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Arts & Society Visual Arts (ART) (A)

by: Mrs. Shaun Hand

Arts & Society Visual Arts (ART) (A) LBST 1105

Mrs. Shaun Hand
GPA 3.89

Jean Cauthen

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About this Document

Jean Cauthen
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Shaun Hand on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LBST 1105 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Jean Cauthen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 166 views. For similar materials see /class/228964/lbst-1105-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Liberal Studies at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
u m The visual expression ofan idea or experience formed with skill through the use ofa medium Mediumis any material that you can make art out of gt Example numbers trash food etctree is subject matter but chalk 8 paper is the quotmediumquot THE TREE OF ESSE depicts the genealogy oersus Christ beginning with the Iewish patriarch esse at the bottom over the tree gt Located in Chartres Cathedral France gt Purpose For illiterate people ofthe bible m r THREE FACTORS OPERATING WHEN WE VIEW ART 1 Physical Substance a Form what it looks like b Content the meaning 2 Auis ntem What the artist was thinking quotWe might never know 3 Viewer Perception What we are thinking THREE INDICATORS THAT HUMANS HAVE AN IMPULSE TO CREATE ART 1 Human Made Art example quotThe Cave Art 9Deer and Hands 2 You made art as individual 0 Woman at Willendort art work 9 Year 25000 20000 BCE 3 People who are compel to make all a Throne 0 the Third Heaven 0 the Nations999999 gt Artist name James b FoIkAm39sLquot any untrain artist Waning Symbols that tell a story ofartwork Was the fleding nature oflife Am Have a meaningHas a natural appearance Wm Looks like what it is W Does not represent anything Style The characteristic handling of material techniques elements of form that make a work identifiable as belonging to a particular perso n group place art move me nt pe riod or culture Aesthetics refers to an awareness ofbeauty on to that quality in a work ofart or other man made or natural form which evokes a sense ofelevated awareness in the viewe r gt Waterworn Pebble artwork 0 Meaning resembles someone face 0 From Makapansgat South Africa PEPPER 0 Artist Edward Weston o Medain black and white photograph o This is abstractbecause it has been destroyed and simplify o RightZLeft Brian Right Brian Left Brain a Nonverbal a Verbal b Nontemporal b Analytical step by step c Analogical see connection c Symbolic d Spatial d Abstract e Intuitive e Temporal Keep up with time f Rational makes decision on reason g Digital h Logical i Linear 0 Creativity Fundamental to experiencing and appreciating a work of art as it is to making one 0 Albert Einstein quoted quot1m aginution 139s moreimportant than knowledge A Traits of Creativity 0 THE LIBERATION 0F AUNT IERMIMA 1926 0 Artist Betye Saar Form repetitive patterns Content racial stereotyping Function a Purpose a Art for Social amp Political Wop999 we p I Hr Wonder and be curious Be open to new experience See the familiar from an unfamiliar point of view Take advantage of accidental events Make one thing out of another by shifting its function Generalize from particulars in order to see broad applications Synthesize integrate find order in disorder Be in touch with one s unconscious yet be intensely conscious Be able to analyze and evaluate Know oneself have the courage to be oneself in the face of opposition Be willing to take risks Be persistent to work for long periods perhaps years in pursuit ofa goal b Purposes Personal expression THE KISS 0 Artist Auguste Rodin I Median sculpture made out oflime stone crave out of marb e I This isrepresen tation al I Subz ectMatter 2 people kissing I Con ten t Lovepassion W What it looks like 0 Artist Constantin Brancusi I Share the same subject matterform and median I Content Unitedlove long termlove ROCKET TO THE MOON 1971 0 Artist Romare Bearden lle39s from Charlotte NC 0 His theme purposepersonal expression Artist Christian Moeller Invasion of Privacy your always being watch Political Social Expression o ARNOLFINIWEDDING 1434 0 Artist Jan Van Eyck rthern Renaissance Artist I He would do the portrait for the king because his art detail is accurate Single Candle Life of Christ Fruit Fruity Bed Post Goddess of Fruity 3mm Domestic tranquility prune 5090 we o W are how youartist use to create an art work Organizing things such as color on a picture frame which are elements 1 Li the path left by a moving point 2 ShapeA 2d area with identifiableboundaries A 3d area called mass I Geometric shapes like circle triangles rectangles and etc I Organic quotmore of naturequot we tend to use these because we feel more sympathy O PW 9 FquotU39l Space Light value the relative lightness or darkness i Low Key something very dark in general ii High Key something very vivid iii Chiaroscuro gradual shading of light to dark you can t really till where one starts or end 3d Color Texture Time and Motion Each of these