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Western History & Culture (ENGL) (CL)

by: Mrs. Shaun Hand

Western History & Culture (ENGL) (CL) LBST 2101

Mrs. Shaun Hand
GPA 3.89

David Goldfield

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About this Document

David Goldfield
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Shaun Hand on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LBST 2101 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by David Goldfield in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/228966/lbst-2101-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Liberal Studies at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
German Expansion An event that led up to WWII was when Hitler broke the Versailles arm 1119lism airal my sm m h g l imt uny mi fa a m lbm h f kl a f mwgm Elmer ant q z t mme w besatmmmwymuswe military Invasion of Poland UIVU an U1 Luv Uuupcu auu 1U1U1 Hifler had signedla secret nongggess1on documeglnltrwith Stalin which basically stated that there would be no ghting between them Germany this Wxs l e d ho k ll r f 1nWaH lmamBa ierhe n a yagi htal aignvmr h 9 scl m9va mctmsan emund magingmsm stahgagtw i mg Wammwower bsy 992 mm W wvalae cma m man hyreia tes laalms their loggers Great Br1ta1n France Sov1et Unlon and the Umted States and the axis powers Germany Italy and Japan Invasion of France The Japanese allied with Nazi Germany and they too joined WWII Because of this alliance Japan took over many of the Euro ean Paci c Esra reyrm rqmgr mw m t th bafmttwl g whglliam Wblbscuh W81 initgubmthscgsmbmo me mainQBiMaisM td 3amp8al ermerarsmal edt mw states 118er therlggthg ands and Belg1um w1th France totally defenseless at the one part The Germans trapped the Allied Forces at Dunkirk The British quot4 39 quotilf vivn n idly ii and C 39 39 V 39 War with Great Britain involv ment with the war This led to LendLease which was and glail PSWi eeaE lfBetMlAl l8 9A P h l km yaw g sm mt rly glhe dec1ded to 1nvade Great Britain Winston Churchill rallied resistance against Hitler Also during th esslalx rg lt ttalsaa sr gtmgam l gpg m W s ed l ep et e Erimw wbser 7 rtti eftmlagtt gr umgyrmg Invasion of the Soviet Union vv v 39oo v ii39u rquot II v H bfil ililt 1ilhttWBattle of Midway e American offensive strategy was island hopping which means that the navy and army take over m lt gt Emgwas very unprepared for war due to the Great Purge Germany decided to take advantage of that and made a surprise attack on June 22nd 1941 Hitler invaded with 3 million soldiers They were WM scfiSf l amtmata nxmom awqmqtat syf the getammtwa 9011631111951 ll wstWWaXPd we Wlth l b ll l l sl atlat Eta eta a m agwo t l nthe south The German troo s were sto ed at Stalin aciimd this e an Chinese Civil War Japanese Militarism the Russian counterattack AntiSemitism is racism a ainstJews Before the war Jews were Sydll m Wim yn waa g gte warms a sm wele samah ah mums ellamps quott 7ddi h gellzbgy woer a gedm mm tgnmmamw wmtttd into ghettos which were small enclosed areas within cities Others were put into concentration camps These were places where Jews were tortured held and put to work against their wills During the invasion of Poland and the Soviet Union Nazis organized death squads to find and kill Jews Jews were sent to e termination camns These were designed to kill all Jews quickly The most famous one was Auschwitz It used gas chambers and killed 14 million people In all siX million Jews were killed SinoJapanese War On the Western Front the US troops were able to free France and Italy from Germany Then at the Battle of the Bulge Germany s counter attack failed to stop the advancement On the Eastern Front the Soviet Creation of the Paci c Empire mun 1 uuu 1 pUbIlUU UCIIIldllb UUI 01 L116 DUVl L UIllUIl lIlC mace 101 Berlin began and the Soviet Union reached there first Hitler killed himself on April 30m 1945 After that Germany split up into allied occupations The US ke t firebombin Ja an The Manhattan Pro39ect was when the Us fried f0 creafe afomic bombs he l 3 did nof wanf a cosf y 1nvas1on so they dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki After that 0 1 12a Ion Japan surrendered on August 15111 1945 A 14 41 Y 139139 41 TT 394 ART 439 41 1 39T IA39 39 4139 war in the Pacj c the League of Nations however there was more membership and power An iron curtain was formed between the US and Russia as well War in Europe Anti Semitism War in Europe War in the Paci c A New Era


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