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Introduction to Archaeology

by: Nayeli Torphy DVM

Introduction to Archaeology ARCH 2500

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Archaeology > ARCH 2500 > Introduction to Archaeology
Nayeli Torphy DVM
GPA 3.52

Lisa Nagaoka

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About this Document

Lisa Nagaoka
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nayeli Torphy DVM on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 2500 at University of North Texas taught by Lisa Nagaoka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/229129/arch-2500-university-of-north-texas in Archaeology at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
ARCH 2500 Antiquities Market Goals To understand the scope of the antiquities market To understand the market s impact on the archaeological record This exercise will allow you to explore the market yourselves In particular you should get a feel about the range of artifacts being sold whether the sellers care about the archaeological record or the artifacts themselves and whether they understand the legalities of selling artifacts 1 Read the articles listed in the bibliography below For each of the authors describe why they are in favor or against the antiquities market N Go to an intemet auction site such as Ebay com or Amazoncom The Bruhns 2000 article lists many sites that sell artifacts Locate at least two items for sale that are advertised as being authentic prehistoric artifacts At least one of them should be an artifact that is on the expensive end Print off the listing and description for each artifact and attach this to the paper that you turn in E Describe how you found the artifact listings For example what words did you search for or what categories you looked under How long did it take you to nd it 4 If the description of the artifacts does not state the following information email the seller for the information Be sure to turn in these email conversations as part of the homework Do the sellers know anything about the details of the context in which it was found This will give you an idea if they are interested in the artifacts themselves or in understanding the past in general If they are interested in the object very little contextual information is provided If they have an appreciation for the archaeological record they will be able to tell you where they found it and what it was associated or found with Is the seller familiar with the laws that govern the sale of artifacts like the one they are selling Was the artifact found on private or public land Collecting artifacts on public lands is illegal But some sellers may be naive about the laws How does the seller know the age specified is correct The seller should at least be able to give you a reference book that they used to identify the artifact Are there any differences between how the expensive item and cheaper item are presented by the sellers Are there reasons why some artifacts are more expensive Since some sellers may not respond to your emails in a timely manner you will probably have to contact more than just two sellers 5 Search around on the auction site and see if they have an official policy on the sale of antiquities Ebay s policies are at httpnaoe ebav com 39 39 quotv indr html Ifyou cannot nd one you can email the auction site and ask them what their policy is This is important because it gives you an idea of the scope of what they consider fair game After looking at their policy discuss whether you think the policies are adequate or not and why 6 Given what you have learned from the readings and your experience searching the web conclude your summary by addressing the following Are sellers interested in the artifacts as objects or as part of the archaeological record How can you tell What do you think the impact of this market has on what we can know about the past What can we do to discourage the illegal selling of artifacts or encourage the conservation of the archaeological record Braden Maria 1999 Trafficking in treasures American Archaeology 34 1825 Bruhns Karen Olsen 2000 wwwplunderedpastcom SAABulletin 182 Gardner Randy 2000 Broken arrowheads Bargains in the antiquities market Antiques and Collecting Jun 2000 2226 Robbins Elaine 2004 The World Wide Web of antiquities American Archaeology 83 2730 Toner Mike 2002 Treasures surface with few questions In The Past in Peril Southeast Archaeological Center National Park Service Atlanta ARCH 2500 Sampling Population Sample Representative Sample Statistic Parameter Statistical inference Accuracy Precision Sampling Stratum Sampling a technique for examining part of the material in order to make some statement about the total body of material the total set of units begin studied any subset of units from the population a sample that accurately re ects the diversity of the population the sample value the population value the process of arguing from statistics to parameters equated with validity How close accurate is sample to the population value Are we measuring what we think we are measuring equated with reliability or replicability Will we get the same results if we measure them again an internally homogeneous sub population of a population a highnhsal apart Website 39quottorthePagetSaund 39 CcpysigntZi b 1993 The Seattle nes Company ScienceHealth Wednesday January 27 1999 New study Don39t exercise be happy by Martha Irvine The Associated Press CHICAGO Couch potatoes can improve heart and lung tness just as much by doing everyday activities such as raking leaves and climbing stairs as they would working up a sweat in a gym researchers reported today The authors of two studies in today39s Journal of the American Medical Association say their ndings are good news for anyone who doesn39t exercise The study followed 235 men and women ages 35 to 60 who were divided into two groups and monitored over two years One group spent 20 to 60 minutes vigorously exercising swimming or biking for example up to ve days a week The other incorporated 30 minutes a day of the so called39 quotlifestylequot exercise Researchers found that at the end of six months both groups had similar and signi cant improvements in cholesterol ratios blood pressure and body fat percentages However the lifestyle group had to exercise three times longer than those at the gym to burn the same amount of calories The second study which followed 40 Obese women had similar results The studies are among the rst clinical trials to nd that moderate exercise is bene cial for the one in four Americans who spend most of their time sitting and put themselves at greater risk for heart disease the leading cause of death in the United States quotThis is great news for the millions of Americans who are not 31399 703 PM Vi V A M I 1i Acl39yk getting enough physical activityquot Dr Claude Lenfant director of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute said in a statement applauding the two studies Researchers say people who usually don39t exercise are more likely to stick to a regimen of 39doing everyday activities than keep up with a daily gym routine quotIf we don39t develop approaches that are easier for people we39ll continue to have the publichealth problem that we have at the momentquot said Andrea Dunn a Cooper Institute researcher and lead author of the study A recent study by the Mayo Clinic suggested that merely moving around or dgeting can help people stay trim But these researchers aren39t recommending that people stop working out at the gym or saying that a lunchtime walk here and a set of stairs there will do the trick quot It has to be a little more structured than thatquot said Ross Andersen of Johns Hopkins University who led the study of obese women quotAnd it has to be done at a purposeful pacequot The World39s Hardest Working Ad Ll Keeps Running Until Your Truck Sells GUARANTEED M quot39 CLICK H n B CLASEIFiEDS FOR DETAILS egttletimescom home Qiaaai ed ds I W I mum l W Wham Back is Top 31399 703 PM


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