quotelem en ts ofart impacts us physically i Example Color that makes you hungry would be quotyellow amp red 0 Line the path left by a moving point They can also create movement amp emphasis directional forces 0 O OO 2 Line can either be actual m Implied Line suggest visual connections that form geometric shapes means quottranquility means quotmonitiondepth means quotstrengthquotl I I Contour Line describes the outside edges of something Gesture Line is a faster line action of form showing what the figure is doing W u NegativeZPositive Space lFigureZGroundl Negative space would be the background the empty space FigureGround is the reversal of negative space Space the indefinable emptyspace around us Diminish Size Vertical Placement Overlap Atmosphere things are fuzzierless clear eng xnem 0 Linear Perspective Parallel lines appear to converge at the same vanishing point Also base on what we see This is the breakthrough for Leonardo da Vinci I The Last Supper 1495 1498 O Mona Lisa f15057 1 39 this date 0 Painted during the quotRenaissance Time 0 This is important quotthis depicts almost every trait of the high Renaissance ampWe only have quot4quot finish painting s of Leonardo da Vinci o THE THIRD OF MAY 1808 0 Artist Francisco de Goya 0 Texture 0 Simulated simulated fur 0 Actual you can feel it o OBJECT Spanish artist He was a court artist paint pictures for quotKing Charles of Spain He made this painting protesting after the event of when the French Napoleon took over Spain This painting is very low key Focal Pain t everything low key except for the quotwhite shirt Implied Lines from the gun which makes an arrow key Also with the hill The light shown from the box Everything is more organic Red comes forward blood from the guy Artist Meret Oppenheim Blue Red Yellow primary color 85 Ewe A Green Purple Orange secondary color r redorange Hue quotThe Wheel Color 1 W g Pointillism when you put down 2 colors 5 75 intending them to mix optically 3 a example Red Blue Purple 0 Warm advance 0 CLol receive 0 Color Schemes I Monochromatic one color plus blackamp white only I Analogous color s that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel I Complementary colors opposite of each other 0 THE ABSINTHE DRINKERS quot 39 V39 139 7 0 Artist Edgar Degas 0 Everyday life in France Like horse racing 0 MessageZFeeling Depression 0 Absin is a strong liquor that attacks the nervous system 0 He broke the rules having the guy look off the painting 0 The directional points where the table paper and then to the girl in a zigzag line 0 Her outfit is light Principles of Design o U nity the appearance or condition ofoneness 0 Variety provides diversity 0 Balance the achievement of equilibrium in which acting influences are held in check by opposing forces Symmetrical same on each side I AsymmetricaIIthe left and right sides are not the samebut instead there are various elements that are balanced according to their size and meaning 0 Emphasis the used to draw our attention to an area or areas 0 Subordination an artist creates neutral areas oflesser interest that keep us from being distracted from the areas of emphasis o Directional Forces quotpathquot forthe eye to follow 0 Contrast is the juxtaposition of strongly dissimilar elements Dramatic effects canbe produced when dark is set against light large against small bright colors against dull Without contrastvisual experience wouldbe monotonous o Repetition gives a composition unity continuity flow and emphasis o hm is created through the regular recurrence ofelements with related variations 0 Scale the size relation ofone thing to another 0 Proportion the size relationship ofparts to a whole P IETA 0 Artist Michelangelo Buonarroti 0 People say that he did not make it so this is the first are he signed 0 Made out of carro marble THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS 0 Artist Raphael 0 Location in thebed chamber of Eastern Socieg Depth 9 upward Pope quotAfrescoquot WHEEL OF FORTUNE 0 Artist Audrey Flask o The skull candle and calendar might be symbolic of quotdeathquot 0 Meaning of Message content What type ofartist is Grandma Folk Artist Name an artist from your text who could also t this term James HamptonSimon Rodia What is Grandma Medium Trash example glass bottle pencil dolls golf nails etc List two traits of creativity she demonstrates o Shifting into on function to make it to another 0 Presistant Do you see a living breathing example of quotright Vs le brainquot If so where o The dialogue between Grandma and her sister Her sister seems to be more in the leftbrain while grandma is more in her right brain because of the fact she lost time Eating chicken at a strange time Is there a message or theme in her work that Grandma may not even be aware of Autobiographical stuff about her life She is lonely because of the dolls She was trying to say for us to recycle Every time she fell in love with a man they died and all her kids died which lead us to thinking that all this has to be kind of a memorial or shrine for all her love ones 0 OOO


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