Networks 39 Wide Area Network WAN network that covers a large geographic area Local Area Network LAN network connecting information processing devices within a limited physical area 39 Virtual Private Network VPN secure network that uses the Internet as its main Types of Telecommunications Networks ClientServer PCs and workstations called clients are interconnected by local area networks and share application processing with network servers Network Computing Thin clients provide a browserbased user interface for processing small application programs PeertoPeer filesharing software connects each PC to a central server or to another 0 user s PC ElientServer client sends a login request to the server I A peertopeer network architecture with a I A pure peervtopeer network architecture directory of all peers on a central server r 39r o sewer Telecommunications Media TwistedPair Wire copper Wire twisted into pairs Coaxial Cable sturdy copper or aluminum Wire wrapped With spacers to insulate and protect it Fiber Optics one or more hairthin filaments of glass fiber wrapped in a protective jacket Telecommunications Media Wireless Technologies Terrestrial Microwave earthbound microwave systems that transmit highspeed radio signals in a lineofsight path between relay stations spaced approximately 30 miles apart Communications Satellites highearth orbit communications satelites placed in stationary geosynchronous orbits Wireless Technologies Cellular and PCS Systems a geographic area divided into cells With one lowpower transmitter device per cell used to relay calls from one cell to another Wireless LANs high or lowfrequency radio technology installed in an office or building Wireless Web Wireless Webenabled information appliances accessing the Internet intranets and extranets Wireless Application Protocol WAP Wireless Access Protocol andumnlnmunLLnLuLngl Telecommunications Processors Modems convert digital signals from a computer into analog frequencies that can be transmitted over ordinary telephone lines Multiplexers allows a single communications channel to carry simultaneous data transmissions from many terminals Internetwork Processors Switch makes connections between telecommunications crrcurts In a network Router intelligent communications processor that interconnects networks based on different protocols Hub a port39switching communications processor Gateway connects networks erent communications es 1O Network Management Traffic Management manage network resources and traffic to avoid congestion and optimize telecommunications service levels to users EX Sniffe rNET Security provide authentication encryption firewall auditing and enforcement EX RSA E 83 1 836 R5A Secth L ld l l m ll l l gyig Network Management Network Monitoring troubleshoot and watch over the network informing network administrators of potential problems before they occur EX Server Nanny Capacity Planning survey network resources and traffic patterns and users needs to determine how best to accommodate the needs of the network as it grows and changes 0 EX Compuware 11 Network Topologies Bus Network Network Architectures amp Protocols OSI amp TCPIP Models Protocol standard set of rules and procedures for the control of communications in a network Network Architecture the use of standard protocols standard communications hardware and software interfaces and the design of a standard multilevel interface between end users and computer systems with the goal of promoting an open simple flexible and efficient telecommunications environment Open Systems Interconnection OSI model is a sevenlayer model that serves as a standard model for network architectures Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCPlP is a five layer telecommunications protocol used by the Internet 12 OSI amp TCPIP Models TCPIlP The OSI Model Application I Provides communications services Layer A for end user applications Presentation I Provides appropriate data transmission Layer formats and codes Session I Supports the accomplishment Layer of telecommunications sessions Transport I Supports the organization and transfer HOSHO39HOSI Transpon Layer of data between nodes in the network Network I Provides appropriate routing by establishing lnteme Proxocol JP connections among network links Data Link I Supports errorfree organization and Network Interface l transmission of data in the network Physical I Provides physical transmission of data on thr Layer telecommunications media in the network 010mm filing i i i i Lint Bandwidth Classification of communications speed and capacity of telecommunications networks Transmission Fiates Narrowband lowspeed Broadband highspeed Bandwidth Speed Test ilk I L 39 l l DLDDLDLD uniiiiningi Transmission Speeds Network 39l echnologies l39ypical Maxim um bps VViFi wireless delity 11 S4M Standard Ethernet or token ring lO I M I Iigh speed Ethernet IOONI l G FDDI Fiber distributed data interface 1001M DDN digital data