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Rsch Methods in CJUS

by: Elvie Ullrich

Rsch Methods in CJUS CJUS 3101

Elvie Ullrich
GPA 3.5

Charisse Coston

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About this Document

Charisse Coston
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elvie Ullrich on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJUS 3101 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Charisse Coston in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/229008/cjus-3101-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Criminal Justice at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
University of North Carolina Department of Criminal Justice rovisional Course Outline Research Methods CJUS 3101 W Dr Charisse T MCoston Writing Intensive Department of Criminal Justice Spring 2009 Colvard 5081 Lab T ll00l200l 6872008 6873349 fax Office Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays l2noon l230pm Graduate Assistant Edward Pardue 704 905 2664 Office hours to be announced R nuir d Text also on reserve at Atkins Librar BabbieE 2007 The Practice of Social R ar h llth Edition Belmont California Wadsworth Tnc l992costs approximately 5500 new uppl m ntar R nuir d Text for di u i n and a er Packet of materials available for pick up at both local bookstores Costs approximately 400 Recommended Text APA Manual Course Objectives This is a basic course in social science research methods However students will be expected to demonstrate a high level of ability to conceptualize and design a research proposal for investigating a particular topic Likewise students will also be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the most basic and important statistical techniques used in social research Particular attention will be given to the two types 0 statistics descriptive and inferential The emphasis will be on an understanding of the methods and on the ability to interpret uses of these techniques Student Responsibilities 39 imperative that you attend all classes as this makes it easier to understand the objectives of this course In addition you must ask questions take copious notes read the required text participate in discussions take tests and submit a research paper proposal You will get intensive writing credit for this class Send documentation in care of HE from the Writing Resource Center at least once if not minus 5 points on the final grade for this course It is important for you to hand in assignments on their due ate Late papers without prior legitimate excuse will be penalized 2 points Grading A lOO 90 C 79 70 B 89 80 D 69 60 F 59 amp below 1 Research proposal One major product of the semester39s work will be your research proposal dealing with a criminological issue of your choice The paper is to identify a research problem review the literature develop a set of hypotheses and describe how you will test your assumptions An outline for the required research proposal as well as an outline of the criteria on which each proposal will be evaluated appears in this text and must make up your table of contents The term paper is worth 50 100 points of your total grade for this course Needless to say cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses and will not be tolerated Maximum length 10 pages excluding title page bibliography footnotes and appendices This proposal will be handed in 5 cycles and worth 20 points each for a total of 100 points 2 Various homework exercises will be assigned and then discussed in class 3 2 Tests over lecture material worth 50 points each 4 Lab quizzes You must pass both with at least 40 points Points below 40 will be subtracted from your total number of points towards the final grade 5 Extra credit exercise due on or before February 18 2009 NO LATER THAN 1230 PM Worth up to 5 pOints No allowable excuses for late papers This is extra credit that can be handed in anytime before its due date Extra credit last page in your workbook Incomplete policy I only give quotTquot39s in the case of a documented personal psychological or physiological health problem Or in the case of the death of an immediate family member documentation required death notice funeral program etc Reading ignm nt Babbie 2007 DATE SUBJECT READINGS BABBIE Week 1 Introduction to the course Prefaces amp prologue Theory and Research Al Al3 Chpts l amp 2 Week 2 The Nature of Causation Chapter 2 Research Design Chapter 4 Week 3 Paper topic should Chapter 5 be approved by now Conceptualization and Measurement Week 4 Operationalization Chapter 6 Week 5 Operationalization Chapter 6 Week 6 Tables Graphs Chapter 6 Indexes Scales amp Typologies Week 7 Indexes Scales amp Typologies Chapter 6 Week 8 Sampling Chapter 7 Test I lecture material 3509 Week 9 Experiments Chapter 8 Surveys Chapter 9 Week 10 Field Research Chapter 10 Unobtrusive Research Chapter ll Evaluation Research Chapter 12 Week ll Ethics and Politics Chapters 3 Week 12 Coding amp Transformation Chapters 14 of Data Data Analysis A33 A84 Descriptive amp Inferential Statistics Week 13 Tables and Graphs Chapter 14 Measures of Central Tendency Chapter 15 Week 14 Probability Measures of Chapter 16 amp l7 Dispersion Measures of pp 453 6 Association Test II lecture material 4282009 Week 15 Review results course summary Portions of the above are subject to change at my discretion OUTLINE FOR RESEARCH PROPOSAL This outline MUST make up your table of contents and organization of the paper COVER SHEET Your name title of research proposal proposed funding source course title and number NO BINDERS simply staple your paper in the upper left hand corner 2 pOints TABLE OF CONTENTS An outline of your paper following steps listed below Do not forget to include subheadings 2 poin s STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM h Purpose of Researc Deductive or inductive logic What is the time dimension Nomothetic or idiographic model What is the potential importance and criminal justice If 39 of the proposed research important for theory significant for practice or policy explain how implications tell why If SUGGESTED LENGTH 1 paragraph REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Review the most significant previous work and describe the current status of work in this field Document your statements with references You must have at least IS references from scholarly books andor journals No magazine articles are allowed Please no quotIntroduction to quot textbook cites only the original