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by: Ahmed Mahmoud

BasicEnergyScienceWeek1Unit1.pdf SOS314

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Physical Education > SOS314 > BasicEnergyScienceWeek1Unit1 pdf
Ahmed Mahmoud
GPA 3.74
Basic Energy Science
Dr. Jonathan Kelman

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About this Document

First Unit of the course
Basic Energy Science
Dr. Jonathan Kelman
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ahmed Mahmoud on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOS314 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Jonathan Kelman in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 131 views. For similar materials see Basic Energy Science in Physical Education at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
Ahmed Mahmoud Jonathan Kelman Basic Energy Science Lecture 1 Unit 1 Material Energy vs Power video 1 Graph of human energy consumption from 1820 2000 a From 1820 1880s the main source of fuel is biofuelsbiofuels i Prior to biomass food was our fuel ii A human can put out about 100 watts of energy average iii Homo erectus fires b From 1880 and onwards we see the rise of coal as fuel c From the 1930s and onward the oil boom occurs d From the 1970s and onward natural gas hydro effect and nuclear energy e For a large portion of the world biomass is STILL the primary source of energy 2 The first energy crisis a Had to deal with wood because this was a limited supply Many trees were being cut down trees cannot grow quick enough i This pushed Europeans to move to the United States 3 What is Energy a Uses of energy i We need energy for transportation climate control 70 of electricity load AC or Heat Industry and manufacturing electronics agriculture ii Industrial and transportation are the biggest uses of energy in the world b Energy is the potential to do work i Force X Distance ii The body is doing work even when you re not aware of it 1 Digesting food 2 Pumping blood 3 Brain energy 4 Breathing c Energy Vs Power The difference i Energy is how much power you use over time 1 Measurements a Joules Gigajoules etc b 1 Joule 1 Watts this unit is used by science c Kilowatt hours KWh and Megawatt MWh hours will be used for this class i Metric ii Most universal in industry d BTU British thermal Unit Energy needed to cool 1 pound of water 1 degree farenheight e calories Very small units of energy too small of a unit for this class 2 Any ailment of time will tell you that energy is being discussed ii Power is the rate at which energy is being used 1 EX1 Capacity of a power plant Power rating a To know this you must know how many hours the plant has run throughout the entire m and how hard to plant ran to actually know how much energy it put out 2 Power can be rated in watts capacity potential etc Power does not have a time increment to it 4 Common Materials and Energy output a Coal i 1 ton of coal average 7300 KWhton b Gallon of ice cream i 5 KWh c Uranium i Natural 8 SOKWh Oz ii Pure U 235 570KWhOz iii Hiroshima bomb 1 2602 put out 15000000KWh of energy 2 Destroyed 100000 d Pure Deuterium i 2600000 KWh oz eXtremely powerful ii Only in a not controlled environment this is an extremely powerful gas Laws of Thermodynamics video 1 De nition of Thermodynamics How does heat change thermo dynamics 2 Laws of Thermodynamics a i 1St Law Energy cannot be either created nor destroyed Energy is released and dissipated b 2nd Law Entropy of the universe will always increase over time 1 ii iii iv Waste will always be present No system is 100 efficient Many energy making systems are way less efficient than 100 This is why perpetual motion systems don t eXist Efficiency is always lost anytime you have to change something from one form to another or when it travels across distance Sample efficiencies 1 Gasoline efficiency 15 to 25 is actually transferred to movement of the car this is very poor a Forces of energy being used to transport i Friction Air contact wheels forward movement b Well design water wheel 60 to 80 c Diesel Engine Less than 50 d Electric Stove 10 15 efficiency 3 5 Relatively distinct phases of usable energy 1 ii iii iv vi End Lecture Extraction Harnessing Usually from the ground 1 Oil rig coal mine Refining Taking the raw material and making it more pure or making it to many different things Production Taking the raw materials and making it into a more useable form heat to create electricity Distribution Sourcing the originally eXtracted materials for mass availability Consumption


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