network 24K 2M PSN packet switching networkX25 64Kl SNI Frame relay network 15M 45M ISDN integrated services digital network 6 lK128K 2M ATM asynchronous transfer mode 2 51 SSM ZAG SONFT synchronous optical network 45M 40G Kbps thousand bps or kiloliits per second ibps billion bps or gignbits per sccnnd A lbps million lips or megabits per second Uldnlnlnlln lllll lngrilling Kidd s iii iii 7 Bit Rates Quality Equivalents Audio MP3 32 kbits M M quality 96 kbits quality 128 192 kbits Typical quotacceptablequot quality may be considered lowendmed by those with discerning ears 224 320 kblts Mediumhigh quality to near audio CD quality editl Other audio 4 kblts minimum necessary for recognizable speech using specialpurpose speech codecs 8 kbits telephone quality using speech codecs 500 kbits 1 Mbits lossess audio as used in formats such as FLAC WavPack or Monkey39s Audio Ml Video MPEGZ 16 kblts videophone quality minimum necessary for a consumeracceptable quottaking hea quot picture 128 384 kbits businessoriented videoconferencing system quality 1 Mbits w Quality 5 Mbits M Quality 15 Mbits HDTV quality 0L umnmn unmm tumngn M it witching Alternatives Circuit Switching a switch opens a circuit to establish a link between a sender and receiver it remains open until the communication session is completed Message Switching a message is transmitted a block at a time from one switching device to another Packet Switching messages are divided into fixed or variable length packets and packets are sent across networks ext destination in the n A a Lumdnmnmniunlmllnlng Wili Networks E3 Benefits Superfast Lower cost Cha enges Hitormiss hotspots Lost productivity due to disruptions Must create billing systems Must establish technical standards Must develop tighter security measu 2 Bl Ul l D ll l l gt 14 Next Class 0 Chapters 7 amp 8 0 PA 4 Due GP 3 Due Interview Questions Software Demos Feb 28th Have Powerpoint presentation Prepare to speak for about 15 minutes 15 INFO 3130 Management Information Systems Class Agenda U PA 3 has been graded a Chapter 7 Enterprise Business Systems Functiona Business Systems 1 Chapter 8 Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Resource Planning Supply Chain Management at is E Bus39mess i The use of the Internet and other networks and information technologies to support electronic commerce enterprise communications and collaboration and Webenabled business processes both within a networked enterprise and with its customers and business partners m 5 Information systems that cross the boundaries of traditional business functions in order to reengineer and improve vital business processes all across the enterprise schitecmtc suppliers Selling tnlslrlbuxlon g o a g E 5 E I 5 T3 E Inquot g 1 g 2 at 3 E 3 B x 5 o 0 Partner Relationship Management 7 Customers cation integration m D Software that integrates a variety of enterprise application clusters by letting them exchange data according to rules derived from the business process models developed by users Definition D Crossfunctional information systems that process data resulting from the occurrence of business transactions D Data Entry capture of business data a Transaction Processing Batch RealTime Database Maintenance 7 Document and Report Generation 2 Inquiry Processing Definition E Crossfunctional information systems that enhance communication coordination and collaboration among the members of busin o workgroups Enterprise Collaboration Electronic Communications evMaiI I Data Conferencing Instant Messaging 539 Mail I Voice Conferencing I Videoconferencing l Discussion Forums I Chat S stems I Electronic Meeting S stems Faxing Web Publishing Paging Definition Collaborative l Calendaring and Scheduling I Task and Project I Worktlow Systems I Document Sharing nowle e anaement D Information systems that support the business functions of accounting finance marketing operations management and human resource management Marketin relationship management I lnteractlve Production erallons I Manufacturing resource planning I Manufactur39ng Human Resource Management I Compensation nalysis I Employee skills 39 empty entxs I Order processing entqry l l Cash management I Credit mana amen I investment management I 39 geti g Accounting Finance El Marketing Planning promotion and sale of existing products in existing markets and the development of new products and new markets to better attract and serve present and potential customers nteractive Marketing Targeted Marketing Sales Force Automation etmg E Customerfocused marketing process that is based on using the Internet intranets and extranets to establish twoway transactions between a business and its customers or potential customers 3 Tool for developing advertising and promotion strategies to strengthen a company39s ecommerce initiatives as well as its traditional business venues Community Content Context DemographicPsychographic Online Behavior Sales F 01112 tion m in