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History of Western Architectur

by: Lesly Bode

History of Western Architectur ART 200

Marketplace > University of North Carolina at Greensboro > Art > ART 200 > History of Western Architectur
Lesly Bode

GPA 3.55

Richard Gantt

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About this Document

Richard Gantt
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lesly Bode on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 200 at University of North Carolina at Greensboro taught by Richard Gantt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/229054/art-200-university-of-north-carolina-at-greensboro in Art at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
ART 200 GANTT 1 TELEPHONES AND PAGERS MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING THE LECTURE PERIODS Art 200 01 Survey History of Western Architecture Fall 2009 Richard Gantt 288 Cone THE CONTRACT This syllabus is the operational contract between the professor and the student Read it carefully The information contained herein is intended as a guide to allow the student to know what the policies of this class are and to help herhim achieve success within the structure of the course Any effort is subject to error should this syllabus con ict with any stated policy of the university the syllabus will be superseded CONSULTATIONS I will be glad to schedule individual office appointments to discuss class material from lectures readings or examinations with any student At the end of a lecture see me and we will book your appointment I do not respond to unsolicited email THE COURSE Art 200 is the introductory course on the history of western architecture The content provides the student with an overview of the components of style theory structure and material as represented by architecture from antiquity to that of this century We are also concerned with the roles of function and meaning in architecture39s social context Since this is an enormous undertaking the material for study will be necessarily selective The content of the course is not concerned with quotappreciationquot nor is it specially designed for quotnonmajorsquot Rather it is a genuine art history course on the introductory level Therefore any university student should be able to handle the required work and succeed in the class The professor and text will present material within a common art historical perspective context and methodology and the student will be tested on these same aspects Additionally it is intended that the course serve as an introduction upon which the student may build by taking more advanced courses within the discipline The Department of Art offers a selection of these courses each semester LECTURES TELEPHONES AND PAGERS MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING THE LECTURE PERIODS Lectures will be held three times a week During the lectures material will be presented that is based upon the assigned reading see WORK DUE The points of the lectures will be demonstrated by the projection of slides of architectural works drawings diagrams etcifor instance Questions about the material under consi deration are strongly encouraged The lecture meeting will be the best time for the student to ask about any aspect of the readings he or she found difficult or unclear Consider we already have forty ve scheduled appointments this semester amounting to a total of over thirtyseven hours Those hours are important in mastering the material for this course I have noticed that students who include the lectures and careful note taking as part of their regimen of study generally have much better success than those who do not ATTENDANCE The days that you come to class are entirely your own business WHEN you come during lectures and examinations is entirely the professor s business Class begins promptly at its appointed time Do not come late thereby interrupting your peers and professor When class has started we are busy do not bother us You will know that our class is underway because the doors to the lecture hall will be shut do not come in If you need to see the professor or a peer wait until the class is over NOTE This policy also extends to activity ART 200 GANTT 2 within the lecture hall if a rest facility is needed avail yourself of its comforts before the class period Should the university officially close for some unforeseen eventisnow ice nuclear attack Satan Escapes from Helliwe will not have class If the university is open I will be here and class will meet At that juncture each member our university community must decide the risks to person and property for himself or herself and act upon the dictates of conscience GRADES The grade for this course will be determined by the average of four examination scores Your only opportunities for grades are to take the examinations at their appointed times Do not request special favors that cannot be granted to all of your peers quotextra workquot does not exist These examinations are scheduled see WORK DUE You should mark those dates on your personal calendar immediately Examinations are given neither earlier nor later than the scheduled slot Makeup examinations are not given Should you miss either EXAM I II or III the final grade will be determined by an average of three grades rather than four Should you miss two of these examinations a grade of zero will be recorded for each of the missed exams The nal examination EXAM IV on December 16 is required of all students see Undergraduate Bulletin under quot Gradingquot if it is missed an F rather than an IN incomplete wil be assigned as the course grade In keeping with the policy of this university which has no standardized grading scale I have determined that the scale