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Class Notes 1/8

by: Mary Cooke

Class Notes 1/8 HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe

Mary Cooke
GPA 3.995
World War II in Europe

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About this Document

Notes from class on Thursday, 1/8
World War II in Europe
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Mary Cooke on Friday January 16, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe at University of Pittsburgh taught by Hammond in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 90 views. For similar materials see World War II in Europe in History at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
WWII in EUROPE NOTES 18 Causes of WWII pt 2 0 Post Congress of Vienna o Dismantling of Napoleonic structures with the exception of border restructurings 0 Return to traditional conservative values Limited industry and industrialization possibilities Ends Enlightenment civil rights 0 1830 Bourgeois Revolution in France 0 Wanted to empower the middle class Sparks revolts throughout the German territories 1840 Famine potato blight o Decrease in grain production causes 300 increase in food prices 0 1848 Revolutions in France 0 Sparks revolutions across continental Europe for different reasons Peasants protesting the old feudal system Entrepreneurs in protest of the guild system Those who want national autonomy Academics who want the civil rights that they had had under Napoleon 0 May 1848 Frankfurt Assembly in Germany 0 German territories sent delegates to an assembly in Frankfurt to discuss quotGermanyquot Majority are academics lawyers professors 0 Idealistic o Propose economic freedom civil liberties and the uni cation of Germany Almost universal agreement that Germany should unify Result of the nationalism caused by Napoleon 0 However territories were not all that similar 0 Different religions Peace of Augsburg leaders choose the denomination 0 Differences in language although they all speak German Potential for con ict Austria is not to be included in the new Germany 0 Does not want to compromise autonomy and large empire 0 Uni cation FAILS Local rulers of the individual powers did not want to lose power King of Prussia did not want this even though he was to gain a signi cant amount of territory as he was to rule the new Germany 0 Did not want to be limited by a constitution and therefore lose power Guilds peasants did not want to lose their power protested this 0 HOWEVER shows the tangibility of nationalism and moves towards the actual uni cation of Germany Will have to be a conservative project not liberal like the Frankfurt Assembly proposed Constitutions are implemented in many principalities by the rulers although they do not help everyone 0 EX Prussia all adult males can vote but votes are weighted by how much one pays in taxes 0 Constitution holds for a long time 0 Otto von Bismarck o Wealthy landowner aristocrat o Felt that his role in life was to serve Prussia and Germany WWII in EUROPE NOTES 0 Was sent to become a delegate of the Diet of the HRE in Frankfurt by the King of Prussia Did this very well according to the King and became the ambassador to Russia and then France 0 Was called back to Prussia by Wilhelm I because of con ict within Prussia 1862 Wilhelm could not get the Reichstag to pass a budget increase for the military Bismarck passes the increase without the approval of the Reichstag and takes the money 0 Military expands 0 1863 Demark writes its constitution and has to rede ne its borders territory con icts with Germany 0 Bismarck allies with Austria against the Danes win the war 0 Decide to divide the spoils among themselves Bismarck takes territory that Austria wants Causes war with Austria which Prussia is able to win because of military industrialism Proves superiority over Austria especially to the small states who see Prussia was superior


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