Information systems that improve the delivery of information and support to salespeople with the goal of improving sales productivity and marketing responsiveness Bismuth Hiring Systems m El Information systems that support the productionoperations function that includes all activities concerned with the planning and control of the processes producing goods and services Compuer Integrated hianufl CHM Ob39ectives U oduction processes product designs and factory organization as a vital foundation to automation and integration roduction processes and the business functions that support them with computers machines and robots all production and support processes usin computer networks crossfunctiona business software and other information technologies CAM Information systems that automate the production process MES a performance monitoring information systems for factory floor operations El control ongoing physical processes a controls the actions of machines Training and Campensatinn Administration Development I Contract l Su ssiorl pl a costan I I Compensation effectiveness and equity analysis n ren Training V sffe W hsas I Skill assessment I Payroll control Operational J De I Benefits an s titan mmmma Recruiting employees through recruiting services and databases on the World Wide Web Posting messages in selected Internet newsgroups Communicating with job applicants via email Intranet Employee selfservice ESS E3 General u Financial 1 Ledger 7 wing General Ledger Processing a d B u an Sales Transaction Processing System Enigma Purchases Transamicn 7 P 9 1 System 1121 qu Captures and processes customer orders and produces data for D inventory control and accounts receivable Processes data reflecting changes in inventory and provides shipping and reorder information Fl Records amounts owed by customers a nd produces customer invoices monthly customer statements and credit management reports Records purchases from amounts owed to and payments to suppliers and produces cash management reports E Records employee work and compensation data and produces paychecks Ll and other payroll documents and reports Consolidates data from other accounting systems and produces the periodic financial statements and reports of Investment Financial Cash C Management Management Budgeting Planning r i i Forecast and Mana 9 Eva uate Forecast financial manage cash 39 erformance and position and of ca ital financing needs SECUMIES expenditures 3 evaluating the profitability and financial impact of proposed capital expenditures D evaluating the present and projected financial performance of a business S Customer Relationship Management I Enterprise Resource Planning D Supply Chain Management D The use of information technology to create a crossfunctional enterprise system that integrates and automates many of the customerserving processes in sales marketing and customer services that interact with a company s customers Marketing and Ful llment Retention and Loyalty ograms Contact and Mgn gement helps sales marketing and service professionals capture and track relevant data about every past and planned contact with prospects and customers as well as other business and life cycle events of customers rt provides sales reps with tools and company data sources needed to support and manage sales activities l1 help marketing professionals accomplish direct marketing campaigns by automating such tasks as qualifying leads for targeted marketing and scheduling and tracking direct marketing mailings provides service reps with software tools and realtime access to the common customer database shared by l a company identify reward and market able Customer Life cyCle Acqmra 39Ar V l 7 Direct Marketing I Proactive Service I Sales Force Automation I Customer Support I The Internet Shared Collaborative Customer Data Service Solution 11 El Identify and target best customers is Realtime customization and personalization of products and services based on customer wants needs buying habits and life cycles 3 Keep track of when a customer contacts the company E Enable a company to provide a consistent customer experience and aim nnnr canma mrl cimnnrt CF31 Failures D Lack of understanding and preparation El Fler on CRM to solve business problem without first developing the business process changes and change management programs that are required a CRM projects implemented without the participation of the business stakeholders involved 0961 1131 CENT ii Supports customer interaction with greater convenience through a variety of channels D Synchronizes customer interactions consistently across all channels 3 Makes your company easier to do business with El Extracts indepth customer history preferences and profitability information from your data warehouse and other databases n Allows you to analyze predict and derive customer value and behavior and forecast demand D Lets you approach your customers with relevant information and offers that