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Research Methods

by: Yesenia Padberg
Yesenia Padberg
GPA 3.5

Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell

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About this Document

Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yesenia Padberg on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RSCH 6101 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/228954/rsch-6101-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Educational Research And Measurement at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
RSCH 6101 Educational Research Methods Spring 2012 Instructor Lynn AhlgrimiDelzell PhD Office 273 College of Education Bldg Email laahlgriunccedu Office hours 274 PM Tuesday Phone 704768778636 15 PM Wednesday Fax 70468773493 website httpmoodleunccedu Course Description Empirical logical and conceptual research problems methods and procedures of research designing research proposals writing reviews of related literature library research 3 G Required Text and Materials McMillan H 2012 Edutatz39omzl rexeartb Fundammtaleor the mmumer 61b ed New York Pearson Education Patten M L 2009 Understanding research methods An overview of the essentials 7th ed Los Angeles Pyrczak NOTE 2007 6th ed is also acceptable Saleh M Lazonder A W amp de Jong T 2006 Structuring collaboration in mixediability groups to promote verbal interaction learning and motivation of averageiability students Contemporag Edutaiz39onangtbolog 32 3147331 doi 101016jcedpsych200605001 Browder D M AhlgrimiDelzell L Courtade G Gibbs 8 Flowers C 2008 Evaluation of the effectiveness of an early literacy program for students with significant cognitive disabilities Extqjtz39omzl Children 751 3352 Course Objectives The student will be able to Develop an understanding of the research process To discover the information sources available for the explication and solution ofproblems Learn how to judge the quality of research and present the findings To present the basic concepts of descriptive statistical analysis To present the basic concepts of statistical inferencermaking and hypothesisrtesting To master the basic principles of experimental research design for groups To master the basic principles of experimental research design for single subjects To discuss topics in noniexperimental research methods eg qualitative research survey research historical research causalicomparative research 9 Write a research proposal to investigate a problem in your profession waowswww P I 39 39 DJ T L 39 9 Lives the Conceptual Framework for Professional Education Programs at UNC Charlotte identifies the proficiencies that our graduates will demonstrate During coursework early field experiences and clinical practice candidates have multiple opportunities to develop the knowledge effectiveness and commitment necessary to transform the lives of the learners with whom they work Wm umuwsi 39 1V FLi1gt M1 Core P r 39 V J Candidate will demonstrate the Knowledge that provides the foundation for transforming the lives of the children youth and families with whom they work This knowledge includes elements such as K1 Knowledge relevant to life in the 21St century K2 Specialty area knowledge K3 Pedagogical knowledge K4 Knowledge oflearners and their contexts K5 Selfiawareness K6 Knowledge ofpolicies laws standards and issues z n39 ll W W x J a ufln M1 Core P r 39 C 39 Candidate will demonstrate their Commitment to transforming the lives of others through their actions in areas such as C1 Positive impact on learners C2 Ethics C3 Leadership C4 Collaboration C5 Advocacy C6 Professional identity and continuous growth The core proficiencies of 39 J M 39 and 39 are fully aligned with the North Carolina standards for teachers school executives and counselors This course seeks to develop the North Carolina standards below North Carolina Standards for Graduate Teacher Candidates 2009 1 Teacher leadership 2 Respectful educational environments 3 Content and curriculum expertise 4 Student learning 5 Reflection The College of Education Commitment to Diversity The College of Education at UNC Charlotte is committed to social justice and respect for all individuals and it seeks to create a culture ofinclusion that actively supports all who live work and serve in a diverse nation and world Attaining justice and respect involves all members of our community in recognizing that multiidimensional diversity contributes to the College s learning environments thereby enriching the community and improving opportunities for human understanding While the term diversity is often used to refer to differences the College s intention is for I I an I 39 ofiudi idual who are diverse in abilitydisability age economic smtus ethnicity gender language national origin race religion and sexual orientation Therefore the College aspires to become a more diverse community in order to extend its enriching benefits to all participants An essential feature of our community is an environment that supports exploration learning and work free from bias and harassment thereby improving the growth and development of each member of the community College of Education Technology Statement Professional education programs at UNC Charlotte are committed to preparing candidates for success in the 21St century through an emphasis on knowledge effectiveness and commitment to technology integration and application Preparation in the integration and application of technology to enhance student learning is essential for all candidates Programs across the professional education unit including the College ofArts Architecture College of Education and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reflect this commitment in coursework early field experiences and clinical practice which includes student teaching andor the capstoneinternship phase of the respective programs College of Education Religious Accommodations UNC Charlotte provides reasonable accommodations including a minimum of two excused absences each academic year for religious observances required by a studenfs religious practice or belief Such reasonable accommodations must be requested in accordance with the procedures in this