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by: Ahmed Mahmoud

ClinicalPsychologyWeek1Notes.pdf PSY472

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Ahmed Mahmoud
GPA 3.74
Clinical Psychology
Dr. Richard Lanyon

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About this Document

Clinical Psychology
Dr. Richard Lanyon
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ahmed Mahmoud on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY472 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Richard Lanyon in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 129 views. For similar materials see Clinical Psychology in Psychlogy at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 01/16/15
Ahmed Mahmoud Dr Richard Lanyon Week 1 Notes PSY472 Lecture 1 1 No lecture just reviewing syllabus policies PSY472 Lecture 2 Section 2 Historical Overview in Clinical Psychology 1 Historical Roots of Clinical Psychology WW1 Era a Important people i Wilhelm Wundtt German psychologist that established a psychological research lab during WW1 ii Sir Francis Galton Developed tests in England to measure the individual on a series of scales iii Lightner Witner set up the first clinical psychology lab at UPENN this is regarded as the begging of clinical psychology Set up 2 types of tests to asses individuals 1 Cognitive tests measured the individual s cognitive abilities and skills 2 Non Cognitive tests measured the individuals personality trains iv Sigmund Freud Developed psychoanalytic therapy to deal With mentally ill b The World War 1 Era and the beginning of psychology 1 American Psychological Association APA was formed to help assess volunteers for the army that had intellectual deficits 12 Tests Army Alpha 8C Army Beta test ii Robert Woodworth Developed a method for assessing mental stability during this time iii The APA during the world war era had divisions 1 D12 Clinical Psychology division 2 D41 Psychology and LaW 2 Post World War 1 a Many soldiers were returning home suffering from a condition known as Shell Shock Which is now known as PTSD b This paved the way for the foundations of psychology 3 World War 2 8C the growth of the field a During WW2 there was a huge shortage of psychiatrists and professionals that can treat mental conditions 4 i This led to a massive recruitment of psychologists from the pentagon ii Funds now started pouring in to fund the scientist practioner model iii The government was now fully funding psychology b PhD programs were now set up under the scientist practioner model i Accreditation occurred this is now an actual field From 1946 1950 0 to 12 of all doctorate psychology programs were now clinical psychology based A huge explosion occurred due to WW2 i DSM was created in 1952 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Post WW2 Important Contributors to Psychology 8C Approaches a Important approaches i Humanistic Approach focused on each individual s personality and self growth full potential This model believes that all humans are good and that as a result social issues deviate them away into bad behaviors and choices ii Horticultural theory of personality Therapeutic approach that got individuals to open up about why they felt a certain type of way Carl Rogers i Focused on client centered therapy b ii Rogers believed the individual s personality was fully genetics Everything about this personality was predestined BF Skinner i Felt that the individual s personality was a result of the individual s interactions with the environment ii Felt that behaviors can be learned or forgotten Hernz Eysink i Discovered a major problem in the field of psychology ii 2 3 of people that received therapy had improved 2 3 of people that did not receive therapy also improved This basically stated that therapy was not effective iii This led to specific treatments for specific problems and not just 1 universal therapy for a variety of problems d 5 The 1970s era and Onwards a Psychologists felt a huge problem with the current model that PhDs were being trained in i Training was very research based not much application in the clinical setting b The Vail Model The 2I101 psychological training model offered by the APA i This is a practitioner scholar model ii PsyD degree was awarded students were basically taught and then applied their learnings 6 1980s 8C Managed Care a Health management organizations exploded due to the findings and successful treatments of medical conditions b Price however started to increase i Co pays were formed ii Patients were never directly billed iii Insurance companies tried to contain costs 1 This led to finding specific treatments for specific conditions in order to contain costs Section 3 Current topics and issues in Clinical Psychology 7 What do clinical psychologists do a Research assessment interviewing and advising b Clinical psychologists work in schools business industry i Advisory roles c Training i Board certified 1 Clinical 2 Neuropsychology 3 Forensic 4 Etc d Salary i 85000 Median e Training i 4 years undergrad 5 7 post grad ii Require a 1 year APA internship iii Must take 8C pass the EPPP End Lecture 2 1


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