for this course will be A 10095 B 9492 B 9188 B 8785 C 8482 C 8178 C 7775 D 7472 D 7168 D 6765 F 64 F 64 POSTED GRADES In order to fully comply with the Federal Rights of Privacy Act grades are never posted or given out over the telephone or online EXAMINATIONS Blue Books are required Only complete no pages missing Blue Books with a signed honor pledge will be acceptable Inkblue or blackis the only proper medium for your examination writing Your submitted quot must fulfill all of the above 39 or thev will not be accepted for grading The examinations for Art 200 will consist of three sections 1 Identi cationsprovide the crucial data for major artifacts Information such as the name of the architect hisher nationality the title of the work its date city and country of location the styleperiod to which it belongs will be required Information for this section will be taken directly from your text unless otherwise indicated during lectures 2 Stylistic analysisan unknown work will be projected for you to provide statements which detail the crucial stylistic properties of the work Termsoften have a specialized usage in art and architecture Mastery of terms is essential since they are often keys to understanding both the general properties of a style and the specific properties of an artifact Should you be required to define a term do so fully short answers are unlikely to be clear enough to allow you to receive credit Each examination will test only the material text and lecture covered since the previous exam Note Spelling is essential As in any discipline the student is required to know the material 2 2 5 is not correct and neither is Ludwig Mies van der Roeh for Ludwig Mies van der Rohe No personal electronic equipment computers PDAs for example may be employed during the class periods when examinations are to bebeing taken MDID INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENT ACCESS ART 200 GANTT This course will be taught using MDID Madison Digital Image Database a resource that will allow your class lectures to be viewed on any computer with Internet access Through MDID you will be able to review images get general information about material covered in class and print out worksheets and ashcards In order to access MDID from your computer go to httplibmdiduncgedu This page should have two spaces for you to enter your usemame and password After lling these in click the Login box USER NAME student PASSWORD arthistory Be sure to type in these elds in all lower case letters This is not asking for your unique information You must type in the words student and arthistory exactly as shown above Once you are logged into MDID you will see the Announcements screen and to the left there will be a list of six links Resources Slideshows Downloads Information Announcements and About You should click on SLIDESHOWS The Slideshows page shows a list of slideshows posted by each faculty member using MDID You must select the name of your professor from the drop box beside Slideshow Author Your professor may have organized their slideshows in separate folders You should check with your professor about what they are naming each of the slideshows posted for your course and whether or not you will need to select a different Folder depending on the course Sometimes a professor may choose to lock their slideshow with a password If there is a small lock icon next to the title of the slideshow you wish to view your professor will have to give you the password before you can view the images Once you see the name of the slideshow you are looking for you have three options 1 Ifyou click directly on the name of the slideshow this will take you to the Slideshow Viewer where you can see each of the slides individually or in comparison You can choose to hide the information for that slide or have it posted to the side and you can zoom in on details or text 2 Ifyou click on the link Print View next to the title of the slideshow it will show all of the images with their corresponding information approximately 18 per page These pages can be printed out before or after class depending on when your professor posts hisher lecture 3 Ifyou click on the link Flash Cards next to the title of the slideshow it will produce printable ash cards three per page with the images and information Ifthe slideshows you are looking for are not posted please contact your professor for more information If you are having trouble logging onto MDID or using this program then you can email Teresa Cunningham at tlcunninuncgedu or stop by the Visual Resources Library Cone Building Room 105 and ask a member of the VRL staff for help E MAIL I do not respond to unsolicited email However I am more than happy to answer any questions and discuss issues on the material under study in class and during office appointments BUILDING USE This class is held in the Cone Building that houses the Weatherspoon Museum The gallery is the University39s art museum and owns a worldiclass collection of contemporary art from the United States As is common with museumsfood drinks smoking are not permitted in the building BUT happily ANY amount of looking at and talking about the alt during unlimited free visits is always encouraged TEXT required Trachtenberg and Hyman Architecture from Prehistory to Postmodernity 2quotd edition ART 200 GANTT WORK DUE Each reading is due for the class that falls on the date cited Examinations for the class are also scheduled on this calendar DATE CHAPTER DATE CHAPTER Aug 26 Introduction 1 Oct 16 8 Sep 02 2 28 9 09 3 Nov 04 Exam III 16 Exam I 06 10 18 4 09 l l 2 l 5 l3 12 25 6 20 13 30 7 30 l4 14 Exam 11 Dec 07 Last Class day that will live in infamy 16 Exam IV 80071100 Cone 107


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