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ETEE Laboratory VII (Comp Emp)

by: Della Daniel

ETEE Laboratory VII (Comp Emp) ETEE 3255

Della Daniel
GPA 3.81

Stephen Kuyath

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About this Document

Stephen Kuyath
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Della Daniel on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ETEE 3255 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Stephen Kuyath in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/228974/etee-3255-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Electrical Engineering at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
ETAVR Board Downloading and Executing Programs Tutorial The ETAVR Support Board and the AVRStamp board form a development kit for the ATmega128 and other AVR processors This development kit includes many useful features including LED s pushbuttons adjustable analog inputs speakers and more There is also a large breadboard area to test and develop your own designs These boards are easily affordable costing less than 75 To download programs to the ETAVR you will need additional software This tutorial will guide you through the steps to download programs to the ETAVR via the PonyProg2000 software PonyProg2000 is freeware This tutorial assumes that you have installed PonyProg2000 on your computer If you do not have PonyProg2000 yet you may obtain a copy from one 0f2 places 1 PonyProgZOOO httpwwwlancosc0prwin95html 2 Borrow a CD from your instructor This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to l Assemble the necessary parts of the ETAVR Development kit 2 Download a program to the ETAVR via PonyProg2000 3 Execute a program This tutorial also assumes that you have written assembled and simulated an ATmega128 assembly language program and that you are now ready to download and execute the program on the ETAVR Step 1 Obtain the following parts t Figure 1 ET AVR Support Board Figure 2 AVR Stamp Board Last Update May 24 2007 l A VR Studio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Note Key position on connector Jumper positions Free pins ITOW on card should be on the same side as the arrow on the butter y board Figure 3 he Parallel Port Card left Programmer Interface right and Ribbon Cable Step 2 Orient the ETAVR Support Board and the AVR Stamp Board as shown in figures 1 and 2 and then place the stamp board in the support board as shown in figure 4 Power Connector on Support Board LED on Butter y Board Figure 4 Assembled ETAVR Support and Stamp Boards Last Update May 24 2007 2 A VR Stu dio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Step 3 Connect the ribbon cable to the parallel port card and the programmer card as shown in gure 3 Insert the parallel card into the parallel port of your computer Note in some instances you may have to plug the parallel port card into the computer before you powerup the computer Step 4 Insert the programmer interface card into the ETAVR Development kit as shown in gure 5 and then apply power to the board quotM H Arrow on Programmer Interface Arrow on Butter y Board an menace 39 l yaaamse 3 Support ad Saps gure 4 Assembled ET Execute the PonyProg2000 program You should see the following screen 39 r x Step 5 El 313 BIBLE Ell SHEEPj NE a Armenian smasrsesym tantrum Minn Figure 5 P0nyPr0g2000 Software Last Update May 24 2007 A VR Studio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Step 6 Click on the Device Menu and choose AVR Micro and Atmega128 5 Wrndaw T gHW m WWW WW sis um Figure 6 Choose a device Step 7 Click on the Setup Menu and choose Interface Setup Choose Parallel then Avr ISP IO and then LPTl or whichever port you ll be using Click OK IIO port setup IID port setup i 3quot Serial 5 Parallel AWISPUU V 7 LPT I h H 3 rrjrr if Niquot L1H 1 l Select Polarity of the Eontrol lines ll Invert Reset l Invert DIN l 15 InverlSCKL 1 lhverlDDUT Cancel 1 UK Probe I Figure 7 Interface Setup Last Update May 24 2007 4 A VR Stu dio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Step 8 Click on the Setup Menu and choose Calibrate Click Yes Yes or Nu Bus llming calibration Be we have are no application running Dlha than PonmegZUEllJ the CPU and hard disk have m be idle The calibration may take a aaupie of seconds Do you want u tun calibration nuw Nu Cancel Figure 8 Calibration Dialog Step 9 You are now ready to load a program into PonyProg2000 so that you can download it into the ETAVR Development kit To do this open a heX le previously assembled program Choose Open Program FLASH File from the File Menu 11 pnnypmgiono Serial Device vmgeammer n ante g le m 172va Command Smut Unhlv Setup Window e v e HENWW39NW l 1 fl 4 gAV mlmu leTmagalZB v 7 Openoewenle e a ODGHPKWamHASHFlle g3 Q g Save Device File a e e As save Pragram men Me As Kev Data EEPROM we As Reload rue cmL pm Class m Burglamiarmi hex FROG Violet hex woe PenmegzuUu ATmegalZB Size lGElEGBy er cRc EAth Figure 9 Loading a program Step 10 Navigate to the appropriate directory the one in which your heX le is stored click on the heX le and then the 0 en button W Wquot yam 3 e er My Datumenls My EamDulev Wm ak aw y eamx 7 File allvpe 39 hex v Cancel Figure 10 Load hex le Last Update May 24 2007 5 A VR Studio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Step 11 With the heX le showing you are ready to download the program to the ETAVR m PnnmegZOOO 7 Serial Davina Prngvammzr r KnyathyDncmmsmVR Pv1Pmel1hzx gale gm gems gmmand Smut gum 52mg 7 gndnw 4 a Ql nomm rr FF Pvamgmnn ATHEgalZB 511351EBylzs sacsmm Figure 11 Hex le Step 12 Choose Program from the Command Menu Make sure the Parallel Port Card is attached to the parallel port of your computer and the Programmer Interface is attached to the ETAVR properly Read A AVR mmm v ATMegalZB v VevW nu SetuulY and an quvatmn an Evase Figure 12 Load hex le Step 13 PonyProg2000 will cycle through a number of messages namely Erasing Writing Verifying etc K Status Verifying Figure 13 Writing to ET AVR Last Update May 24 2007 A VR Studiu AssemblerSer T utun39al Ifall is successful you will see the following dialog box Nutice Program Successful Figure 14 Successful Download Step 14 A er the program is downloaded it should begin to execute At this point you can remove power and then the programmer interface Restore power and the ETAVR will begin executing your program remember the program is in Flash Memory and will stay there until your next download Below I am showing a program being executed that will light one LED keep it on for about 1 second turn it off then light the other LED for about one second Figure 15 Successful Program This next image shows a working Burglar Alarm CircuitProng The 1st image shows the blinking 0 on the 7Segment LED of course you cannot see it blinking Notice that all switches are closed simulating all doors are closed LastUpdate May 24 2007 7 AVR Studio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Figure 16 Initial State of Burglar Alarm The next image shows the alarm working note switch 8 is open and 8 is displayed on the LED Figure 17 Door 8 is open The alarm is producing an annoying 25kHz buzz The next image shows the scope output measuring the input to the speaker Last Update May 24 2007 8 A VR Studio AssemblerSimulator Tutorial Figure 18 Annoying 25 kHz buzz Last Update May 24 2007 9


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