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Introduction to Aviation

by: Mr. Sam Quigley

Introduction to Aviation AVIT 102

Mr. Sam Quigley
GPA 3.77

Leslie Martin

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About this Document

Leslie Martin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Sam Quigley on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AVIT 102 at University of North Dakota taught by Leslie Martin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 90 views. For similar materials see /class/229084/avit-102-university-of-north-dakota in Aviation Sciences at University of North Dakota.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Block 1 Study Guide Weight and Balance Complete the weight and balance for the C172 referencing the charts provided in the weight and balance power point C172 BEW is 17229 and Moment is 711920 remember to divide by a 1000 for the Cessna charts Pilot is 150 lbs Front passenger is 140 lbs Rear passenger is 170 lbs Baggage put in the rear seat is 10 lbs Full fuel for both Total weight 25109 lbs Total moment 110892 1 Are you below the maximum takeoff weights 7 2 Are you within the envelopes for normal ight Performance Using the weather provided and weight and balance you calculated from above compute the following performance questions for the Cessna KGFK 021553Z 16009KT lOSM BKN09O 1913 A3010 RMK A02 SLP193 T01940133 KGFK 021125Z 0212031217010KT P65M SCT080 TEMPO 02120216 BKN080 FM030000 16007KT P65M SCTOSO 1 What is your takeoff ground roll 2 What is your lift off speed iquot 1 V 3 What is your landing distance 4 3 What side of the hold short line can you cross without a clearance Tquot 239 r The solid side b 4 On a vasi what means that you are on glide path a Red over red c White over white 5 A mandato instruction sign are what colors b Back and hite c Yellow and black 6 A military airport beacon is what colors a White and green b White yellow and green h d Yellow and green 7 What is the purpose of a hold short line To let other aircraft pass ahead of you and let you know when to stop They are to mark off runways 8 What colors are a mandatory instruction sign at an airport a Yellow and white b Yellow and black Draw and label the runway con guration for Morris MN KMOX Not to scale 10 A standard traf c pattern is which direction of turns 11 If the wind is 320 at 15 kts which runway will you depart b 31 N The starting point for weight and balance is the Standard Empty Weight l c Useful Load 1 Ramp Weight W List one thing that will have an impact on aircraft performance Ar rm 14 777 14 900 am local time is what time in zulu a 2100 b 1400 y 1 1quot 1 0200 U Decode the following METAR KADC 022017Z AUTO 29019G34KT 4SM TSRA SCT014 SCT027 BKN055 1309 A2977 RMK A02 LTG DSNT 16 How large of an area does a TAF cover a 2 miles 39 H c 10 miles 1 15 miles


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