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Admin of Aging Programs

by: Jerrell Leuschke

Admin of Aging Programs GRNT 6211

Jerrell Leuschke
GPA 3.53

Louise Murray

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About this Document

Louise Murray
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jerrell Leuschke on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GRNT 6211 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Louise Murray in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/228952/grnt-6211-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Gerontology at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Dr L M Murray MPADGRNT 6211 Spring 2012 Page 1 of 7 M ADMINISTRATION OF AGING PROGRAMS PADGRNT 621 I SPRING 2012 Instructor Office Office Hours Phone Email Mailbox Meeting time Meeting Place Class website Required Texts Dr Louise M Murray Barnard 205 Mondays 1115am 1215pm and Tuesdays before class by appointment 7046876637 lmmurrayunccedu the best way to contact me Dept Anthropology Barnard 225 Tuesdays 630pm 915pm Denny 205 The course can be accessed on MOODLE via 49er Express or directly via moodleunccedu Use your ninernet user name and password to log in Patti RJ Ed 2009 The Handbook of Human Services Management 2nd Edition Sage Publications Kettner PM Moroney RM Martin LL 2008 Designing and Managing Programs An EffectivenessBased Approach 3rd Ed Sage Publications Links to additional readings are provided on Moodle Course Objectives Successful completion of the course will enable students to H Discuss their understanding of how current and future demographic changes in uence programs and services for older adults CON Describe the basic principles of program planning and implementation Understand program administration as one aspect of programs and services for older adults 4 Understand the theories of organizational climate and leadership Dr L M Murray MPADGRNT 6211 Spring 2012 Page 2 of 7 5 Critically analyze the strengths and weakness of human service organizations that serve older adults 6 Explain the role ofprogram evaluation in service provision 7 Understand the various roles within human service organizations boards leadership staff volunteers consumers Classroom Expectations This syllabus contains the policies and expectations I have established for MPADGRNT 62 11 Administration of Aging Programs Please read the entire syllabus carefully before continuing in this course These policies and expectations are intended to create a productive learning atmosphere for all students The instructor reserves the right to modify this syllabus as necessary throughout the semester Students will be noti ed of changes by UNCC email and noticescommunications posted to MOODLE Class Format Research shows that humans learn more easily and remember more in interactive settings That is discussion andinteraction enable us to remember more The format of this class is therefore interactive A signi cant part of the grade derives from active participation in class Students should come to class well prepared having done the readings and being ready to discuss the content Policies 39239 As statedin the UNC Charlotte Catalog students are expected to attend punctually all scheduled sessions in the courses for which they are regis tered and are responsible for completing the work from all class sessions Absences from class may be excused by the instructor for such reasons as personal illness religious holidays or participating as an authorized University representative in an outof town event Whenever possible students are expected to seek the permission of the instructor prior to absences 39239 It is University policy to provide on a flexible and individualized basis reasonable accommodations to students who have dis abilities that may a 39ect their ability to participate in course activities or to meet course requirements Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact their instructors early in the semester to discuss their individual needs for accommodations Any student needing assistance because of a disability may contact the Of ce ofDisability Services at 7046874355 39239 All students taking this course are expected to have read are expected to abide by the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity see the UNC Charlotte Catalogue or at httpwww1ega1unccedup01iciesps105html and are expected to abide by the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility see the UNC Charlotte Catalogue or http1egalunccedupoliciesps104html Dr L M Murray 0 00 MPADGRNT 6211 Spring 2012 Page3 of7 Please be aware that there are many resources available at UNC Charlotte to help you in your studies such as library resources the Writing Resource Center University Learning Center and tutoring services Please contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss any issues you may be encountering in meeting the course requirements PLEASE NOTE No extra credit is offered for this course and grades are absolute Attendance is taken during every class Students who sign in and leave class arrive late or leave early without the instructor s permission will not be counted as present on that day even if they have signed the attendance roster Do not under any circumstances sign in for anybody but yourself lncompletes are given only under extreme circumstances and students must have a passing grade in order for an incomplete to be given The use of cell phones beepers or other communication devices is disruptive and is therefore prohibited during class Except in emergencies those using such devices must leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period Policy Statement 104 10s As this class is designed to be interactive laptops are not necessary and should not be brought to class It is eXpected that you will make detailed notes in class Adequate time will be provided in order for you to do this If a class is missed it is the responsibility of the student to obtain a copy of the class notes and any handouts from a fellow student Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated