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Embedded Systems

by: Sidney Stehr
Sidney Stehr
GPA 3.51

James Conrad

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About this Document

James Conrad
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sidney Stehr on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECGR 4101 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by James Conrad in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/229002/ecgr-4101-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Electronics and Computer Technology at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
Startinq and Learninq the ORCAD PCB Lavout Tools By Steve D Tucker October 1 2003 The first step in beginning the PCB layout is to learn the tools and terminology The Cadence PSpice formally ORCAD package has a great tutorial for the schematic and layout tools The schematic tool will create the netlist needed for checking the PCB layout Making a PCB layout without a correct schematic is asking for trouble To start the tool use the follow paths from the start button For Capture ClS Start gt All Programs gt MOSAIC XP gt Engineering gt Electrical gt Cadence PSpice gt Capture ClS When the dialog box appears select Capture ClS Studio For Layout Plus Start gt All Programs gt MOSAIC XP gt Engineering gt Electrical gt Cadence PSpice gt Layout Plus Once the tool has opened start the tutorial but selecting Help gt Learning Capture or Help gt Learning Layout A window will appear for the Layout version l have always selected Layout Plus You may want to learn the Engineers Edition but it was not available when first learn the software The tutorial will have a lesson menu with exercises I could recommend that you complete all of them except the following These lessons are advanced features that you will not need for your first design I found myself looking back at these tutorials many times during the design process Accessing Manuals l have some problems accessing the manuals in the tools Under the Help menu there is also Manuals selection When you select it a Java GUI pops up after a few seconds When you select a manual the web browser comes up and it loads a file either a pdf or an html file with links to a pdf The problem was that always got errors The MOSAIC people are working on it and it appears to work correctly on some accounts Here are some ways around it 1 When the error page comes up in the browser erase everything before the i in the URL This will load the document into the browser 2 Access the documentation through the directory path appswinntpsd1 42doc By the way this path is worth remembering If you make your own libraries which you should you will sometimes have to find your way backto the included libraries Some useful paths are appswinntpsd l 42toolslayo utl ibrary appswinntpsd l 42toolslayo utdata appswinntpsd l 42toolscaptureibrary Tips and Warnings x N 00 Je 01 01 00 It is not a good idea to rename the part references in the layout This will mess up the schematic and layout link unless you know how to annotate or back annotate correctly Learn to use the spreadsheet in Layout A lot ofthe settings are done with the spreadsheets Route critical stuff before autorouting Save a version before you autoroute Autoroute is guessing by the computer expect to have to clean it up Using the nets spreadsheet to set the sizes of net traces This will determine what size the autorouter will use If autorouter can not fit the traces in your board try a different technology template Use the Layout Help command to being up the index and search for technology templates for a description of some of them I think used ZBETSMTTCH for the TMS430 Stiquito project The technology template will load new rules for trace sizes and spacing sizes Check these you may have to change some of them back to what you want before you autoroute ie power and ground sizes In Capture the power and ground are special symbols You can find then under Place gt Power or Place gt Ground after you have open a schematic If you update a part in capture after you have already used to you will need to replace or update the design cache Highlight the part in the design cache and select one ofthe two options Read info in the help index details about replacing or updating Important When you make new footprints and save it in your own library the AutoECO Auto Engineering Change Order of Layout will not be about to find it when it loads the netlist the first time This is because it searches the network drive for the footprints and you can not save your library to that location Choose a footprint from any library that it searches with the same number of pads When the AutoECO is finished loading the design you can change the footprint of the part With this in mind you should already know which footprint goes with every part before loading the design If you fail to select even one footprint for a part the design will not load Here is my method Complete the schematic in Capture Print the BOM Bill of Materials so you have a lost of parts Open Layout and use the Library Manager to select footprints for part Record the footprint name on the BOM Create any need footprints and save in your library Select a dummy footprint for the footprints you created and record name Return to Capture and use the properties to designate the footprint Use the names including dummy footprint you record from the Layout Library Manager Save and create netlist info Start new design in Layout The AutoECO will search the libraries and load the footprints it finds If it is missing any it will prompt you to select or create one If you don t have one by the end ofthe AutoECO the loading is aborted and you have to do it again Once the footprints are loaded you can change the footprint for the parts you created NOONPWNT 00 50 For the Stiquito project you may not need to do a footprint design since I made the one for the Leg Assembly If anyone finds out how to add your library to the AutoECO search list please let me know


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