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Data Description and Analysis with Spreadsheets

by: Dr. Lolita McCullough

Data Description and Analysis with Spreadsheets DSCI 2710

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Decision Sciences > DSCI 2710 > Data Description and Analysis with Spreadsheets
Dr. Lolita McCullough
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Lolita McCullough on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DSCI 2710 at University of North Texas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/229145/dsci-2710-university-of-north-texas in Decision Sciences at University of North Texas.

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Date Created: 10/25/15
le86 Keystroke Guide for Statistics To enter lists of data and do statistical calculations Names of are shown in brackets eg ENTER Names of menu choices are shown in capital letters e g EDIT Names of functions are shown in double quotes e g quotOneVaquot Names of variables are shown in single quotes 6 g 39Al39 To create a new list of data To enter the statistics mode hit the 2nd key then the STAT key second use of the key Choose EDIT on the menu hit the F2 key Move cursor to top of screen use the UP ARROW then move to the right use the RIGHT ARROW until you come to a blank column Don39t enter data into the xStat yStat or fStat columns if you want to save the lists Choose a name like 39A39 for the list and type it in you will already be in alpha mode at that point Hit the ENTER key If you get an error message choose another name like 39Al39 or any name Enter the data by scrolling down with the DOWN ARROW or the ENTER key When done entering data simply hit the EXIT key To find the mean and standard deviation etc Reenter the statistics mode as above in order to get the main stat menu Choose CALC on the menu F1 key Choose the quotOneVaquot function on the secondary menu F1 key again Then type the name of the list you created You will have to hit the ALPHA key rst Hit ENTER The screen will now show the statistical results I x bar is the sample mean Ex is the sum of the data 2x2 is the sum of the squares of the data SX is the sample standard deviation 039 x is the population standard deviation You will also see the median and the quartiles etc as you scroll down TI86 Keystroke Guide 32 To nd the line or curve that best ts a scatterplot of data involvingmatched pairs of data Enter two lists of paired data as above named eg 39A39 and 39B39 where 39A39 is the variable that you would plot on the horizontal axis and 39B39 is the variable you would plot on the vertical axis Re enter the statistics mode as above in order to get the main stat menu Choose CALC on the menu F 1 key quot To get a straight line of best t choose the quotLinRquot function on the secondary menu F3 key Or if you want a different kind of curve to model the data choose quotLnRquot logarithmic quotEprquot exponential PerH for any power function x n quotSinRquot sine wave quotLgstRquot logiStic curve quotP2Regquot quadratic function quotP3Regquot cubic function etc Then type the names of the lists you created separated by a comma So your screen should now read quotLinR ABquot with the horizontal variable variable rst Hit ENTER as The screen will now show the statistical results for linear regression yab x where the slope is 39b39 and the intercept is 39a39 a b corr This is the correlation between A and B which shows how good the straight line fit is to the data Values close to i1 show a good correlation and the model is useful To graph the scatterplot of data Enter the statistics mode in order to get the main stat menu Choose PLOT on the menu F 3 key Choose PLOTl on the new menu F1 key Or choose PLOT2 or PLOT3 Turn that plot ON hit ENTER Scroll down once with the DOWN ARROW Hit ENTER in order to choose thef39sCatterplot format Type the name you made up for the horizontal variable e g 39A39 Hit ENTER Type the name you made up for the vertical variable e g 39839 Hit ENTER Choose the mark that shows the data points then hit ENTER Hit EXIT twice to return to the general screen 39 Enter the graphing mode hit GRAPH quotyxquot hit F1 The plot that you activated should now show as highlighted Deselect any other functions that show in your quotyxquot list I Change the x and y limits in the WINDOW of your screen in order to see all of the points Display the scatterplot by choosing GRAPH hit 2 F5 To graph the line of best Enter the graphing mode hit GRAPH Choose quotyx quotquot hit F1 39 Type in the equation that the calculator agave earlier In the case of linear regression you want to have ylab x Finally graph both thescatterplot and the regression line or curve together 8802 Chapter Statistics 193 Result 1Var 2Var Result 1Var 2Var Variables Stats Stats Other Variables Stats Stats Other These 0de are abbreVial ed mean of X values 32 i correlation coeff corr in the table pop population pop std dev of X 5x 5x yintercept of reg eq a std dev standard deviation 1 td d f l f b coeff memoem samp e s ev o X 3x 3x 5 ope o reg sq m quot719 Sept I mean of y values V regressionfit coeff a b reg eq regressron equation pts points p0p std dev of y 6y number of data pts n n min minimum max maximum sample std dev of y Sy mm of X values mmx mmx sum of X values 2x 2x maX of X values maxx maxx sum of X2 values 2x2 2x2 min of y values 39 miny sum of y values 2y maX of y values maxy sum of y2 values 2y2 median Med sum of X y ny lst quartile Qrtl1 regression equation Reg Eq 3rd quartile Qrtl3 polynomial LgstR a yint polynomial LgstR PRegC and SinR coeffs b slope and SinR reg coeffs The rst quartile QrtH is the median of the points between minX and Med median The third quartile Qrtl3 is the median of the points between Med and maxX When you calculate a logistic regression 1 is stored to tolMet tolMe if the TI86 internal tolerance was met before the calculator arrived at a result if not met 0 is stored to tolMet 192 Chapter 14 Statistics PRegc is the only statistical The result for a polynomial regression sinusoidal regression or logistic regression is stored in 93 variable calcu ted for PRegC polynomial regression coef cients PRegC is a list containing the coef cients for an a po ynom a 99 935 0 739 equation For example for P3Reg the result PRegC3 5 2 7 would represent y3X35X22X7 Results of a Statistical Analysis When you perform a statistical analysis the calculated results are stored in the result variables and the data from the lists use in the analysis are stored to xStat yStat and fStat one find tWO Yariab e Ifyou edit a list or change the type of analysis all statistical variables are cleared statisticalfunctlons share the result variables The STAT VARS Statistical Variables Menu STAT CALC EDIT PLOT DRAW VARS 3 ex Sx y cy gt Sy 2x 2x2 2y 2y2 The statistical variables are p 2x RegEq corr a b calculated and stored as shown in the table on the next page D n mInX maxX mInY maxY gt Med PReng Qrt1 Qrtl3 toIMe YOU Can use ALPHA keys To paste a result variable to the cursr location either select the variable from the STAT alpha keys and the CHAR VARS menu or select the variable from the VARS STAT selection screen GREEK menu to enter some L 3 a result variables 9 To use a result variable in an expression paste it to the appropriate cursor location 6 To dispiay the value of a result variable paste it to the home screen and press ENTER 9 To store results to another variable after a calculation paste the result variable to the home screen press enter a new variable and then press ENTER


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