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Film History to 1945

by: Sierra Eichmann

Film History to 1945 RTVF 3470

Sierra Eichmann
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra Eichmann on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RTVF 3470 at University of North Texas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see /class/229159/rtvf-3470-university-of-north-texas in Radio Television Film at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Charlie Chaplin The Originator of SlapStick Comedy Ryan Volkmann 10102010 Ryan Volkmann Abney 10 10 10 I chose to write my paper on the late great Charlie Chaplin He is known as one of the originators of slapstick comedy as well as one of the founding fathers of the United Artists Production Company Chaplin was born April 16 1889 in London England In his early life Chaplin lived with his mother mostly until she was admitted to a mental asylum he then moved in with his father who s mistress sent he and his halfbrother to Archbishop Temples Boys School When Chaplin s father died of cirrhosis in 1901 he moved to the Central London District School for paupers In 1910 he left England for the Us with the Fred Kamo Troupe where his slapstick career began He then began writingdirecting and acting in his own silent films Chaplin became so well known for his many quirky roles in silent film as well as his signature look that he was dubbed the nickname The Tramp In choosing to do this paper Ihad a wide variety of movies to choose to watch by Chaplin He has done quite numerous amounts of excellent work well worthy of the awards and recognition he has received for it Recognition of Chaplin s work includes a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1970 being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975 an award for Versatility in acting writing directing and producing The Circus at the 1St Academy Awards as well as nominations at the 13m 2011 44th won the honorary award for the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century and 45Lh Academy Awards His film Limelight won for Best Original Score Chaplin is known as one of the originators of slapstick comedy in silent films of the time The characters he played are always very goofy and clumsy slipping on the streets and tripping over broomsticks and things of that nature He was very well known for wearing a black derby hat tattered suit and shoes much bigger than his feet causing him to almost waddle when he walked He also carried around an old cane that looked to be made of bamboo and would bend while he walked with it This cane was used in many different stunts and mishaps throughout his different movies Chaplin also always kept his hair messed up and looking like it had gone days without wash or tending to as well as a very particular mustache he had that covered his full upper lip One of his greatest works is a movie called The Kid starring Chaplin and a young boy named Jackie Coogan The story is about Charlie Chaplin finding an orphan child on the streets and raising him until his age of 5 They live very poorly throughout the movie having to use the same quarter repeatedly for gas for the stove sleeping in the same bed and wearing the same clothes day after day They have an inside business where the kid Coogan breaks windows and Chaplin comes along right after and offers to fix it for money Throughout the movie many things happen to them including a fight between the kid and a fellow kid from the street leading to a fight between Charlie and the other boys older brother running from the police and meeting a rich woman who turns out to be the boys real mother Later in the film the mother realizes that her son is the homeless child and decides to readopt him but when she does she sees that the boy is sad and misses Charlie and decides that he is better off with Charlie being happy The next feature that I watched was The Gold Rush In this picture Chaplin plays a lonely gold miner who finds himselfin a bit of mayhem in the mountains he is mining in Alaska He wanders across the snowy mountain and stays with a hungry miner who has just found a mountain of gold hidden under the house he is staying Chaplin is almost eaten by the man but luckily they kill a bear to eat and go their separate ways Chaplin then ends up tricking another miner into thinking he is starving so that the miner will feed him Once he does the miner asks Chaplin to watch his house while he goes mining with his partner While watching the house Chaplin meets a beautiful dancer named Georgia He attempts to impress her but apparently fails until she realizes that he is actually a genuine man who likes her for her The lost miner comes to nd Chaplin to help him nd the mountain of gold and prior to their departure Chaplin tells Georgia that he will come back for her once he is rich When they nd the gold both Chaplin and the miner are very rich and decide to leave Alaska for California Chaplin fears he will never see Georgia again but in a stroke of luck he runs into her on the ship they will be sailing on They lived happily ever after The Gold Rush won the 1927 Kinema Junpo Award for best foreign language lm The last picture I watched was Charlie Chaplin s rst talkie lm called The Great Dictator a hysterical parody on Hitler s reign in Europe In it he plays the two main character roles a Jewish barber and a dictator named Hynkel The story is about the reign of a dictator in the madeup country of Tomania and how his time as leader rises and falls It starts out with the barber suffering amnesia after a plane crash while saving a fellow soldier at war Once he returns home he is unaware that his country is now run by a dictator named Hynkel who has sought out