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Elementary Latin

by: Helmer Witting

Elementary Latin LATI 1010

Helmer Witting
GPA 3.89

Dean Cassella

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About this Document

Dean Cassella
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Helmer Witting on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LATI 1010 at University of North Texas taught by Dean Cassella in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/229157/lati-1010-university-of-north-texas in Latin at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Tutoring with Claire Gilliam Tuesdays 3 4 Friday 12 1 4th oor 405B Elementary Latin Notes Latin is an in ected Indo European language Creta Chalk Sella Chair Hic Here Non minime No Nihil est It is nothing Salvus sis May you be well masculine Salva sis May you be well feminine Nunc Now Mensa Table Ergo Therefore Libellus Notebook Abest Ab est Digitus Finger Oculus Eye Nasus Nose Capillus Hair ConViVium Dinner Ab est Absent Pulpitum Stand podium Bacilum Stick Insula Island Fabula Story Scaena Scene Ego Surgo Nos Surgimus Tu Surgis Vos Surgitis Illea Surgit Illea Surgunt Nominative Ego Tu Accusative Me Te Genitive Mei Tui Dative Mihi Tibi Ablative 1st person Sum Sumus Different forms of the word isare 2nd person Es Estis 3rd person Est Sunt 15tperson Do Damus Give 2nd person Das Datis 3rd person Dat Dant Nomen nihi est Margarita My name is Meagan Quid est nomen tibi What is your name Do tibi cretam I give you the chalk Da mihi cretam Give me the chalk Ego pulso te I hit you Creta in mensa est The chalk is in the table Ego pulso Noah I punch Noah Nominative case subject Accusative case direct object Genitive possessive of origin Dative indirect objects Ablative of agent Use with a or ab denotes personal agent something done by somebody eg aab Caesare accusatus est he was arraigned by Caesar Vocative only used as an address Ex Credite mihi iudices Believe me judges Noun Cases Verb Conjugations Nominative Ille Illa Accusative Illum Illam History of Latin latium lazio start of latin 753 BC founding of Rome AUC 1 lt Roman Calendar Romulus amp Remus 7 Kings elected by senatus 509 BC last king Tarquinius Sperbus Lucius lunius Brutus created rebellion to form republic consuls 2 gt one in charge of domestic and other the army OctaVian Augustus 27 BC AD 14 27BC AD 476 Empire Romulus Augustus last emperor eastern half lasted till 1453 called themselves Romaioi Istanbul from eastern polin going to the city 3rd century BC 1st latin literature plays by plautus terence 1st cent BC golden age of lit Cicero Caesar Lucretius Virgil Horace Ovid Tibullus Propertius Livy gt known as Augustus prd wrote under Romulus Augustus Renaissance latin 1350 1600 Dionysius Exiguus Dennis the scrawny Pope Daminsus wanted someone to gure out what day Easter would be on for the next 20 yrs asked Dionysius Dionysius became obsessed w calendar and that s what we have today 9222009 Page 8 Quid est Italia Quoque in Europa est Where is Italy It is in Europe Fluvius River LINE 38 reading from the book and repeating In Germania sunt multi uvii non multi oppidi There are many rivers in Germany not many cities In Italia et in Graecia sunt multi oppidi In Italy and Greece there are many cities Multae insulae in Graecia sunt There are many islands in Greece Vocabulary Ne Question Num Questio negativa example Surely you aren t going to burn your house down The question expects a negative answer Adjectives Multi ae a Many always plural Pauci ae a Few always plural Magnus a um Large Parvus a um Small Nouns Oppidum a Town Numerus i Number 92309 Page 10 Line 71 Vocabulary Adjectives Nouns Vocabulumverbum word Syllaba syllable 93009 Page 19 Cantat sing Laeta happy Iratus angry Plorat cry Ridet laugh Videt see Vocat call invite Venit to come Quattuor 4th Scaena Secunda Interrogat ask a question Respondet Earn illam EuIn illum Cur Why Quia response to a cur question means because Dormit sleep Audit hear Verberat beat og 1am now


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