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Introduction to Visual and Procedural Programming

by: Bill Conroy

Introduction to Visual and Procedural Programming COP 2010

Marketplace > University of North Florida > Computer Programming > COP 2010 > Introduction to Visual and Procedural Programming
Bill Conroy
GPA 3.74

Justin Gaudry

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About this Document

Justin Gaudry
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bill Conroy on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COP 2010 at University of North Florida taught by Justin Gaudry in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/229086/cop-2010-university-of-north-florida in Computer Programming at University of North Florida.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Paradigms of pgm procedural OOP eventdriven Procedural sequence selection repetition Basis for other models Eventdriven listeners OOP encapsulation polymorphism inheritance Class hierarchy object shape vehicle rectangle circle car truck suv to explain poly and inheritance Computer systems 5 cats of hw CPU Primary memory 2ndary memory IO 2 cats of sw systems applications Types standalone timeshare clientserver distributed Languages natural highlevel assembly machine Syntax and Semantics Errors syntax compile semantic runtime and logical Graphical User Interface GUI Integrated development environment IDE File systems VB IDE View menu option solution explorer properties toolbox pushpin Organization of les created with a VB project maindir sln solution suo solution user options subdir vb def of form controls procedures resx resources graphics text s vbproj project describes proj and les in project vbprojuser project user options leClConverterInpu iySM8ianvtXt4272011 42019 PM To submit must zip the maindir not the subdir Programming process speci cations design user interface determine controls needed determine initial properties determine methods needed determine logic for these methods in logical steps rather than syntax create the formcontrols write the methods correct syntax errors run and correct runtime or logical errors semantic Waterfall software development specifications analysis design implementation formal testing maintenance Designtime runtime breaktime Visual Basic controls form text box label command button check box radio button picture box Class methods and properties vs instantiated objects and their methods and properties UNICODE ASCII xASCII Naming conventions Data types String Integer Double Boolean Character Unicode all are objects with methods How many bytes each integer versus oating point types signed versus unsigned range of data stored in integer types IEEE standard for storing 32bit 64bit and 128bit oating point types Type compatibility Option Explicit on Option Strict on Datatype conversions ConvertToXXX throw an Exception vs ltClassTypegtTryParse Boolean Tokens for VB Keywords identi ers operators comments punctuation syntax end if or end loop Properties Name and Text properties BackColor ForeColor Font Clear Focus Label AutoSize Boolean TextAlign one of 9 positions within control StretchImage on picture box Multiline on TextBox CheckBox Checked property Boolean not a set independent leClConverterInpu iySM8ianvtXt42720l1 42019 PM ToString format codes With End With Categorized or Alphabetized properties window I prefer Alpha Operators Mod amp amp Precedence and Associativity Code template what pops up when you double click a control default event Class methods Object methods versus Intrinsic functions Immutable Overloaded String concatenation amp Exceptions Trycatchflnally with several types of exceptions FormatException DivideByZeroException Comments Name description comment logical sections don t overcomment MessageBox Show method As SystemWindowsFormsDialogResult Input box Intrinsic function As String Meclose Formload leClConverterInpu iySM8ianvtXt42720l1 42019 PM


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