to take out all of the Jewish citizens as in his eyes they are a lesser race The barber whom has been given a pass on any mistreatment due to his saving the soldier while at war and his friends decide that enough is enough and that they should leave for another country This plot is thwarted for the barber when he is captured and thrown into a concentration camp When he and his comrade escape they as mistaken for Hynkel and in his speech given at their next invasion spot he gives a peace speech and releases all the captured Jewish people putting the country back at peacetime The Great Dictator was nominated for two Academy Awards for best leading actor and best screenwriting as well as winning the Kinema Junpo Award of 1961 for Best Foreign Language Film and the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor The characters played by Chaplin are all relatively the same pending a few minor changes from picture to picture He is usually dressed in dirty torn up clothes to make him t his character of the Tramp This includes the black derby cap and the dirty old suit and over sized shoes Now along with the clothes his personality helps him t into his character in his lms which usually doesn t change greatly from one to the other In his typical role Chaplin plays a downonhisluck chump who somehow always ends up nding his way to happiness with what he s been given as well as getting the girl His character s mentality is always of good nature He is never looking at his life and pitying himself but actually quite the contrary In each of his roles he lives his life to the fullest with what he s been given not taking one breath for granted and always taking the time to stop and help a fellow human For instance his character in The Kid is a very poor very misdirected character at the beginning He has no family to call his own has to wear the same clothes on a daily basis and barely has enough food to healthily feed himself Yet when he nds a crying child on the ground in an alleyway he has the heart to take him up and at rst attempt to nd its mother but once nding the note saying that the child was an orphan he takes it in and feeds it and cares for it as his own His characters are usually reactive in that he responds to the actions of his surrounding characters Chaplin usually accidentally stumbles into instances where he is forced to perform certain tasks semiwillingly and ends up making friends all along the way His reactions to the situations he is placed in helps his characters to be as funny and personable as they seem to be which is one of the main reasons I liked these lms as much as I did Chaplin does a great job of building up a plot from nothing to something and back to life at normal again by the end He takes a poor man in most lms has some normal yet out of nowhere instances happen to him in a funny matter and order and creates a funny plotline The character never seems to mind what is happening to him and almost treats it like it is everyday life for him to say have a cop chase him through town with a child in hand His acting style is very unique Chaplin uses different facial expressions and movements to imply his reactions and emotions Chaplin has a very distinct onscreen personality that comes through in all of his films He uses his mustache his eye brows his lips his cheeks every part of his face to contort it into different funny expressions to make the audience laugh and to give a funny reaction to something that is happening to him on screen When he is in action scenes like getting into scuf es with bigger characters in his movies he quite humorously moves out of the way just in the nick of time from every punch thrown He slides his feet across the oor and just slides out the reach or he often will duck and pop back up with a questioning expression on his face right after In Chaplin s first talkie film he has to use two different accents One is an overtly eccentric dictator with a heavy German accent When he is speaking with this tone he adds an extra accent to his words and uses random German words in his sentences His acting style reminds me a lot of Mike Myers when he was on SNL but also in the Austin Powers films His facial expressions and intonations on his fake accents help to give the character a funny depth to him Chaplin fits into the comedy eld perfectly The only relatively serious lm he performed in what The Great Dictator Chaplin s attitude and antics really place him in a category of his own in the movie industry His tendencies seem to be playing the poor Tramp who is down on his luck throughout most of the movie but near the end strikes it lucky and ends up happy Whether that be getting the girl or striking it rich or saving an entire race of people Chaplin s movies as funny as they are I believe have a deeper meaning hidden under the comedy that anyone can be successful and happy That even the poorest of poor can attract the pretty girls that a simple everyday man can change the outcome of a bad situation And he is so skilled at this art that he can add comedy to the mixture and still have a successful movie As for Chaplin s star status I do believe that he was and still is a star He truly was one of the originators of comedy and of the movie industry itself Reasons for this thinking stem from personal experience and the fact that I personally have never met anyone who doesn t know who Charlie Chaplin is He is truly an American classic A legend of the cinema People can credit the success of the comedy to this man and the people that followed in his steps He set himself in a class by itself for the time and since then no one has created a genre quite as successfully as Chaplin did


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