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Intro to Statistics

by: Tyshawn Gorczany

Intro to Statistics STAT 1222

Tyshawn Gorczany
GPA 3.52

Animikh Biswas

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About this Document

Animikh Biswas
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyshawn Gorczany on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 1222 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Animikh Biswas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 113 views. For similar materials see /class/229026/stat-1222-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Statistics at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
TEST 2 Review gem w Stat 1222 1 V Review all relevant quizzes and homeworks 2 The probability distribution of a random variable 1 is as follows a 1234 5 7 194 1 1 25 35 39 2quot a Find the missing probability quot4 1 4 1574 3 v I quot g 3 L 3 2 I b Find the expected Value and the standard deviation of the random variable a c FindPaglt2orxgt4 339 X 131PX7 Z xS quot 2539 39v a39 39 3 Find the zscores that has N 39 0quot 3169 a 985 of the d1 tribution s area to the right gt o a 35 a 33 b 3 217 d 217 e 00 4 39 2 z z 7 b 954 of the distribution s area between z and 2 a 1645 and 1645 b 128 and 128 c 196 and 196 a 2 and 2 e 2575 and 2575 4 Find the following normal probabilities for the given parameters a it 50 02 P5 lt a lt 564 a 95 b 9993 c 05 d 4993 e 1 z b p 1855 925 Pa lt 0 or 43gt 37 gt 02 39 1390 a 0228 b 5228 c 9772 d 9544 e 0456 240 c p 2 500 100 39A random sample of size 100 is drawn Find the probability that the sample I mean a exceeds3975 5 In a recent year the ACT scores for high school students with a 350 to 400 grade point average were normally distributed with a mean of 242 and a standard deviation of 42 a If a state univerSity automatically admits the top 7 of students what is the least score that a student can receive and still be admitted t g 79 a 7 39 b In this same university a student becomes ineligible for admission if he she scores in the bottom 12 What is the minimum score that a student needs to be eligible for admission 0 Find the probability that a randomly chosen high school student has an ACT score between 20 and 284 d If a sample of 25 students are randomly selected nd the probability that the average score of these I students lie between 20 and 284 39P 20 z 52 4 29 L 39 e If 150 students are randomly selected how many will have an ACT score that is more than 284 f What score represents the rst quartile 39 39 6 Section 53 page 244 45 7 The per month rent of houSes in a city are normally distributed with mean rent of 5000 and standard deviation of 300 A random sample of 15 houses is selected a Identify the mean and standard error of the mean rent of the random sample of 15 houses a 5000 300 b 5000 20 c 5000 7746 d 3333333 20 e 3333333 7746 b What is the probability that the mean rent is greater than 5200 39 a 8413 b 1587 c 0049 9974 e 0026 i 9439 quot 2quot 1 z 9395 395390 7395 quot55 02quot L I 5539 23990 ZS 3949 Nquot 3 quot29539 39EOZSquot Howl 1 119 4 75 quot69quot06Z quot V 5 5quot A Z39l w3 5 35w 3 359 V b9qr 5L XFN n 39h I f LL 5 62an VanUK I 2 Z 7 ZDF WZOZW v 10quot W IV 63 I V 7 P99 quot 59 233 20 39 quotw k We 3 I 39 0h quot7373 W Xm Pgtcgt7 5 39 Z lt 032 rwz gt gjgigg B729 23gt392 a a i 2161aq732 Iiifw A 1 C 9 39 0V 3 35v gt2 Z24m1 Exagzzi Mayo Page xgm je gate 90 m I r 2 EMS w x 7 5 s Pg 7 7 5779 a quot e pa1 00 I m y 2 7 25 39 39r 39qiwg aw W443 4 v 39L 39gt t 0067 e 5 quot Zquot Z W 1 939 Z WWW5v z 39sfvsijc I x Zip7 V7 Xquot 30399 6 Mwo t X a w F I 2quot223PZ8 91 Zquot 30 gt cvtc X5 242NVgM39Z 2 H W ij 3e We MM 29 9 e e 39 I I AM Xmd lrw A LIXYy X7 2amp9 f 7272quwzrz 7 W 39 3 gs 39SS7n if I 16 2 watsz 7mXDn 01423 39 r 390X quot 7723 29F C ZL V 5 AL 39 a M v X32 A5249 739 0 Am F ix h Z w m A 6 CgtZ 242393 J1r2 0107 5 quotMale 9quot 7Q 2 QCe39ve F 1 9mm clamj V vm 7 4 X 4 Z r3 WL 24 Z lf21f Ilt74 M 47 MI 7 HY quotquotquot 7 a w I 39 Ma aI w Iquot 1770 z 5 amt Z nality WM W ngg39lf w39z quot 1 9 a 3 524 we h FY 39 f lt 7 i g We 9959 i 39 L x 4 gquot quotl imv amp 9 66 quot W 39m Z39l w H y I t 39 39 002 S U u u me u u W V 390 39 BvaO 9 eZS WZln Z a 4152 9 Witbu h 0w a 25quot 33 I W 39 i T 22 0 39 gap X 6 0 r 1 quot67 2quot 29 fl 5 W4WZ jng I 46 3 26286 M42 74 u 20 2m 924 I 23me a mo my r 4 my s 300 M Pg we X mg 62772 k gt 260 zvo Pgt 29 f7 3 393 11 W quot i Q I w 200 39 D pl quotangtfa wl cm lt W62 Mkz fg 2 x I 2 9 3 i 39 39 Tl c39 9 2 8a Z w 39 I v i n Z J W 125 39 39 It quotv 36 7quot 39Z 0 quot3 39 L 4 39 0quot X w h quot I 4 J j X 31 3 7 3 0 art2s gszoty a 7 039S 39 amp W I MawW as moo mm 2 39 9 39 v 39 c C 6394quot all quot g a 39g 39 gwajoga J5 My 2bww M52 UV Viz II IM39W fBM a aminopun My awquot E3 19 2214 X ftquz r I I r If a 14939 537070 50 7fl IT 39 0 3935 339 Hv r I z 34 39 5 c 39 g 6 1013AM fol2m q 5777 AG jv w W 7 mm 2 W w WW6 m 1 V 11 7a m e m 6 YawA V n J a 3 8g quot01 ma W W w Mle l WW I C39 35 520177 gazzgg7g m 2 5quot539x1439239 1 w 39 391 sZt 0 quot00 77Mi 1 r 7 71 f3 oz 470 lm 63px Zeamm AnyaIMM ZC E39s I M m 39 92 5 M e xxx7 3 WEIWow Fofwzw m 2mg 9 K 335 f MW M x2120 In 7 7 7igj gg7 4 7 Edi 5 5 g Mama 542ng 7 19quot 1 I 39 Er A C 39 Z399zjzzv s U U 39 E 3 2C 90 I Ia 3 M AW nW quot I L I i39ge fvoiI c a V W4 m d twga 124 Eaaw AmtM 6 Eezcwm w z o v mm fwd 3f 23 Keg quotm mu m 0 9 M W mwi39c m V 5 K i 59 M c 3f 1w7v7 Mm m 1 W quot H C 1 3 0quot aveML E zsquotrsquot A 5 M y t c39 2 quot W22 WW 1 Om A wm I in 55 33039 00 L


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