You must comply with the UNC Charlotte Code of Academic Integrity for all assignments LATE WORK WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF POINTS Please make a careful note of assignment dates It is eXpected that you will meet these deadlines It is the students responsibility to be aware of assignments due and to submit them on time lfl am late arriving for class please wait a full 20 minutes after the start of class before you may leave without being counted as absent or follow any written instructions I may give you about my anticipated tardiness The standards and requirements set forth in this syllabus may be modified at any time by the course instructor Notice of such changes will be by announcement in class or by email noticeposting to MOODLE Communication will be made by UNC Charlotte email and via the class site on MOODLE All students are eXpected to check their UNC Charlotte email and the class site on MOODLE regularly Dr L M Murray r N 9 MPADGRNT 6211 7 Spring 2012 GRADED ASSIGNMENTS Attendance and Participation Students are expected to attend class complete the readings and assignments in advance of class sessions and to participate actively and fully in class discussions Other than excused absences as above or other extreme circumstances participation points will be deducted for missed classes points will be deducted for classes missed beyond the equivalent of one class session ie 8 hours Students leaving class early or arriving late will receive either partial credit or no credit for their attendance Assigned Readings Responses and Reading Presentation Page 4 of 7 R a A Jquot W L1 There will be 10 opportunities to provide a critical response to the assigned readings for a m 39 um of 100 points At the beginning of the designated week the questions for re ection and response will be posted and a 1 page response will be required Choose one ofthese readings to present to the class in a formal 15 minute presentation during which class discussion should be included 50 points Reading responses will be submitted to Moodle and late responses WILL NOT be accepted Research Paper Your paper will address a topic of your choice related to the administration of human service organizations serving older adults The re are many topics that would be appropriate and you will choose a topic from the broad categories listed on Moodle and decide upon a speci c focus within this category You may wish to make this paper speci c to your professional or academic areas of interest As part of this assignment you will submit a topic statement and your nal paper Speci c guidelines for the project will be provided on Moodle Exams FQ Amidterm exam will be given This exam will be a takehome exam and comprise of short answer and essay questions Questions will be given week in advance of the due date Course Grade Summary one Assignment Points quotn Final Grade Attendance and Participation 50 10 Research Paper Topic Statement 50 10 Research Paper 150 80 Assigned Readings Responses 100 20 Assigned Reading Presentation 50 10 Midterm Exam 100 20 Total 500 100 Grading scale A 90100 B 80899 C 70799 U Below 70 Dr 1 M Murrav munemsznesmmg 2012 VageSnN WEEKLY SCHEDULE WEEK TOPIC 1 Intmduntmn Demngxaphms and Fnlmy Ovezvxew 110 12 Readmgs Exnwd12R The Fume Dngmg Semees m Ameuee Jomvmt ofthz Amevww Somety on Agmg 343 5000 Lehhmg AJ 8 Ausuh M J 2009 Lunngexm Cam In the Uhned States Fnlmy Themes and melsmg erehees Joumat of Way2 531 4103 2 e v 11712 Readmgs Kennel Chaptez 1 Fem Chaptezs 1 8 2 Evashwmk c 8 Cry M 2005 Haw Ln Keep a Fublm Heeth and AgmgFmgxam Gumg 76781 a Oxganlzahnnal Themy amp SLxucLuxe 12412 Readmgs e Fem Chaptezs 540 Kennel 2 Evashwmk c 8 OryM 200a Oxganlzahnnal chaxacteustms 0f successful mnwahve heeth Cale pmgxams sustained we hme Fem zy amp omnqu Health 263 177 DUE Readmg Respehse1 4 Leadexsth DfHuman Semee Oxgamzatmns 13112 Readmgs e Fem Chaptezs 57 DUF F 7 1w Tnpm Statement 5 Needs Assessment 2 712 Ree mgs Kennel Chaptezs are dsay GM Keuy T Tulsnn D Eaxtex s EelchexFR 12 uldex peuems caxdlan xehabxmatmn needs hem mew If A WkabDDkVEasedIntexgenexatmnalIntezvenhun Lu m mveFaxenL Cezpemex E D Mulhgen E A 2009 Famxly Knuw Thyse I p Cale Ceexdmeueh Ctmwat Gemntotogm 32 2 1477163 DUF Dr L M Murray MPADGRNT 6211 Spring 2012 Page60f7 WEEK TOPIC 21412 Program Planning Goals and Objectives Readings Kettner Chapters 6 amp 7 Patti Chapters 15 amp 16 Respectability in AmericaProfiles of the Most Promising Initiatives Engaging Adults 55 pages 13 and read one section about one of the award finalists in the report httpwwwncoaorgassetsfilespdfProfileReportpdf DUE Reading Response 3 22112 Program Evaluation Readings Patti Chapters 8 12 13 Kettner Chapters 8 amp 9 DUE Reading Response 4 22812 Midterm Exam Submit by Moodle by 630pm TiJne to work on research papers individual appointments with Dr Murray 31312 Marketing amp finance Readings Kettner Chapters 10 amp 11 Patti Chapters 17 amp 19 DUE Reading Response 5 32012 Partnerships amp Networks Readings Patti Chapters 21 amp 22 Palombo R Alongi J Goldman A Greene R Lambert T amp Smith S 2005 Opportunities for Collaboration Linking Public Health and Aging Services Networks Generations 292 p4853 DUE Reading Response 6 11 32712 Working with Boards Readings Patti Chapter 18 DUE Reading Response 7 Dr L M Murray MPADGRNT 6211 Spring 2012 Page7of7 WEEK TOPIC 12 Development and Training of Staff amp Volunteers 4312 Readings Patti Chapters 12 amp 13 Songlee H MorrowHowell N Fengyan T Hinterlong J 2009 Engaging Older Adults in Volunteering Nonprofit amp Voluntary Sector Quarterly 382 200219 Tang E MorrowHowell N amp Choi E 2010 Why do older adult volunteers stop volunteering Ageing amp Society 30 859 878 DUE Reading Response 8 13 Diversity and Inclusion 41012 Readings Patti Chapter 11 DUE Reading Response 9 14 Looking to the Future 41712 Readings Patti Chapters 23 amp 24 DUE Reading Response 10 15 Research Paper Presentations 42412 DUE Research Paper 16 Research Paper Presentations 5112 5 812 Final Class Meeting


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