Policy and include the opportunity for the student to make up any tests or other work missed due to an excused absence for a religious observance Students wishing to request a religious accommodation may refer to the information found at httplegalunccedupoliciesps7134html Course Policies Grade of l The grade of l is assigned at the discretion of the instructor when a student who is otherwise passing has not due to circumstances beyond hisher control completed all the work in the course The missing work must be completed during the next semester fall or spring in residence but no later than 12 months after the term in which the l was assigned whichever comes first If the l is not removed during the specified time a grade of l or N as appropriate is automatically assigned The grade of l cannot be removed by enrolling again in the same course For tbii eoarie a written eontraet for an imorrrplete Irrmt oe developed with the imtrmtor prior to the deadline for nal grade and will onb oe awarded in the axe ofieriom life 61267115 egg prolonged illnem domrrrertted oypljyiiiian death in immediate family Academic lnteggig Students have the responsibility to know and observe the requirements ofThe UNCC Code of Student Academic Integrity printed in the Course Catalog This code forbids cheating fabrication of information multiple submissions ofacademic work plagiarism abuse of academic materials and complicity in academic dishonesty Academic evaluations in this course include a judgment that the student s work is free from academic dishonesty of any type and grades in this course therefore should be and will be affected by academic dishonesty Students who violate the Code can be expelled from UNCC The normal penalty for a first offense is zero credit for the work involving dishonesty and further subsmntial reduction of the course grade In almost all cases the grade is reduced to F Standards of academic integrity will be enforced in this course Xtaderttx are epg eeted to report zler ofaeaderrrie diiboneig to tbe eoarie imtrmtor Accommodations Students who need accommodations for disabilities must make this request through the university s Disability Services and present the request for specific accommodations to the instructor by the second week of class Aeeorrrrrrodatiom will not oe eomidered retroaetireb egg to reetijj a failing grade lnclement Weather Policy The University is rarely closed because ofbad weather When such a closing occurs it will be announced over local television and radio stations There may be times when the University remains 3 open officially but bad weather in the region makes it unsafe or unwise for faculty or students to travel Notify me via email or phone m to class ifyou are unable to travel If class is held but you determine it is unsafe to travel from your area it is your responsibility to obtain missed information from fellow students Attendance Attendance is extremely important Points M be deducted from your final grade for repeated absences at the discretion of the Instructor It is your responsibility to notify the Instructor advance ifyou are going to be absent from class It is also your responsibility to obtain missed information when you are absent You may submit assignments that are due onto Moodle in advance if an absence is planned such as parent teacher conferences lfI am unable to hold class due to personal or other university emergency 1 will notify you by email Make sure you know your university email address and check it often Late Assignments Late assignments will not be accepted All assignments are expected to be submitted onto Moodle by class time on their assigned date or earlier lfinclement weather or family emergency prevents you from attending class when an assignment is due you may submit your assignment m to the scheduled time No assignments will be accepted after May 9 2012 Requests for exception to this policy due to medical or other emergency require appropriate documentation e g doctor s note Course Evaluation A 348 7 375 points 93 7100 o B 318 7 347 points 85 7 89 C 288 7 317 points 77 7 84 U 287 points or below Because all instruments designed to measure knowledge contain error luse a confidence interval around your final score to determine your final grade Course Activities Quizzes Two quizzes cover material presented in class are not comprehensive Quizzes are administered electronically during the class period on Moodle You may use any notes texts etc You will have 90 minutes to complete the quiz once you log in and must be finished by the end of the designated class time 815 pm Study guides are provided as well as in7class reviews 25 points each 50 points total Homework Periodic assignments related to the current topics 25 per question 75 points toml Research Article Critique Critique a predetermined research article using a specific critique rubric This is a common assessment for all sections of RSCH 6101 Your scores are reported to the Dean s Of ce and analyzed by program 50 pts SAFMEDS Say All Fast one Minute Every Day Shuffled identify 4560 research terms from their definitions We will practice them periodically in class You will be asked to say as many terms as you can after reading the definitions in one minute The materials you need to make these cards are available on Moodle 100 points Application Activities Four application activities listed below 25 points each 100 points toml 1 Reference page using APA citation guidelines 2 Menml Measurements Yearbook test review 3 Data collection to answer a nonieXperimental research question 4 Statistics using excel another common assessment Moodle A Moodle site has been developed for the course that contains all the PowerPoint presentations and other course materials Copies are not provided The address is listed at the top of this syllabus The publisher of the McMillan text provides a companion website that includes sample tests and activities for each chapter at wwwablongmancommcmillan6e Class Structure This course is designed as a hybrid class combining faceitorface and online Online sessions are noted on the class schedule in bold Assignments scheduled for the online weeks are due by 815 on the scheduled date It is important that you read the