cites Possible source and mailing list for publications National Criminal Justice Reference Service Bureau of Justice Statistics Rockville Maryland I 800 732 3277Freda Mozenter Main reference desk at the library 2346 to be tested or the uestions to be answered State the hypotheses q Individual Instruction 2l22009 SUGGESTED LENGTH3 pages DUE Februagy 16 2009 CONCEPTUALTZATTON Provide indicators for the concepts that are multidimensional Provide nominal definitions for the multi dimensional concepts Nominally define all other variables SUGGESTED LENGTH l PARAGRAPH OPERATIONALIZATION 1 Describe the level of measurement for each of your variables 2 Appendix A should contain your sample questionnaire or coding scheme 3 Discuss the issues of reliability and validity of the measurements that are involved 4 Mention the possibility of conducting a pilot test Why SUGGESTED LENGTH 5 sentences With what results Individual Instruction February 24 2009 DUE February 26K 2005 RESEARCH METHOD Give details of the research plan type of research method and its advantages and disadvantages triangulation Describe the facilities needed for the project Appendix B If the proposed project requires collaboration with other institutions describe it and indicate how you expect it could be obtaine Address quotHuman Subjectsquot concerns Appendix C and describe at least 2 ethical andor political issues associated with your project SUGGESTED LENGTH34 of the page Individual Instruction March 19 2009 DUE March 24K 2009 Provide a budget VI SAMPLING Randomnon random Explain and justify any methods of sample selection SUGGESTED LENGTH 5 sentences VII OBSERVATIONS Discuss your plan for collecting data in the field provide a time frame for proposed activities Appendix D Use of journal notestape recorder Training Interviewers Observer roles SUGGESTED LENGTH l sentence VIII DATA PROCESSING Coding schemes Computer packages Codebook Cleaning of the data SUGGESTED LENGTH 5 sentences Individual Instruction April9 2009 Due Agril 14 2009 IX DATA ANALYSIS Which descriptive and inferential statistics will you use Why With what results Tables or graphs Appendix E You need at least 2 descriptive tables or graphs and l inferential table SUGGESTED LENGTH 2 paragraphs and Ela pie chart Elb pie chart E2 inferential table X TIMIT TION OF THE PROPOSED RE E RCH Discuss any pitfalls you may encounter Point out the limitations of your study Identify any procedures or situations that may be hazardous and discuss the precautions to be taken SUGGESTED LENGTHlparagraph Individual Instruction April 24 2009 DUE April 28K 2009 by 1230 BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDICES AE APPENDIX E Contains your approval sheet with my signature amp your signed plagiarism document worth 5 points each ENTIRE PAPER DUE April 28K 2009 Grading for the R ar h Proposal 10 points for each of the 10 sections Ten points will be taken off for no bibliography One point per cite short Paper topics must be approved and the approval sheet with my signature as well as the plagiarism form must accompany every assignment making up your proposal All assignments will be returned with the exception of the final paper proposal TEST 1 7 March 5 2009 TEST 2 7 April 28 2009 By April 28 2009 at 1230 you must have handed in entire paper with cover sheet table of contents bibliography Appendices A F Appendix F APPROVAL SHEET FOR RESEARCH PROPOSAL Name TITLE OF THE PROJECT ALL VARIABLES DEPENDENT VARIABLE INDEPENDENT VARIABLES YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 MAIN RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS MRH MAIN NULL OR ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS MNH SUBSET OE HYPOTHESES Hl H0 H2 H0 H3 H0 H4 H0 H5 H0 INCLUDE ANY ADDITIONAL HYPOTHESIS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR PROJECT ON THE BACK PAGE PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as follows To steal and use the ideas of writings of another as one s own to take and use as one s own the writings of another Plagiarism is theft It leads the reader to believe that what he is reading is the original thought of the writer when this is not true Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world and carries appropriate punishment We wish to remind you of the common forms of plagiarism often used in term papers and provide examples of both acceptable and unacceptable research practices Direct Quotations This is an exact copy of a portion of the original it may be a single word phrase sentence fragment complete sentence or one or more paragraphs If you quote directly place the portion in quotation marks and cite the source in your footnotes To do otherwise is plagiarism Paraphrase Paraphrasing means expressing the author s idea in your own words and style Merely changing or re arranging the original by a word or two or reversing the order or phrases is still plagiarism To avoid unintentional plagiarism re phrase the statement in your own words without looking at the original rule of Thumb If you use three or more words in sequence the way the author wrote them put them in quotes and cite the source otherwise paraphrase and cite the source It s easy honest and demonstrates truthful and commendable research practice I have read and understand the meaning of plagiarism Name ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT Using the world wide web your e mail account and the Criminal Justice Department s home page Required up to 5 points added to Assignment number 5 RESEARCH METHODS After assessing and carefully reading one of the following two articles please answer the following 10 questions and send via e mail me a copy of your answers DUE NO LATER THAN February 18 2009 1 Give a full citation of the study Author s Title of the paper Name of the Journal Vol No Month Year pp Example David de Vaus and Ian McAllister Gender Differences in Religion A Test of the Structural Location Theor American Sociological Review Vol 52 No 4 August 1987 472 481 2 What is the paper all about What is the theoretical issue 3 How did the authors arrive at the hypotheses 4 What main concepts are treated in the study 5 How did the authors operationalize the concepts 6 What is the unit of analysis in this study 7 In doing the empirical study how was the sample drawn 8 How were the hypotheses tested 9 What did the study find 10 Comment critically on the paper and tell us what you have learned from this exercise


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