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Design I

by: Mariah Rau

Design I ART 1440

Mariah Rau
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariah Rau on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 1440 at University of North Texas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/229154/art-1440-university-of-north-texas in Art at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Communication Design Required BFA Program Admission DECEMBER 2008 ENTRY PORTFOLIO REVIEW The portfolio for the December 2008 Entry Portfolio Review will include the following material All work will need to be presented in a portfolio envelope or box with the student s name on the outside I A complete set of transcripts which shows that the student has successfully come pleted with a grade of C or better or is currently enrolled in the art core program Design PART I440 Drawing PART 1500 or their accepted equivalents from other institutions of higher education The student must highlight these art courses with a hielighter marker The balance ofthe art core for Communication Design consists of Art AppreciationiART 1200 and Drawing HiART r510 lfany student accepted through this review has not yet completed these courses prior to the Entry Portfolio Review he or she must successfully complete both before the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester H A copy of your certificate of Illustrator Competency issued by the Communication Design program area HI DESIGN WORK Requirements for the portfolio It is strongly recommended that you submit projects completed during your enrollment in the art core classes rather than creating and submitting new work created solely for inclusion in the Entry Portfolio Review 1a Two 2 examples of twoedimensional 2D design that demonstrate the following compositional skills one of the pieces must be in black and white gray scale the other must be in color a Submit work that 1 your 1 139 O of Pg 5 J b Submit work that demonstrates your undersmnding of the principles of visual gestalt repetition similarity proximity closure and continuity c Submit work that 1 your 1 139 O o i 39 compositional structure this must be demonstrated in at least one of the two pieces d Submit work that demonstrates a knowledge of color manipulation as it applies to a pattern Use two or more of the following formal color attributes at value how light or dark a color or gray appears 7 amount the area ofa given space a color occupies A saturation how pure or grayededown a color appears 1 complimentary contrast the relationship between colors opposite each other on a color wheel ET A design process notebook that effectively presents the chronological development of one of the projects presented in your portfolio the thumbnails sketches revisions etc is a significant part of the review We are most interested in the depth and breadth of your thinking and ideas and sketches Finished work is important but how you arrived at the finished solutions is most important in this review mm inum Communication Design December Review Schedule BFA Program Admission DRAWING WORK 2a Two 2 examples of drawing that demonstrate skills chosen from the following list these works must not be drawn from photography or the student s imagination a Submit work that demonstrates your undersmnding and ability to render perspective one point perspective atmospheric perspective or two point perspective are all acceptable b Submit work that demonstrates your undersmnding of value through still life c Submit work that demonstrates your abilities in drawing the figureinude gure preferred but not required The Commanizaz ion Dexign program i aware yaz figare drawing i not a itandard omponenz ofDrawing I Pleaxe note float a lazlz offigare drawing in yoarporifolio will notfaz ayoa at a ditadvanz age in flyi re viewr 2b A drawing journal or sketchbook showing your sketches daily work etc IV A postageepaid selfeaddressed 10 envelope for the return of the results of the Entry Portfolio Review Natex No Communication Design faculty or staff member at the University of North Texas will assist a student in preescreening or selecting the pieces for this portfolio The student s selection process will provide evidence of critical analytical skills This will be strictly adhered to in order to avoid giving any student an unfair advanmge over others who might not have access to the faculty None of the work should be larger than 36quot in either its horizontal or vertical dimension Additionally the work must be presented in some sort of portfolio or box with your name clearly printed on the outside of the box The work need not be mounted or matted but it should be presented neatly The design and drawing work must be labeled on the back with a 3quot x 2quot white label in the upper leftehand corner Include your name UNT ID number if are currently a UNT student and which requirement the piece ful lls ie Two point perspective In the lower rightehand corner of the label number every one of your entries as part of the series ie I of4 2 of 4 etc No framed work and no glass will be accepted Failure to present work according to these guidelines will result in noneacceptance through the 2008 Entry Portfolio Review Portfolios Drop off Portfolios must be dropped off in Room 239 in the Art Building Wednesday December rchriday December 12 between the hours of 900 am and 200 pm Applicants who are not able to be on the UNT Denton campus during finals week may send their portfolios to the Design Department Office by messenger or mail The applicant must also include return posmge if he or she expects the portfolio to be returned Please include a phone number where you can be reached if necessary Ifshipping by United States Postal Service UNT College of VitaalArz x and Dexign 1155 Union Cirzle 305100 Denton Texa 76203 attn Erie Ligon ontinaea Communication Design BFA Program Admission lfshipping by FedEx or UPS UNT College afVszl n x andDexign Department afDexign 120 Wexz Mulberry Demon Texm 7620 Arm Erie Ligm Entry Portfolio Review Conducted by llletime faculty of Communication Design Monday December 15 and Tuesday December 16 Noti cation ofAcceptance Sent by email as soon as possible after the review If you are accepted you will be sent the registration codes necessary to enable you to enroll in ADES I510 Typography that will be taught in the Spring of 2009 Entry Portfolio Review Results All students whose portfolios are reviewed will get their results by mail Portfolio Pickup All portfolios must be picked up between Monday January 12 7 Wednesday January 14 900 am and 200 pm in room 239 in the Art Building Any portfolio that is not picked up by 200 pm on Wednesday January I4 will be discarded If you are not able to pick up the portfolio yourself please make arrangements for someone to pick it up for you


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