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ARTH 200IA-001

by: AllyCat

ARTH 200IA-001 ARTH 200IA-001

Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

Week 9 Notes up for grabs!
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by AllyCat on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
ARTH 200lA 001 Art History Art of World Civilization l Week 9 Lecture 1 Professor Emberlin has the Terms and Themes on D2L as well as the majority of the lectures I am not going to provide them any longer on the notes since they are provided twice once at the beginning of each lecture and a second time on D2L I think it would be a great opportunity to look at them from there as a refresher if you have any questions D On that note I will jump right into the notes Tang paintings gure and narrative Northern and Southern Song paintings Landscape Realism conveyed in Idealism quotEmperor Xuan and Attendantsquot Artist Yan Liban Detail of the Thirteen Emperors Tang Dynasty 650 Handscroll Ink and colors on sil Detail 1 8quot x 1 5quot Entire scroll 1739 5quot long Hierarchy of scale quotTravelers among Mountains and Streamsquot Detail Fan Kuan Recluse Not scholar Northern Song Period Early 11th C Hanging scroll Ink and colors on silk Entire scroll 639 7quot x 339 4quot Temples Multiple points of view Song Periods Most technologically advanced in the world quotAuspicious Cranesquot Artist is Huizong Northern Song period 1112 Section of a handscroII Ink and colors on silk 139 8quot x 4 6quot Calligraphy Cranes only land on land that is properly ruled Supports emperor s ruIe quotOn a Mountain Path in Springquot Artist is Ma Yuan Southern Song Period Early 13th C Album leaf Ink and colors on silk 11quot x 17quot Use imagination to complete Buddhist Architecture India Indonesia China quotKondoquot Horyuji Nara Prefecture Japan 680 Site of Shaka Triad Shintu religion Chinese wooden bracket system Curved roo ine Part of temple complex Various artforms in building quotTodaijiquot Daibutsuden Nara Japan 743 Rebuilt 1700 Originally 11 bays Now 7 bays Largest wooden building in the world quotPhoenix Hallquot Ugi Kyoto Prefecture Japan Heian period 1053 Bronze phoenixes alight on lands properly ruled Much like the cranes quotShaka Triadquot Artist Tori Busshi Kondo Horyuji Nara Prefecture Japan Asuka Period 623 Bronze Central gures 539 9quot high Mandorla Almond shaped Two circles overlapping Heian Period Late 8th C period of Esoteric Buddhism Ritual and meditation Rich court culture encouraged artists quotGenji Visits Murasakiquot From Minori Chapter Tale of Genji Heian period Early 12th C Handscroll Ink and color on paper 85quot high Murasaki is Genji39s favorite wife his discovery his treasure quotThe Flying Storehousequot From the legends of Mount Shigi Heian period Late 12th C Handscroll Ink and colors on paper 139 high quotThe Good Shephard the story ofJonah and Grantsquot Painted ceiling of a cubiculum in the catacomb of Saints Peter and Marcellinus Rome Early 4th C Grant Prayer Christ Shephard and teacher naked face slowly becomes ruler quotSarcophagus ofJunius Bassusquot Rome 359 Marble Approx 439 x 839 Art of the Christian elite Has tabernacles quotFramesquot Corinthian style columns No showing of cruci xion Because Romans did it quotRestored View of Old Saint Peter squot Rome Begun in 320 Where St Peter is believe to be buried First church Constantine commissioned Basilica Longitudinal Today a baroque church Glory on inside quotInterior of Santa Costanzaquot Rome 337 351 Central plan Ambulatory Drum quotThe Parting of Lot and Abrahamquot To Sodom and Gomorrah Mosaic in nave of Santa Maria Maggiore Rome 432 440 Roman naturalism and compressed composition aids narrative The Byzantine Empire Lasted almost 100 years Emperors had power over both church and state Art was didactic and expressed the essence of the divine The Byzantine aesthetic expresses the religious idea that all objects are interrelated in oneness Light and color mediate between humans and the divine the function of art is to create quotMausoleum of Galla Pacidiaquot 425 Ravenna Capital of western Christianity Religious building with plain brick exteriors quotChrist as the Good Shephardquot 425 Mosaic from the Mausoleum of Galla Pacidia Ravenna Italy Seen with cross instead of Shephard staff Seen as emperor taking role of Shepard Dressed royally Has Byzantine halo Roman illusionism Abstraction quotMiracle of the Loaves and Fishesquot Mosaic from Saint Apollinare Nuovo Ravenna Italy 504 Art of Late Antiquity is didactic Flatter gures Background predominately gold Not realistic Some people missing limbs Frontal Orent pose Abstract quotRebecca and Eliezer at the Wellquot Folio 7 Recto Vienna Genesis quotSuicide on Judas and Cruci xion of Christquot Plaque from a box 420 Ivory 3quot 4quot God shows no pain Judas limp Beginnings of showing cruci xion quotJustinian as World Conquerorquot Mid sixth C lvory 1 10quot Roman roots in imagery Propagandistic Crowded scene very Roman Things atter quotSaint Michael Archangelquot Ambiguous space Right leaf of a dipych quotHagia Sophiaquot Constantinople 532 537 Brick and stone NOT concrete Minerettes not part of orginal plan Temple later became an Islamic mosk and they were added Focus shifted from Jerusalem to Mecca Round dome on square base Sensory experience inside Floating dome Built byJustinian Today a Museum


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