material BEFORE class Each class will begin with a review of the material The second half of class will involve a small group activity designed to make you think and help you learn the material Class Schedule course in research academic integrity amp ariables Hypotheses amp the Internet for Ed Research Walker Atkins Library Room 125 amp Review to 815 PM excel to analyze data Library Room 125 notes conference Activity 4 stats notes to 815 PM Application Activities Descriptions 1 Complete an electronic literature search of any topic Submit a reference page using APA 6th ed citation guidelines for one of each of the following types of sources journal article book chapter in a edited internet website and ERIC document included in reference correct 2 Search the Mental Measurements Yearbook to locate two tests in your area ofinterest eg math reading depression Copy E review for each test two reviews toml into a Word document and use the review mb to insert comments Read the reviews to highlight and label the validity and reliability information by inserting a comment Label the types ofvalidity and reliability presented using the categories in McMillan Note that some types ofvalidity or reliability may not be found in a particular test tests on same construct content testiretest internal 2 You will frame a nonieXperimental research question and collect data to answer that question You will describe your findings using descriptive statistics and provide recommendations based on your research question 4 You are given an excel spreadsheet of 4th and 5th grade math and reading scores of students from three teachers Using the instructions provided you will report frequencies descriptive statistics titest findings and evaluation of the magnitude of the effect using Cohen s d effect size are correct titest correct correct Research Article Critique The common assessment for RSCH 6101 is an evaluative critique ofa research article We will review these materials and conduct practice critiques as a class activity General Instructions Students may select one of the two following journal articles to critique Use the information provided in class and texts to find a description of each required component within the article You are asked to summarize and evaluate each component found in the article The critique should be no longer than 6 pages Quantitative Article Chan K C Lam 8 amp CovaultJ 2009 White American preiservice teachers judgments of Anglo and Hispanic students behaviors Intermltuml Edumtz39on 20 6170 doi 10108014675980802700821 Qualitative article Berry R 2008 Access to upperrlevel mathematics The stories ofAfrican American middle school boys Jammilfor Remz b in Mathematim Edutatz39on 39 4647488 Scoring Instructions Each component of the critique is scored on a 3rpoint scale Developing Acceptable Exemplary In general a Developing component will be missing a required element of the component misidentifies an element or lacks acceptable depth of evaluation of the element An Acceptable component correctly identifies all of the required elements ofthe component and appropriately evaluates the elements although some minor points may be missing In addition to correctly identifying all of the required elements of the component an Exemplary component conmins evidence to support the evaluation andor a synthesis ofinformation from other elements The following pages provide the format for the submitted docmnent including APA style title page and specific questions to be addressed in the critique Page Header Running head CRITIQUE OF SHORTENED TITLE OF PAPER Critique of Full Title ofPaper Name of Student UNCC ID number In partial ful llment of the requirements for RSCI I 6101 Date Page Header 2 I Evaluating the Introduction 7 Identify and paraphrase the research questions statement or hypothesis Is the research questions clearly smted Why or why not Identify and define the variables in the research question statement or hypothesis Are the variable s clearly stated Why or why not Identify and summarize the relevant literature Is the relevant literature clearly summarized and presented in a cohesive fashion Why or why not N D II Evaluating the Research Method 4 Identify and describe the research method Is the research method clearly described Why or why not Would you be able to replicate the study Why or why not Could other designsmethods be used to study this issue If so describe If not why Identify the internal threats to validity associated with this study Describe how they may affect this study Note internal threats associated with this design may or may not be present in this particular study 6 Is evidence provided for the validity and reliability of data collected Summarize the evidence Is the data to be considered valid and reliable based on the evidence provided Why or why not 7 Identify and describe the sampling method used in the study Is the sampling method appropriate for this study Why or why not 8 Identify the external threats to validity associated with this study Describe how they may affect this study 9 Identify and describe the operational definitions of the variables in this study How were these variables measured Is the link between the variables named in the research question operational definition of these variables and methods to measure the variables clear and concise Why or why not Ln III Evaluating the Results 10 What statistical methods were used to evaluate the results of the study Brie y describe the results Are the results clearly related to the research questionss Why or why not IV Evaluating the Conclusion and Discussion 11 Summarize the limitations of the study presented by the authors If no limitations are listed what are some possible limitations What other limitations might there be 12 Summarize the recommendations for future research presented by the authors If no recommendations are listed what might be some recommendations or future research What other recommendations might there be 13 Summarize the conclusions presented by the authors Are the conclusions clearly linked to the results Why or why not Are the conclusions appropriate for the research design Why or why not


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