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Class Notes 1/6

by: Mary Cooke

Class Notes 1/6 HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe

Mary Cooke
GPA 3.995
World War II in Europe

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About this Document

Notes from the first day of class, 1/6
World War II in Europe
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Mary Cooke on Friday January 16, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe at University of Pittsburgh taught by Hammond in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see World War II in Europe in History at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
WWII in EUROPE NOTES 16 Background and Causes of the War pt 1 I 800 Charlemagne is crowned emperor FIRST REICH 0 Highly effective ruler conqueror o Christianized his territories through force I Earned him the support of the pope 0 Sent troops to Rome to help the pope who was threatened after an illegitimate children scandal 0 Was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope because of this I 843 Holy Roman Empire falls apart 0 Is split between 3 sons becomes too fragmented IMPORTANCE Hitler imagines another great empire THIRD REICH I Post 843 Power becomes localized ex Rise of Spain and France 0 Holy Roman Empire still exists but is not united under a strong single ruler 0 quotGermanyquot is broken into 300 local principalities I Large Prussia Berlin Austria Vienna Bavaria I Small family estates monasteries I Were considered a principality if you sent a delegate to the Diet governing body I Most of these entities were not selfsustaining 0 Inefficient system I 1800 French Revolution Enlightenment ideals Napoleon 0 French Rev throwing off of aristocratic systems 0 Napoleon gains power after the rev I Conquers most of Europe and spreads the enlightenment ideals of the revolution I Introduces the idea of modern bureaucracy Germany goes from 300 to 39 provinces I Border restructuring reshapes Germany I Wipes out the Holy Roman Empire temporarily I Is seen by SOME AT FIRST as a liberator because of the Napoleonic code ex Jews 0 Emergence of nationalism result of the imposition of Napoleon s foreign system I Germany speci cally I Folk level Brothers Grimm fairy tales songs dictionary 0 Showing German culture I Political level Hegel s writings I 1814 Napoleon is defeated at Leipzig and exiled to an island in the Mediterranean I 1815 Napoleon returns and is defeated nally at Waterloo 0 Napoleon is then deposed throne is taken away and Louis XVIII is restored to the throne and is succeeded by Charles X I IMPORTANCE Both have conservative values and styles of ruling I Congress of Vienna 181415 officiated by Clemence von Metternich 0 Purpose is to restore Europe after Napoleon I To quotprop up the rotting corpse of old Europe I IMPORTANCE Metternich decides to return to old Europe rather than keeping some of Napoleon s enlightened values I However Germany s new borders are kept 0 Has to restructure international relations strong fear of France exists 0 Encourage military alliances under the logic that larger territories are harder to conquer I Balance of power theory intention was at least 3 equal alliances WWII in EUROPE NOTES 0 Based off of Thomas Hobbes states inclinate towards power grabs REALISM 0 Concert of Europe conservative traditional system 0 Small countries declared neutrality I Switzerland Belgium Luxembourg 0 Other option which was ignored was free trade system trade creates interdependence and prevents war I Interdependence internationalism Smith and Cobden I Was proposed by England which had industrialized fully by this point and was wealthy as a result of this I Intention was to bene t England


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