are tailored to their needs Collaborative CRM D Enables easy collaboration with customers suppliers and partners in Improves efficiency and integration throughout the supply chain C Allows greater responsiveness to customer needs through sourcing of products and services outside of your enterprise Portal limsecl CRM E Provides all users with the tools and information that fit their individual roles and preferences D Empowers all employees to respond to customer demands more quickly and become truly customerfocused u Provides the capability to instantly access link and use all internal and external customer information Definition D Applications that apply many of the same tools used in CRM systems to enhance collaboration between a company and its business partners such as distributors and dealers to better coordinate and optimize sales and service to customers across all marketing channels Resource Plan quot Definition U A crossfunctional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a company ER Bem ts EFlP creates a framework for integrating and improving a company39s internal business processes that results in significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of customer service production and distribution E Significant reductions in transaction processing Provides vital cross functional information on business performance quickly to managers to significantly improve their ability to make better decisions in a timely manner 1 EFlP breaks down many former departmental and functional walls of business processes Training and Chan 9 Managemenl 1 5 Ti 7 lilal El Worldwide ERP investments were estimated at 148 billion in 1998 and increased to 478 billion in 2002 Hawking et al 2000 Hines 2005 D Between 50 percent and 75 percent of US firms experience some degree of failure when implementing advanced systems such as ERPs UMBLE et al 2002 of ERP Failures E Business mangers and IT professionals underestimate the complexity of the planning development and training needed U Failure to involve affected employees in the planning and development phases DTrying to do too much too fast in the conversion process D Failure to do enough data conversion and testing eEusiness Suites lnlerenlerprise ERP Webenabled ERP Flexible ERP Definition rt A crossfunctional interenterprise system that uses information technology to help support and manage the links between some of a company s key business processes and those of its suppliers customers and business partners Shared Collaborative Market Data Ful llment mm Definition rt Involves the electronic exchange of business transaction documents over the Internet and other networks between supply chain trading partners i l ljllg Functions optimize network of suppliers plants and distribution centers develop an accurate forecast of customer demand by sharing demand and supply forecasts instantaneously across multiple tiers SCiVi Execution Functions D share accurate inventory and procurement order information ensure materials required for production are available in the right place at the right time and reduce raw material spending procurement costs safety stocks and raw material and finished goods inventory optimize Execution Functions D commit to delivery dates in real time fulfill orders from all channels on time with order management trans ortation planning and vehicle schedu ing and support the entire logistics process including picking packing shipping and delivery in foreign countries p monitor every stage of the supply chain processl lflrom price quotation touthe SCIW Execution Functions El report key measurements in the supply chain such as filling rates order cycle times and capacity utilization D Faster more accurate order processing El Reductions in inventory levels D Quicker times to market a Lower transaction and material costs a Strategic relationship with suppliers Causes of SCENE a ures D Lack of roper demand planning knowle ge tools and guidelines a Inaccurate or overoptimistic demand forecasts D Inaccurate production inventory and other business data provided by a company39s other information systems III Lack of adequate collaboration among marketing production and inventory management departments within a company a Immature incomplete or hard to Inlormalion 0 de Collaborative Shann Marketing ProductSales Data V 39quotVenw Sales and Service Sourcing Help 39 SCM Optimization 39 39 Collaborative Desig and Delivery Logistics Order Fulfillment SCM Stage 1 0M Stage 2 Current supply chain Improvement I Intranetextranet links to trading ssupply ch39ain ecommerce louser partners 7 c e r E l mg l Describe the company and the type of software package was being implemented D What was the business problem C What was the solution Were there any drawbacks l What was the outcomebenefits B Group Software PresentationsDemo D Start scheduling your interviews El Skillport training due soon 20


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