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Multivariable Calculus

by: Gerry Kohler

Multivariable Calculus MATH 2730

Gerry Kohler
GPA 3.8

Pieter Allaart

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About this Document

Pieter Allaart
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerry Kohler on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 2730 at University of North Texas taught by Pieter Allaart in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/229121/math-2730-university-of-north-texas in Mathematics (M) at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
f1sz gnamll l 39 r awn x x 3114 1 21mg 39 x1 xca f5tg1 ia 5 c11l o LXHVWL 342 aw 1 91 5 1 13 3 3 m 39V quot ltiu7 4 4 M OP PWVOPV lt2157 TZ 7 51 A L 4 W dzlwi 7 1quot132 7 VH1 21100 3 0i 32ka i ojO 1f 2jquoti 1 0411 3633 2MLL3LTM 4 J A P35J C 390C Qilwk 1rlt 11M ZLC LE I CCv1L2f 225 9 canquot in Ca T Q 33990 3 I 3 2 2 l L 2 D J 3 gt 7 Hf6 U1 ug zrquot jL1 J dirk 20 6u V 1 Jaf u W PQlt 17117 15732ltv1 67 17 A a if E 4 I 3 g F I Q 393 J quota 3 PR lf MW 2 JM mikr er2L 4 A W 1 PM W in w HzquotiV6I wziW 539 a 9 Pa 021917 r gt X L Fm 2 146 oaz ltoo 0 6 g UZLampMA ilz grXS 1412 X give3 1 32515 2 174451h5 2 535 9 55 MWf l Mr M P6 1 gym W 344 was mm 3 H1C73938HM i435 a l5 n Qrgwamp Wm Wm M i A gural W m FGCMLJE mmapm we Q gco llt j ma a FltHn 5m7 39lt o f v gage Wf39L Rho 4 Cane c ut EEMW39W 3 am gamfoawHwigicl 2 1i iq3 l5Lq l1 ll m Mme a mm 742 Xfoccooi l V Vina bgnszLJ z3a 7K Q i i 37 gt 9 Q 6039 Hii bl A gzi lT1EIW b w0awz c mcb mqm 2 511m 771 w 7161 ww C 197 f xh Eda Mum in m m A a dueMd J 723 mgvmwaw 7 z uweam that Blailurgnlgs39k LingKi J V quot 643W 3 I I rl L 77 quot F aw I adjV LWiQJUKM 3b 50 Math 2730 Review for Exam 1 1 Find the center and radius of the sphere x2 y2 22 6x 7 2y 22 5 2 Find the distance from the point P2 75 to the line L y 4x 3 Given the points A101 B120 and C012 a Find the angle between AF and Ab b Find the projection of AP onto Ab c Find all unit vectors parallel to AU 4 Find the area of the triangle with vertices P3 01 Q1 712 and R150 5 a Find pararnetric equations for the line through the points P10 1 and Q71 2 5 b Given the lines L1 z12t y374t zt L2 z275 y7435 28725 determine whether L1 and L2 intersect and if so at which point 6 Determine whether each of the following equations is always true or not always true Explain brie y a u gtlt V V 0 b uv gtlt uiv ugtltuivgtltv 7 The position of a particle at time t is given by the vector function 1t t cos ti t sin tj 2tk At what time or times are the particles velocity and acceleration vectors orthogonal to each other 8 A tennisball is thrown from the top of the Eiffel Tower 276 In high with initial speed of 2 rns at an upward angle of 30 with the horizontal How many seconds later and how far from the base of the tower will it land 9 Extra credit Show that C lBlA lAlB bisects the angle between A and B Hint show that C makes the same angle with A as with B Math 2730 Review for Exam 2 P Allaart SHOW ALL YOUR WORK NO WORKNO CREDITH 1 Calculate all rst and second order partial derivatives of the functions a y yym bf7y10gy1 2 Compute the limit f e W mgHaj 2 7 zy 2x 3 Let the path of a particle in space be given by the vector function I39t 3 cos ti 3 sin tj 2t32k a Find the unit tangent vector T at time t 0 b Find the distance traveled along the curve arc length from t 0 to t 3 4 For each equation below7 state the corresponding type of quadric surface Choose from Ellipsoid7 Elliptical li araboloid7 Hyperbolic cylinder7 Circular cylinder7 Hyperboloid of one sheet7 Hyperboloid of two sheets7 Hyperbolic paraboloid saddle 2 yz 22 2 22 2 7 7 71 b772771 i721 a49m 4 y 9 C4 y 2 212 2 212 diff 7 7 4 9 2 649 2 5 Let fy eVy m a Find the domain of f b ls the domain open7 closed7 or neither Explain You will NOT be tested on this concept in the eccam c ls the domain bounded or unbounded Explain You will NOT be tested on this concept in the eccam d Find the range of f e Find an equation for the level curve of f passing through the point 15 Then sketch this level curve 6 Find an equation for the plane that contains the lines L1 x713t7 74t7 227t7 foolttltoo and L2 47t7 y2t7 237t7 foolttltoo Make sure your method can be clearly understood Write your equation in the form cw by 02 d Hint rst nd two nonparallel vectors in the plane 5 Given the planes M1x72yz 4 and M2 z2y329 a Find to the nearest degree the angle between M1 and M2 b Find a parametric equation for the line of intersection of M1 and M2 00 Extra credit Does the limit lirn z sin i zya00 zy exist If so7 what is it Explain carefully


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