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Principles of Chemistry I

by: Glenna Mitchell III

Principles of Chemistry I CHEM 1251

Glenna Mitchell III
GPA 3.99

Jordan Poler

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About this Document

Jordan Poler
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Glenna Mitchell III on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1251 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Jordan Poler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/229034/chem-1251-university-of-north-carolina-charlotte in Chemistry at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
2 Liquid nitrogen is obtained by condensing gaseous nitrogen found in air and boils at 7736 K a What is the boiling point in 0C b What is the temperature in 0F V V c At the boiling point the density of of the liquid is 809 gL and that of the gas 4566 gL How many liters of liquid nitrogen are produced when 5000 L of nitrogen gas are lique ed at this temperature V 3 Fill in the blanks in the following table Symbol 54 1362 IT 26 IT IT IT Protons 5 If I l 79 86 Neutrons 6 16 117 136 I l Electrons 5 18 79 I l I 1 Net Charge 3 0 1 T I 1 UNIT I PS2 1 Ibuprofen a pain reliever has the following composition by mass 7569 C 1551 0 and 880 H What is the empirical formula for ibuprofen K 2 The emprical formula for 12diaminoethane is CH4N and its molar mass is 60 gmol What is the molecular formula for this compound I 4 3 Ca eine has molar mass 19419 gmol and mass composition 4948 C 519 H 2885 N and 1648 0 What is the molecular formula of caffeine 4 Calculate the number of molecules in 370 mL of ethanol CH3CH20H The density of ethanol is 0789 gmL 5 Calculate the number of molecules in a 468 moles ofHZO b 746 mg C5H14 c 652 g lithium nitrate trihydrate Nomenclature Homework 1 1 Write the formula for the following chemicals 002 5090697 Lithium chloride Sodium carbonate ChromiumIH nitrate Sodium iodide IronH cyanide Ammonium chlorate Ammonium phosphate 2 Write the name for the following formulas a b c d e f g Mgso4 NH42C03 Pb02 NiCO3 MnO3 SHOQ F62SO43 3 What is the name of these compounds W994 NCl3 N13 803 C1308 Si4P9 N20 4 What is the formula of these compounds hQQOU N Phosphorus pentachloride Iodine hepa uoride Chlorine tri uoride Iodine dioxide Carbon tetrabromide Diphosphorus trioxide i Qmgs v ogtw 3 2220 a Ox CQ ankceXngm ox Comxtoiwev g MOM gtlt 10 gtlt LUKE x I k Zex O XBUX 9 3amp5 EXW 55 Cg me jotM kg wk 9 V 7 LO KNMO WLO v 2 O quotJ3 glegxgitmg 3 393 v 39 39 S39q W g 0 G K1 v a g M 1X0 rows A 0 Km 2 4 CM 1 Q r quotL wxgwm Q QXCNLAV Mrs E s C BKQS7quot 39 Rt Wkwma 2 0 4quot 25gt N 2 E31 35H7 ML am mfg i 4 gt X VOW Q0w SKNXXQWX W l a N1 Hg or W10 7 Kvxai iA Dimensional analysis and density 1986 mg of a soft noble metal was pressed into a thin sheet The sheet is only 241X102 nm thick The square sheet of metal has a length of 6423X10 1 ft Calculate the density of the metal in units of gml Round the answer to the correct number of significant digits Identify the noble metal from its density If the metal is heated to its melting point then cooled it will change its shape from a sheet to a small sphere Describe what will happen to the density of the metal justify your answer Problem set 52312 1 these are old exam problems 1 3 Virite The chemical fonm a fm each uhstznce named Emile fellant statements 27 Sodium phmplmie react with nite to foam silver phosphate axed zo um where sn um phosphate silver nineme silver phosphate sod nm Hittite l 1 1 1 ii Ammonia react Wi h egeu thic39xrjei ue to fem mom eblar de ammenla l q l ogeu chlm39ide ammmium chlmide 13 Give the 5311mm chemical name fer the filming COW hCC g i also 111mm 35 salts 1 ii Cu E ealled blue stone 1 CU 1m used fer 111113 years at day cleaning clothes 1 I h 5103 cmdthe TLC plate used in the E131 1151 1 lab 3 TWJm are the molecular fommla and the 1110131 was of iniuomluene TNT You must hm39 31m 11 1 TH3 Mnlecular meule Molar Mass 0 C ND C 32 C m f Hquot T K H Nil 2 3 White a balanced equatme representing nine combustion ef liqmd e ianol CH3CH30H Make sure you include the playsteal states F 3 3 Give the syjemz t chemical name for the following mmpmmtis KGH also knew 3 caustic panel 31 NEH mere eemmuely known as hydramee P9303 also called HIST it Xe one of me 5121 compcnmrls Cinnamng a noble 1 gas 2m Cb W39me The elmnieal formula 50139 each eubzmuee named Emilie follonmg statements Yen ii that need to balance these 12mm if Melecular itFEED reacts with molecular hwlmgeu to form water malem ar oxygen malemlzr hydmgen TIE ii Potaszium chlo de reacts with leath nitrate to few leaKID chloride and minute pamsjm chloride leadCE mate le mm chlmick 13012123511331 eitmte l 1 1 l Igcj Ufaire a balanced eqana on repreaeming the combus ou of liquid fmmit Edi HC3903H Make sure you mdwde the physical SEES T 4 The painkiller cedeine ha the following composmm by mass 7334 E 7053 H 4633 N and Ddeme 1603 0 1331a is the SnagMeal Smm ula for Problem Set 82611 2 AW 1986 mg of a soft noble metal was pressed into a thin sheet The sheet is only 241x10239 nm thick The square sheet of metal has a length of 6423x10 1 ft Dimensional analysis and density Calculate the density of the metal in units of gml Round the answer to the correct number of signi cant digits Cm o w 4 W q 3 A I 3 Cg bM UOO quot1 7 r n Comerh Shows A CM KZHIYIOZAMBOAMC ZHWO 60w x ms CON61 M Neg A 3tO QMZ Z t Z 7 39 2 Ace H23xn7 SAB inj 2 5quot 1 333340 sz Jowe mltr ss he 1ZHlx10A2M333N Cg 3 3 X A S 1 lHJ lNO M M Z T I L i f o ML 92mm 4L Identify the noble metal from its density N last 1 can an at ex ea If the metal is heated to its melting point then cooled it will change its shape from a sheet to a small Sphere Describe What will happen to the density of the metal justify Devi o R go m Angq Ool 7w lt as WW m BM11 SMZ Q Ur W33


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